Tourist attractions in kidepo national park: Kidepo valley national park is ranked as one of the most interesting and magnificent national parks in Uganda, this magnificent park is situated in northern eastern region of Uganda along the border of Uganda and southern Sudan. Kidepo valley national park stretching through an area of 1442 square kilometers s a home to many wildlife species such as bat-eared Fox, Cheetah, Striped Hyena, Caracal and the aard Wolf. The more uncommon ungulates are: the greater & Lesser Kudu, roan antelope, Chandler’s mountain Reedbuck, beisa Oryx, Klipspringer, Bright’s Gazelle, Oribi, Burchell’s zebras, Jackson’s hartebeests, bush pigs, bohor reed buck, warthogs, Rothschild giraffes, defassa water bucks, cape buffaloes, elands and many more. Birds in the park include Ostrich African Swallow-tailed Kite, eastern Pale Chanting Goshawk, pygmy Falcon, fox Kestrel, stone Partridge, Clapperton’s and Heuglin’s Francolins, yellow-necked Spurfowl, Kori, white-bellied and Hartlaub’s Bustards, violet-tipped Courser, black-headed Plover and many more.

Kidepo national park offers amazing safari activities such as cultural visits, hiking, nature walks, bird watching and game drives.

Kidepo national park consists of many attractions which include


Kidepo national park is a one stop centre for culture encounters which are served in many interesting dimensions, in kidepo national park you get authentic culture experience by visiting two tribal groups that is the Karamojong pastoralists and the Ik people. Karamojong are pastoralist group of people who depend on rearing cattle, in Karamojong community the Manyata houses will fascinate you. Manyatas are unique architecture houses beautifully built using wood and fenced using grass which separates the houses from the main compound, there are many manyatas in one vicinity sharing one compound. The Karamojong perform their cultural dances which are loved by tourists, these dances have a much resemblance to the dances of Masai and turkana people. 

Tourist attractions in kidepo national park

The Ik group of people are a minority group who were the ancient habitant of kidepo national park before gazetting it as a park, the Ik are interesting group of people living on the high altitudes of mountain Morungole which is situated on the border of Uganda and Kenya in kidepo national park. Visiting the Ik people is an interesting full day’s activity which consists of hiking to the top of the mountain to meet these people. Upon your arrival in the Ik society you will be welcomed by cultural dances and songs, if you are looking for authentic African culture the Ik group of people is your best option.


   Apoka tourism centre is situated in Apoka a tourism hub in kidepo national park, the centre overlooks the fascinating Narus valley making it a major attraction in the park. Apoka tourism centre is a station for ranger guides who escort tourists on game drives, from Apoka tourism centre you get to view a number of wild animals which flock the valley. The centre also caters for tourists through its craft shop which consist of books, souvenirs and refreshments like mineral water, soda and alcoholic beverages at the mini bar. Apoka tourism centre also serves different dishes at request and for tourists who wish to do their own cooking, cooking gas and utensils are available for hire at a reasonable price tag


Mount Morungole is a magnificent mountain standing at an altitude of 2,750 meters above the sea level, the mountain is a home to the Ik group of people offering fascinating hiking experience up to the Ik minority7 people for culture experience.  Mount Morungole situated in southern region of kidepo national park is crossed by kidepo and Narus Rivers which adds more beauty to the mountain, this mountain is only reached on by foot as there is no demarcated routes to facilitate cars to the top of the mountain.

Tourist attractions in kidepo national park


Namamukweny valley is situated in the North West region of kidepo national park, the valley name Namamukweny is a local word meaning a place with no birds or a lonely place with few people. Regardless of the name Namamukweny valley is an important birding site in the park as it is inhabited by numerous bird species for example Kori bustard, horn bill, Broad-tailed Warblers, Marsh Tchagra & Crimson-rumped Wax billed, African Moustached & Clapperton’s Francolin, Black Coucal White-faced Scoops Owl, Orange-winged & Red-winged Pytilias Yellow-necked Spurfowl, Four-banded Sand Grouse, Red billed Oxpecker, Bruce’s Green Pigeon, Abyssinian Ground, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Rufous, Chestnut Sparrow and many more


The beautiful Narus valley in kidepo national park stretches through the south and western region of the park, the valley is a home to many interesting wildlife species such as lions, Jackson’s hartebeest, buffaloes, giraffes, Oribis and reedbucks. Narus valley is a best spot for game driver, nature walks and amazing sightseeing. The valley is enclosed by distant mountains and a permanent water source that is why it is visited by many wildlife, for game drive the valley has proper kept game drive tracks with four loop circuits exploring the valley around Apoka. In this valley Narus dam and water hole near Apoka tourism centre are perfect spots for observing animals most especially in dry season. Narus valley is drained by Narus River which floods during wet season and in dry season the valley retains oases which are source of water to animals.

Tourist attractions in kidepo national park


 Kidepo valley stretches in the north and north east region of kidepo valley national park, the valley is an interesting attraction in the park. Because of lack of permanent water source kidepo valley has few wildlife animals but still it is worth visiting as you get to view mountains on the border, visit river kidepo which dries up during dry season creating a 50 meters wide bed of white sand between borassus palms covered bank. Again in kidepo valley you get to visit the magnificent kanangorok hot spring.

Kanangorok off spring is situated 11 kilometers from Kidepo River on the southern border in Lotukei, while at this hot spring you get to enjoying watching hot water jetting from the ground spilling all over the surface. 

Tourist attractions in kidepo national park


Lomej hills are situated just a short drive the park’s headquarters, the hills give extremely magnificent scenery of the hills and it is the great sport for viewing a number of animals and bird species such as mountain reedbuck.

 Visit kidepo valley national park and enjoy the above mentioned attractions, though the park is found in a remote are you will surely have the best experience in your life.

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