Uganda Martyrs Namugongo

Uganda Martyrs Namugongo is located in Kyaliwajjala, in the municipality of Kira, Wakiso District and it is approximately 17 kilometers north-East of Uganda’s capital city-Kampala. Namugongo is bordered by Sonde,  Bweyogerere, Nsasa, Kireka, Kyaliwajjala, Kiira and Nalya. Namugongo is coordinated of longitude and Latitude.

Uganda Martyrs were a group of 22 catholic and 23 Anglicans that converted to Christianity in the historical Kingdom of Buganda, and these martyrs were executed between 1885 and 1887.

Uganda Martyrs Namugongo was killed by the orders of Mwanga 11, the Kabaka of Buganda. The Uganda Martyrs were killed during the time when there was a three-way religion for political influence at the Buganda royal court.

There was an invitation from the King of Buganda Muteesa to send to missionaries to Britain, which resulted in the arrival of Alexander Mackay of the Anglican Church Missionary society to Buganda in 1877.

Uganda Martyrs Namugongo
Uganda Martyrs Namugongo

Also, a group of French Catholics led by Pere Simon Lourdel and Arab traders from Zanzibar who had introduced Islam into the Kingdom came and there was a three-way religious struggle for political influence at the Buganda royal court.

Kabaka Mwanga 11  became king in 1884 and during this time he was concerned about the growing influence of Christianity in Uganda, he distanced himself from the traditional territorial chiefs who by then where educated about religion and always wished to reform Ganda society.

After some years, Kabaka Mwanga ordered the execution of Yusufu Rugarama, Nuwa Serwanga, and Makko Kakumba who by then had converted to Christianity. This act was encouraged by the prime minister in 1885, which had the incoming Anglican Bishop James Hannington who was assassinated on the eastern border of his kingdom.

The Uganda martyrs Day takes place on the 3rd of June every year, and the day started on the 3rd of June 1886, when over 32 young men were burnt under the orders of King Mwanga at Namugongo for their refusal to renounce Christianity from two religions Catholic and Anglicans. A number of people from all over the world congregate at Namugongo to commemorate the lives and religious beliefs of the Uganda Martyrs. There over 2 million people who attend the event at the Uganda Martyrs Shrine in Namugongo annually.

The shrines were recognized by Joshua Serufusa Zake on 25th June 1985, and this happened when he was the Sabaddu of Kira Sub-County. The shrine was built for prayers later on. The martyrs are honored in the church Morals with stained glasses.

Uganda Martyrs Namugongo is located where St. Charles Lwanga and his companion were burned and the martyrs are honored as a pre-Christian heritage of ancestry and spiritual.

The day of the martyrs in Uganda becomes a national holiday, whereby there are a number of pilgrims that come from Tanzania, Kenya, Rwanda, and allover Uganda walking far distances and yet for others, they end up following the day on the National television.

The list of Uganda martyrs who were murdered include Achilleus Kiwanuka, Adolphus Ludigo-Mukasa, Ambrosius Kibuuka, Anatoli Kiriggwajjo, Andrew Kaggwa, Antanansio Bazzekuketta, Bruno Sserunkuuma, Charles Lwanga, Denis Ssebuggwawo Wasswa, Gonzaga Gonza, Gyavira Musoke, James Buuzaabalyaawo, John Maria Muzeeyi, Joseph Mukasa, Kizito, Lukka Baanabakintu, Matiya Mulumba, Mbaga Tuzinde, Mugagga Lubowa, Mukasa Kiriwawanvu, Nowa Mawaggali, Ponsiano Ngondwe among others.

Uganda Martyrs Namugongo
One of the Golden Days Pictures of the Uganda Martyrs

Uganda Martyrs Namugongo is one encounter tour to the Uganda Martyrs shrine and this can as well be an added activity to Kampala city tour where you have a chance to visit other tourist attractions in Uganda including Bahai temple, Kabaka’s Lake, Independence monument, Market areas, Slum, Gaddafi Mosque among others..

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