Tree Climbing Lions Uganda ; The tree-climbing lions are famously wild animals that can be adventurous in a few countries in the world that as Uganda and Tanzania. In Uganda can be an adventure in Queen Elizabeth National Park in the ishasha plains and in Tanzania can be an adventure in Lake Manyara National Park. These unique tree-climbing adventures are rare and mysterious behavior of climbing trees. Uganda’s tree-climbing lions are found in Queen Elizabeth National Park. The park is located in the southwestern region of Uganda, estimating 5 to 6 drive hours from Kampala to the main destination.

For any traveler who has never witnessed lions climbing and relaxing on tree branches of the fig trees and other lions can be found in other game parks like Murchison Falls, Kidepo, and others. Despite the fact, that lions in the savannah plains of Ishasha climb up the tree branches it’s because;

Fleeing from the bites; During the rainy season the grounds get infested with the breeding tsetse flies that bite wild inhabitants thus making them run to the tree branches for protection from the many insects on the grounds.

Escaping the heat on the ground. Note seasons change and the savannah tends to experience high temperatures over 28 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit hence making the heat of the ground extremely hot for the kings of the jungle. However, they find places to cool off from their hunt in the tree branches.

Cool view of the glorious food for these big cats. High-on tree branches give a clear view of the wide ground while on a high level than what you what to see. Well, lions love climbing up the tree branches to have a glimpse of their prey, especially the antelopes which can be eaten up when feeding in the pastures.

The climbing lions love spending their time on wide branch trees found in Queen Elizabeth National Park, they like hanging on sycamore fig trees and acacia trees because they are wide enough to provide a cool comfortable place for resting and favorable shelter for the lions during the rainy season.

Tree Climbing Lions Uganda
Tree Climbing Lions in Queen

Queen Elizabeth National Park is home to rich fauna ranging from the humid rain forest, and candlestick thorns to the savannah vegetation which favors most with wildlife species like; the Ugandan kobs, Antelopes, warthogs, and more animal species to see roaming on the Ishasha sector, Kasenyi plains, Kazinga channel, Lakes and around every area of the park. Other species to see include the chimpanzees at Kyambura George and other primates.

Fortunately, tree-climbing lions don’t climb the tree branches at dawn except when the sun rises the common trees including; the sycamore fig trees and the acacia trees.  The manes of the male lions of Queen Elizabeth are black.

Lion tracking experience is quite a special and fabulous experience, you will never forget if you take enough photos for your future remembrance.  Photographing them when are lazily lying in the tree branches. The sycamore fig tree provides enough shelter to the lions from the heat as well as during rainy seasons.

Why is Queen Elizabeth National Park the Ideal Place for The Tree Climbing Lion?

The tree-climbing lions are the great reason that fame Queen Elizabeth National Park is in the World Tourism industry. The climbing lions draw 1000s of visitors from all around the world to the game park. Indeed -lion tracking or tree climbing lions adventure is quite a breathtaking experience for visitors that visit East Africa.

The tree-climbing lions in Lake Manyara in Tanzania are very rare to adventure and less impressive to travelers that wish to adventure the tree-climbing lions in Africa. Unlike, the tree-climbing lions of Ishasha in Queen Elizabeth National Park where you will never be disappointed to explore these unique species in their in skirts of Queen.

The tourists who visit Queen Elizabeth National Park they usually run out of words for these mysterious behaved cats ‘’the tree-climbing lions’’ that climb on the top of the trees while hanging up on tree branches.

These species can lazily be hung up in the tree branches to take a rest after a day’s hunt to digest their food well. They can be adventured eagerly waiting to fall on the heads of these small animals feeding on the ground. These tree branches give a cool relaxing lobby to the lions.

Despite the fact lions are endangered -signified as the King of the jungles’’, however, lions remain a firm tourist attraction for this jungle of Africa. The term ‘’ the King of the Jungle’’ stands as a historical pride.

Besides seeing the unique tree-climbing lions, Queen Elizabeth National Park also harbors other animal species- Africa’s big cats like; Leopards, herds of elephants, buffaloes, and lions. Other animals to see in the park include; hippos and crocodiles which can be clearly seen on a boat cruise along Kazinga Channel, primates like monkeys and chimpanzees to be encountered in Kyambura George as well as spotted hyena, warthog, giant forest hog, Uganda Kob, Topi, waterbuck among others.


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