Tsavo West National Park is one of the Kenya’s famous safari destinations that hosts a diversity of wildlife species and bird species. More so, the park lies in the Coast province of Kenya, covering an area of about 9,065 square kilometers and the A109 road Nairobi – Mombasa and a railway disconnect it from the adjoining Tsavo East National Park. Fact, the reason why Tsavo West is a more popular destination it’s because of its magnificent scenery, Mzima Springs, rich and varied wildlife, good road system, rhino reserve, rock climbing potential and guided walking safari along the Tsavo River. The park was established in 1948 and is operated by Kenya Wildlife Service.

More so, the park is a beautiful and rugged wilderness. Its savannah ecosystem is comprised of open grasslands, scrublands and acacia woodlands, belts of riverine vegetation as well as rocky ridges including; the Poacher’s lookout where visitors can see the teeming herds of animals in the open plain below.

The park offers one of the most magnificent game viewings in the world and attractions including elephant, rhino, hippo, lions, cheetah, leopards, Buffalos, rich in plant and species of bird including the threatened corncrake and close threatened Basra Reed warbler.

Location; Tsavo West National Park is located in the South-eastern part of Nairobi along the Nairobi Mombasa highway. It lies in 240 kilometers from Nairobi following the main Nairobi- Mombasa A109 highway. A drive from Mombasa takes few hours drive covering a distance of 250 kilometers. More so, the park is found in the former Taru desert which is dominated by semi-arid climatic conditions. The climate condition here led to the scare’s human population in the area thus giving the animals a wide space of vacant land to occupy.

Attractions in Tsavo West National Park

Wildlife; Eastern black rhinoceros, Cape buffalo, hippopotamus, elephant, leopard and lion. There is also other smaller mammal species to see in the park such as bushbaby, lesser kudu, hartebeest and Masai giraffe among others.

Birdlife; Somali Ostrich, Somali bunting, Slender-tailed nightjar, Lesser kestrel, Marsh warbler, Shelley’s starling, Rufous chatterer, Martial eagle, Rufous chatterer, Narina trogon, River warbler, Northern brownbul, Red-bellied parrot, Pangani longclaw, Red-backed shrike, Africa finfoot, Basra reed warbler, Black-faced sandgrouse, Common whitethroat, Corncrake, Fischer’s starling, Golden- breasted starling mentioned but few.

The thrilling Mzima Springs which is a stunning sight of fifty million gallons of crystal-clear water gushing out of from under parched lava rocks, forming the most welcoming and lovely scene in Africa.

The ancient lands of Lions that happened in 1898 the Uganda railway construction which was abruptly halted by the two of the most voracious and insatiable man-eating lions were seen at the scene. For over nine month waged intermittent warfare against the railway and those linked with it in the vicinity of Tsavo.

A remarkable volcanic arena; molten lava that form Shetani lava spewed from the earth for over 200 years ago. More so, it’s fiery fury was thought by locals to be work of the ‘’devil’’.

Poacher’s Lookout and roaring rocks; Tsavo West National Park abound the specular vintage point from which to view the movement of the herds.

Game drives; The park offers the most fantastic game viewing in the world.

Ngulia Sanctuary; Visit the home to highly concentration of endangered black rhino are inching from chasm of extinction forced upon them by rampant poaching in the 1960’s.

Tsavo West National Park
Ngulia Sanctuary

Lake Jipe, is located astride Kenya and Tanzania boarder and is teeming with aquatic life, Bird watching is also an activity around the lake.

First world War Site- East African Campaign; this is the most bizarre campaign of the world war fought in the Bundu ‘’Bush’’. They barely explored wilderness of thorny scrub and dense forest of Tsavo West.

The guided tours of the crater, Kichwa Tembo and Mzima fort allows you trail -experience the real footsteps of the world war veterans.

Activities to do in Tsavo West National Park;

Cave exploration, Game viewing, underwater hippo and fishing watching.

Getting there;

Distance; It takes a distance of about 240rkilometers from Nairobi, 250kilometers from Mombasa ‘’Mtito Andei Gate’’.

By air; The park has three airstrips; which can be accessed through flying in from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport or Wilson Airport by the domestic flight.

Roads; The easiest route is driving through Chyulu Gate from Amboseli and Mtito Andei Gate from Nairobi.

To visitors coming from Mombasa, we recommend to use Tsavo Gate near Manyani.

The park can also be accessed via Taveta- Voi Road through Maktau, Ziwani and Jipe Gates.

Airstrips; Tsavo West National Park has got several airstrips for landing within the park; Kamboyo, Kilaguni and Maktau airstrip.

Lastly, Tsavo west national park is renowned as the second largest safari conservation after Maasai Mara National Park. The park is among the most ultimate African destination visited by thousands of visitors worldwide. You can decide to combine wildlife safari with gorilla trekking in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park or visit the unique tree climbing lions in Queen Elizabeth national park Uganda. Uganda Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth National Park can be accessed through flying in from Wilson Airport to Entebbe International Airport.

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