Tips for Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda : A honeymoon is a special time in the newly wedded couple, filled with much joy, fun and memories. It also means creating a shared memorable experience in the lives married couple while, standing on the threshold of their brand new life new together and looking forward to a wonderful future. There is no more remarkable place to recommend new beginnings than the ‘’pristine wilderness of Rwanda’’, with its magical and truly memorable denizens. Get started now! Choose a Rwandan honeymoon tour with Achieve Global Safaris and look forward to spending time in breathtakingly beautiful environs that are shunning and romantic at the same time.

We Achieve Global Safaris, can help you choose classic accommodations in Rwanda that are hidden away in secluded places, where you can spend splendid moments together without interruption. We can also assist you in organizing or planning the best travel itineraries that are well organized. Imagine seamless transit, luxurious accommodations and fine dining – lit by candlelight, outdoor fireplace, the Africa stars as well as the glow of your spouse’s love.

We understand that you might wish to spend some time relaxing in between thrilling adventures in Rwanda’s parks and reserves. Don’t hesitate to contact or emails us in details about your preferences and dreams for the remarkable nuptial getaway, and we will do all it take to make it perfect for your great safari. Begin your journey by leisurely touring the bustling city of Kigali, the capital of the country, set in the rolling green hills. Beautiful galleries introduce you to the shunning art and the vibrant spirit of the people of Rwanda. A visit to Rwanda also welcome you into a beautiful land of thousand hills.

The best time for vacation in Rwanda is in the long dry season between June and September, just know you will be pleased to find what you never expected – come along the country’s higher elevation, the temperatures in every part of the country stay stable throughout the year.

Along your honeymoon safari tour in Rwanda, you can choose to spend your time with great primates ‘’mountain gorillas’’ in their natural habitat. Mountains gorillas of Rwanda can be encountered in Volcanoes National Park. If you choose to visit mountain gorillas of Rwanda – we can arrange for you a night stay in the luxurious Sabyinyo Silverback lodge or the Upscale Bisate Lodge. These lodges lie on seemingly endless acres of natural wonder; colonial style cottages of Sabinyo Silverback Lodge take you back to the romance of another time. Bisate Lodge sits within a forested area surrounded with species that have discovered its more remote attractions, just as you enjoy your honeymoon holiday.

You can go hike to the top of Mount Bisoke or Mount Karisimbi, where you enjoy beautiful view of the world spread out below your feet. You can choose to stay in Virunga Lodge, a deluxe adventure – travel accommodation a top a ridge that offers a blissing vistas of the countryside with views of Lake Ruhondo and Lake Bulera. During your stay, expect to love the rustic, country-style ambience designed by using naturally occurring materials in its construction. With just a few rooms in each, these lodges offer a quiet, boutique experience that shuns with all the seclusion you need.

You can opt to visit Nyungwe National Park and stay at One & Only Nyungwe House, lied on a tea estate. You and your love can relax, take dips in the heated infinity pool or enjoy evening fragrant Rwandan tea or coffee. If couples in love can opt to walk on air, you will witness the beauty and thrilling of green canopy vegetation while on canopy walk. The walkway is quite rewarding within the park. Be prepared for an unforgettable experience as you take your partner’s hand while walking amid swirling mists high above the forest floor. Take a chimpanzee trek within the park together and revel in observing these great apes as they swing through the trees, munching on wild fruits or grooming their young

Tips for Honeymoon Safaris in Rwanda
One & Only Nyungwe House


After enjoying your perfect adventure honeymoon safari in the Rwandan parks, we advise you to stop for at least few days at Lake Kivu ‘’one of East Africa’s largest lakes’’.  A visit to Lake Kivu is doubtless, because it gives honeymooners a chance to relax after the wedding and more fabulous activities in the parks. You enjoy sunbathing on a golden beach with spectacular views of the tiny islets that dot the lake, as birds serenade you.

Note; Since Rwanda is a small country and all its tourist attractions are accessible by short drives from the ‘Kigali Capital City’. Therefore, it will be easy to whisk you away to the next romantic vacation destination you have chosen.

No life of honeymoon lovers would end their vacation without a visit to an island, where the best romantic fun is more enjoyable. We Achieve Global Safaris we also offer idyllic beaches and islands of the Indian ocean. Visiting an island is the most perfect way to end your dream honeymoon safari in Africa.

What a memorable lifetime safari experience on land that stuns with thousand hills ‘Rwanda’. 

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