Things to pack when going for a Ugandan safari : Uganda is a land locked country, which has many beautiful places to visit and get so much interesting things to see. Therefore, tourists who travel to Uganda on a safari always get to enjoy and make remarkable memories that the will forever live to remember for the whole of their lifetime. Uganda has many tourist attractions due to the fact that over millions of people travel to see these attractions like bird species and wildlife species such as; Mountain gorillas, chimpanzees, buffaloes, lions, African elephants, antelopes, leopards and so many more. Apart from these species, this country is also beautiful and attractive due to the well-preserved environment, good climate with a wonderful nature, different cultures and so many more.

However, tourists travelling to travel  on a Uganda safari can pack various things most especially depending on what activities and which kind of places they are visiting during their tour. Therefore, because there are many people with a different schedule coming in the country for a trip, these are some of the things that should not miss on your packing list for your safari.

Things to carry with you while going for a Ugandan safari.

Documents and Miscellaneous items.

Individuals planning to visit Uganda on their safari are encouraged to pack their passport, identity cards, tickets, travel insurance documents, a safari intermarry, yellow fever vaccine, cash in foreign currency, and more so, your trekking permits which will be asked to be presented at the park headquarters for those individuals interested in engaging themselves in Gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking in places like; Mgahinga gorilla national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park and Kibale national park among others.


Tourists planning to travel to Uganda on a safari are advised to get a pair of good comfortable hiking shoes due to the fact that most of the activities are always done in bushy areas for example; gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking which involve individuals to walk through the dense forests or some of the activities will also involve in climbing such as mountain climbing adventures which are commonly done in the snow-capped Rwenzori mountains. Therefore, these hiking shoes always help them to be comfortable as they walk in and avoid injuries along their way.


Tourists travelling to Uganda on a safari/ holiday/ vacation are advised to pack light clothes due to the fact that this country is generally a warm country and it being that the best time to go on a safari is best during the season which which is between months of June to August to September and from mid- December to February.  However, they are encouraged to also pack long sleeved shirts and tops, long trousers and warm sweaters to wear in the mornings and evenings when it is cold and most especially those who engage in hiking, it always tends to be cold when you reach at the top of the mountains. More so, tourists should note that Uganda’s public dress code is modest and less revealing due to the fact that its people are religious, Things to pack when going for a Ugandan safari.


Tourists are encouraged to pack the sunscreen, which helps in preventing their skins from the burning sun because Uganda is located around the equator, and therefore individuals will need the sunscreen to protect them from the rays of the scorching sun. More so, they can carry sunglasses, which protect the eyes from direct sunlight and a round brimmed hat that protects the face from the direct sunlight too.

Insect repellant.

Things to pack when going for a Ugandan safari
Things to pack when going for a Ugandan safari

Uganda’s wilderness areas are known to have so many insects roaring around and therefore, tourists are advised to carry an insect repellant whenever they are planning to visit those places in order to avoid these insects from biting and bothering them during their tour hence preventing them from diseases.


Tourists especially those who are bird lovers are advised to pack binoculars as they are planning to travel to Uganda on a safari because this country is well known to be the best destination for bird lovers to visit due to fact that it is a home to various bird species such as the rare shoebill stork. Therefore, they binoculars help individuals to get clear views of these birds in the sky and also binoculars help tourists to capture clear views of different mammal species such as; lions, leopards while they are long distances far away from where the tourists are standing.


Packing cameras while planning to travel to Uganda on a safari is so important because it one special way that helps individuals keep memories of their tour. While tourists are on their tour, they are always allowed to take pictures and record videos of the beautiful nature, interesting places and the unique wildlife creatures in order to always remember these moments or take them to show their people back at home.


Individuals most especially those who take their regular medication, before setting off on a trip, your are always advised to talk to your personal doctor in order to be able to prescribe your medication that will be take you through your entire days of your trip and all your medical need. More so, these individuals are always advised to talk to the people concerned about your health and medical details in order to always reach out for you in case anything goes wrong and this helps them to enjoy their safari just like any other healthy person, Things to pack when going for a Ugandan safari.


Putting the fact aside  that Uganda is a warm country and best visited for a safari during the dry season, tourists are still advised to carry a light rain coat with them because there are some places like; Kibale national park , Bwindi national park and the rainforests that always  have unpredictable weather whereby they experience rainfall all year round.

Mobile phones.

Tourists are free to carry their phones along with them because most lodges in Uganda offer their guests with free WI-FI, which helps them to keep communicating with their people at home. More so, those interested in taking pictures and recording videos of the all the interesting things and places for memories and those who upload on their social media accounts to keep their friends and funs updated of how they are enjoying their tour. However, during the process of taking pictures using phones most especially while in the presence of animals, tourists are always advised to disable the flashlights in their phones in order to avoid causing any trouble.

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