Tourist Attractions in Amboseli National Park ; Amboseli National Park is a magical Kenya Wildlife Safari that often referred to as the land to world’s highest concentration of elephants with big tusks .Well the park is endowed with the maghificent back drop of the  snowcapped of Mountain Kilimanjaro ‘’tallest free standing  mountain’’  on the African continent and sits  at the altitude of 5895 meters above the sea level.

Infact ,Amboseli National Park lies in the Loitoktok district in the rift valley region of Kenya and located about 240 kilometers south of Nairobi the capital city of Kenya.

The park is gifted with a plenty of tourist attractions and this article highlight out the most incredible attractions in the park as listed below;


Amboseli National Park  is one of remarkable Kenya safari destination to go to on Kenya Wildlife Safaris that offers  perfect  wildlife viewing opportunities. More so, the park is home to wide range of wildlife species and popularly known for harboring the largest herds of elephants  in the world – elephants with big tusks roaming around  in the dusty plains of the park. The best viewing area to see herds of elephants at around OI Kenya Swamp and also in the OI Tukia  which is found in the heart of Amboseli National Park.

The OI Tukai is characterized of woodland yellow fever and doum palm tree.  Note;OI Tukai word is in a Swahili word which means ‘’a cool retreat for elephants’’.


Amboseli National Park is truly a birding destination that boosts with morethan 400 bird of species  recorded and canbe spotted in the park’s savannah plains and forest galleries.The swamps around lakes also inhabit for various water birds like egrets ,heron ,pelicans ,crowned cranes as well as variety of flamingoes . Bird checklist in the park include ; Grey crowned crane ,Superb starling ,Hamerkop ,Yellow-billed stork , Steel- blue whydah ,Spike-heeled lark ,Rufous- bellied heron , Rufous chatterer ,Pangani longclaw ,Long-toed lapwing ,Lesser flamingo , Hartlaub’s bustard ,Greater flamingo ,Yellow-necked spurfowl ,white -bellied go away bird ,Von der Deckens hornbill ,Taveta golden weaver ,Eurasian thick-knee ,African swamphen  among others. The best birding experience happens in the wet seasons when food is in plenty between the period of March to May and October to December and migratory birds ara best seen from November to April.Other rewardable birding sites in the park include ;shores of Kioko Lake ,Simek Lake ,Conch Lake  as well as acacia woodlands ,grassland area among others.

Tourist Attractions In Amboseli National Park
Superb starling


Amboseli National Park is composed of a chain of seasonal lakes found in the western region of the , of which the lakes occupies the region of the drained basin of an ancient lake of the Pleistocene and the lakes get filled during the rainy season.

The major lakes found in the park include; Kioko lake, Simek lake, Conch Lake, Amboseli.  Despite the fact, Amboseli Lake is the major lake through which the lake got it’s name, the lake is located in the western region of the park.

The lake’s shores feature with thick papyrus where both resident for aquatic bird species. Lakes in Amboseli National Park supplies water for wildlife species within the park.


Well, the park features with a chain of marshes and swamps which are important source of water feeding of animals in the park. Marshes in Amboseli National Park includes; Enkongo or Ngong Narok Narok, Engone Naibor, OI Tukai, Longinye, Ologinya- OI Okenya.

This marshes in the park are feed by spring water coming from the melting snow of Mount Kilimanjaro. Marshes and swamps are the only permanent water source in the park, which attracts a wide range of animals as they gather for water thirsty.  Both marshes and swamps are an excellent spot for wildlife and birds in Amboseli National Park, animals like hippos, elephants and birds like herons, black-winged stilts, kingfishers, egrets, white pelican many more.

Observation hill

The observation hill in Amboseli National Park is another tourist’s attraction and on your visit to the park never miss visiting this site.  In fact, the observation hill is a pyramid-shaped hill located in the western region of Amboseli National Park and they are said to have been formed during

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