Top Attractions in Kigali : The top tourist attractions in the Land of a Thousand Hills include Kigali Convention Centre , Niyo Art Galley , Inema Art Center , Kimironko Market , Ntarama Church , Camp Kigali Memorial , Kigali Genocide Memorial and many more

Kigali Genocide Memorial

This sounds as a special site to every visitor on Rwanda Safari to visit which was set in the beauty of Kigali and this memorial is the resting place of more than 250,000 of the million dead people who perished away in the genocide. And you visiting it, you will get to know more of its historical information of the nation, growth of the movement against the Tutsis and culminating with the genocide that happened in 1994.

The museum provides insight into the international response and other genocides in the world. It is truly gorgeous museum that honors the people of Rwanda.

Niyo Art Galley

This art galley displays beautiful ark work items which is breathtaking. You visiting Niyo will enjoy the stunning story behind Niyo. Fact about Niyo, it was founded by a talented young artist who was personally affected by the genocide of Rwanda and came out with a building mind with an interesting vision to make the world a better place for the street children in Kigali.

Well, Niyo is a great social enterprise with amazing group of talented young artists donating the proceeds from their sales to offer back to the community. Along your visit, be prepared to walk away with a few pieces of artwork as away support back to the community.

Inema Art Center

This art center was put in place in 2012 by brothers and self-taught painters Emmanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza. The Inema Arts Centre’s mission is to spur creativity for personal, social and economic growth.

The art Centre offers space for over 10 artists in residence to watch their creative talent.  They specialize in contemporary African art, Inema’s artists produce painting, sculpture and mixed media expressions among others.

More so, Inema is also home to the following; Nziza Artwork, featuring bespoke jewelry, African linens and leatherworks made by women at the onsite Nziza Workshop ‘’Art with a Mission’’, training children with limited resource art to offer them livelihood such as; Inema dance, our youth cultural dance troupe, Inema art center also provides a room for weekly traditional dance classes to the experts.

More fact about Inema, opens daily from 8am to 8pm, positioned in Kigali in the Suburb of Kacyiru on KG 563 Street.

Kimironko Market

This is quite thrilling market -home to beautiful souvenirs such as basket, aprons, necklaces, fabric and custom clothing   and produces arts and crafts among others.

Top Attractions in Kigali
Kimironko Market

Nyamata Church

This church sits on the ground of a horrific attack during the Rwandan genocide and has been maintained as a memorial where visitor -visit for an attraction in area.

Ntarama Church

This is one of the churches where some of people who died in the genocide were commemorated from and after the place turned into a Genocide Memorial tour -city tour. Well, in the month of April 1994 this was declared a genocide memorial. It remains massacre tribute to those who were slain, the bones and the bones of the dead still lies among the aisles and the altar.

Libraries Ikirezi Bookshop

This site acts as a great book shop in Kigali city which sells books of all kinds – some in English, Fresh and Kinyarwanda, quality school and office material, art materials, games and plays, gift items. The shop ranges from books about Africa and Africa related matters, adult literature, children literature many others. In house Inzora Rooftop coffee shop is beautifully designed and offers spectacular view on Kigali’s wetlands.

Camp Kigali Memorial

Visit Kigali in new style as you explore different way to experience the beauty of this place.

Walking Tour in Kigali

One engaging in Kigali walking tour expect to discover a diverse of attraction around the city. You will visit art centers, discover history behind the city, walk around the community and market, enjoy a comprehensive snapshot of Kigali’s essence in just one journey.

Kigali Bike Tour

Kigali as a capital city is surrounded with various features such as rolling hills and lush valleys, a great place to do a bike tour. Join this private excursion and get to explore around the city’s top attractions like Nyamirambo, the oldest village in the city as well as the Kigali Genocide Memorial. Your free to visit at local restaurant for lunch and a coffee tasting.

Kigali Convention Centre

Truly, this site is rewarding with great view of beautiful area around – experience Kigali nightlife, enjoy a delicious dinner or cocktails and building overlooks the city at Ubumwe Grand Hotel. You will have a chance to have a memorable photograph of Kigali Convention Centre

You can visit Rwanda which is known for its breathtaking scenery and its mountain gorillas as the major lucrative tourist attraction in the country.

Rwanda is a small country in the heart of Africa, but beautiful and cleanest city in Africa. Get Started Now

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