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Top Activities & Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park : Lake Mburo National Park is one of Uganda’s home for wildlife, nature and bird species, the only national park that sits closer to Uganda’s Capital city Kampala. The park is found in Kiruhura district in Nyabushozi country near Mbarara town in western Uganda. However, it was originally gazetted in 1933 as a controlled hunting area and later upgraded as a game reserve in 1963. Lake Mburo national park is managed by ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority a body that governs all the national parks and listed on UNESCO world heritage site. Furthermore, a home to diverse wildlife species such as hippopotamus, zebra, impala, warthog, common eland, African buffaloes, some predators like lion, leopards, hyenas, genets, civets, jackals and serval cats many more.  Being a gazetted national park it boosts with a lot of activities and attractions to be adventured by the tourists during their holidays or vacation as follows;

Attractions –Lake Mburo National Park

Wildlife in Lake Mburo national park

Wildlife in lake Mburo national park is one of the top tourist’s attractions found in this savannah game park and impressive savannah landscape famous with impala antelopes that cannot be seen elsewhere in Uganda. The Burchell’s zebras are also found here, which are far higher than that of kidepo National Park and Pian Upe where these species can only be seen in Uganda Safari Destinations. Other antelopes to see include Topis, eland, Defassa water buck, bush buck, Bohor reed buck thrive in the park.

 Lake Mburo national park is a wet land area that interline the wetland system of five lakes favour to the existence of sitatunga Antelopes. Meaning Lake Mburo is the biggest among the five lakes, which are inhabitant of hippo concentrations. All the species are greatly explored on horseback ride safari which is available for your experience, game drive, quad biking and boat cruise are good in exploring the aquatic species. This is the only few places where walking safaris are allowed to explore the game on foot.

Top Activities & Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park
Horseback riding

The park also contains two diurnal primate’s species including vervet monkeys, olive baboons. Predators like leopards, spotted hyenas, servals cat they all exist in the park. Lake Mburo national park also offers nocturnal game drive where visitors can be able to sight see nocturnal species like porcupine, Aardvark, white-tailed mongoose, honey badger, side-stripped jackal, bush pig, spotted hyenas, serval cat, jenet cat, thick –tailed stripped jackal, bush pig, spotted hyenas, jenet cat, civet, thick-Galago and black galago.

Bird –Lake Mburo National Park

Birds in Lake Mburo National Park is a true birding hoven a home ranging of 350 bird species and the best site to view are acacia associated bird species. The ecological landscapes that is presented by the park offer varied habitats that support a range of bird species. The forest  areas that stretch from Rwoyo to the jetty present a rewarding  views for the Mosque swallow ,black bellied bustard and Rupell’s long tailed starling and the endemic bird species to see in the park are Red faced barbet among other species .The swamps within the park also presents habitat grounds for bird species such as   papyrus endemics including  the coloured papyrus gonolek ,striking blue headed coucal  and the localized white winged and papyrus yellow warbler that cannot be seen elsewhere  in Uganda. In total Uganda hosts with over 1067 bird species.

Culture Lake Mburo National Park

  Culture encounter on visit to the park or on Uganda Culture Safari Adventure is done in rangelands of Bahima pastoralists who has good area for grazing their unique breed –On your visit you will be able to encounter Ankole long horned cattle as well as the Ankole traditional dance.

Activities in Lake Mburo National Park

Game drive viewing

Lake Mburo national park is a home land of over 68 mammals and 350 bird species thus making it outstanding destination with high concentrations of animals. The park may seem to be small in size but on your visit you will be surprised at all the wildlife to see in the park. We also recommend you to engage in boat cruise so that you cannot miss to see crocodiles and the gainful bird viewing from the water, they include; Rufous bellied Heron, Bateleur, Red headed Lovebird, Ross’s Turaco, Bare faced Go-away bird, Green wood-hoopoe, Common Scrimitarbill, Brown parrot, spotted wood Dove, Grey crowned crane among others thus Top Activities & Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park.

Night Game Drives

Travelers who enjoy night game drive – Lake Mburo national park is one of the great location to do night game drive accompanied with armed park ranger in search for nocturnal wildlife in the park such as porcupines, white tailed mongoose, illusive leopards, hyenas, some of buffaloes, bush babies as with amazing sound of the nature or wild animals.

Horseback riding safaris

Lake Mburo national park is one of the few safari destinations where you can enjoy nature adventure while riding a horse as you have chances to get close to animals within the park. Horse riding experience is one of the best way to view the scenic nature of the park, animals, birds as well as enjoying sweet wind on the ride. This activity can take 1 to 3 hours as you get to explore the beauty of this national game park.

Boat Cruise on Lake Mburo

This is a rewarding activity as you get on boat to cruise near to the water species such as hippos and crocodiles, other animals to see on water banks linking for water are buffaloes, kobs, waterbuck and others. Water birds to see while on boat cruise include Crocodiles, cormorants, rare African finfoot, hammerkops, African fish eagles among others.

Top Activities & Attractions in Lake Mburo National Park
Boat Cruise on Lake Muro

Rubanga Forest walks

On visit to Lake Mburo national park, you can visit the forest   since it is inhabitant with a lot of species such as birds, primates, animals, nature among others. Many attractions to see in the park include animals, birds, natures, animals, tree, plants species, vegetation among others.

Community Walks

On your visit to the park, you can involve in community walks whereby you can go and visit the community people and get experienced with local traditional and cultures of the Bahima people. You can also have a tour to Ankole cows and have an opportunity to milk them.

Fishing safari on Lake Mburo

The Lake is a home with over 6 fish species such as lung fish, tiger fish, Angara fish, barbell, cat fish and the best fishing sport is done at Mazinga. We recommend you to carry your own fishing equipment’s and buy permits from Uganda wildlife Authority offices in Kampala.

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