Uganda VISA

Uganda VISA is an important requirement for any traveler on tour of the pearl of Africa or any other foreigner who wants to have access to Uganda. Uganda being the pearl of Africa, it has got very many interesting tourist attractions which are rewarding to a traveler who decides to visit Uganda.

The Uganda VISA validates that any entry in the country of Uganda is of a lawful purpose in one accord with national Immigration laws.

Uganda VISA must be obtained at the Uganda facilities in the country at the Uganda missions abroad or on arrival at the ports of the entry.

The Uganda VISA can also be acquired from going to the embassy and process your visa there, though it may take you some good time but the good thing is that it is possible for one to apply at any nearby Ugandan embassy.

Before taking this hard decision of the embassy, you must make sure that you have all the requirements and the most important of all is the passport. You must make sure that it is valid for about six months from the day you arrive in Uganda.

You must keep in hand a yellow fever report test and if you don’t have it, then you will have to take a test as soon as you arrive in Uganda. After confirming that you have them you can make a call to the embassy and ask them for the available trips to Uganda, then you can go to the embassy to pick the application form.

Uganda VISAS have categories of VISAS which include:

  • Single-entry and one must pay $50 USD,
  • Multiple entry visa for 6-12 months $100,
  • Multiple entry visa 24 months $150,
  • Multiple entry visa 36 months $200,
  • student for non-national East Africa cooperation $100,
  • East African Tourist visa $100,
Uganda VISA
Uganda VISA

However, residents of Rwanda, Uganda, and Kenya can travel to any of the East African countries with no fees fee. There are also other countries that do not pay for Uganda Visa including Seychelles, Angola, Eritrea, Malawi, Madagascar, Swaziland, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, Burundi, Fiji, Antigua, and Barbados.

One must finalize their travel plans, interviews that involve often some stress, and anxiety. You will have to answer a number of questions for your visa interview.

Although it is on record that Uganda is a landlocked country, it has achieved almost ninety percent of its achievements from the great tourism industry.

The records show that even people who are to Ugandan citizens have got an opportunity to be part of this wonderful experience that can make your life go longer by simply coming into Uganda.

There various parks to visit in Uganda including

  • Bwindi Impenetrable National park, which inhabits the mountain Gorillas in the world.
  • Rwenzori Mountain National park, it’s a world heritage the highest snow peak and the third highest in Africa, the park hosts over 80 mammals, over 300 bird species,20 Albertine Rift endemics.
  • Queen Elizabeth National park, it’s a diverse ecosystem that includes shady, forest, Chimpanzees, tree-climbing lions, bird species, wetlands and many more.
  • Murchison falls National Park, 76 wildlife species, bird species, falls and many more.
  • Kibale Forest National park, The park inhabits chimpanzees, Montane  Forest, primate species and many more.
  • Source of the Nile, the longest river in the world.
  • Mt Elgon National park, which is located at the Kenyan border, the park inhabits small antelopes, elephants, Forest monkeys, Buffaloes, bird species and many more.
  • Semiliki National park, This Park is Africa’s ancient forest, home to the Hot springs.
  • Kidepo Valley National park, it’s a rugged forest, semi-arid valley, it inhabits over 77 mammals and 500 bird species.
  • Lake Mburo National park, the park is located along the Kampala highway to the western part of Uganda, it is recorded as the smallest national park in Uganda, home to mammals such as the Impalas, Zebras, Elands, Buffaloes, Waterbucks, Oribi, Defassa waterbucks, Hyenas, Reedbuck, and many more.

“Carry with you the Uganda VISA with you as you visit the pearl of Africa so that you can be able to explore the named tourist attractions above.”

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