Things to Keep in Mind on a safari : Safaris are great; in fact they are a wonder. Just being in the wild with animals and nature whole day is like a dream in reality. Especially if you are going to safari in the unique and beautiful land of East Africa, you’re in for a treat of incredible wildlife, scenic landscapes and physical features, mesmerizing cultures and warm people. For nature and adventure lovers it’s totally amazing.

However before you embark on this wonderful experience, there are things you need to keep in mind and in this article we break down some of those these things.

  1. Have all the details of your safari right

Usually your safari-ring in a place you have never been, so it would be good for you to get all the right information before you get set out to that destination. This will help you in getting around and making the most of your safari.

  1. On a wildlife safari do not get close to the wild animals

In all you do desist from any attempt to get too close to the animals by yourself. While they may look tame and chill, they are wild animals and will turn on you at any moment so beware.

  1. Use the guides

Use the tour guides for guidance and all the information you need, don’t be a know it all. Seek help and heed to instructions or directions given. This may be the only way you will actually stay safe and secure on your safari. Plus the guides are experts in this thing trust them to do their jobs. For those going on gorilla trekking experiences follow the trekking rules to the T. for you sake and the gorilla’s sake.

  1. Use insect repellent

Carry and use insect repellent, East Africa is a tropical region so insects are everywhere, you need repellent to keep the mosquitoes away from you. Especially if you are going to camp.

  1. Carry appropriate clothing

Depending on the type of safari you are going to do make sure you have carried appropriate clothing for your trip. Things like boots if you are going hiking, the safari clothes to endure the different hitches of the jungle among other things. But in all things remember to be appropriate in according to the people and culture of the place.

  1. Safari equipment
Things to Keep in Mind on a safari
Things to Keep in Mind on a safari

Remember to carry the safari equipment that you will need things like binoculars for birding, cycling pads if you are going to cycle and many things. Most cases you can rent from a local service provider so plan for the money to rent, but it’s always nice to come with your own, Things to Keep in Mind on a safari

  1. Be alert and be careful

Though the chances are high you will be safe the whole time through you’re your safari. Its just prudent for you to be alert always if you are suspicious of naything say it and keep safe, be in the places you are meant to be, don’t wonder off without a guide or without anyone’s knowledge among other things.

Other things may be you need to know include getting an interpreter if you are going to local communities, carry the gadgets you will need like a camera, a phone and many others, stick to itinerary, keep the country’s laws as told or as informed about them, do not eat foods you do not know or are not sure of, do not get into trouble with other safari people, for mountain gorilla trekking – make sure you trek on your day and be kind to the people among other things.

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