Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge; This is a perfect jungle gorilla lodge sited in primeval Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and with impressive views of the forest canopy across a serene stream. It is located in the Buhoma region one of the four gorilla sectors.

The lodge has dramatic views of the forest canopy and is a rewarding place to view the monkeys and birds hidden in the foliage. Recently, the lodge has just opened two new deluxe bandas ‘’2021’’ and standard bandas have been rebuilt and upgraded and the lounge and library have been re-imagined.

At a comfortable stay in Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge, guests can enjoy delicious meals inspired by Ugandan dishes. Guests can make their tasty ‘’rolex wrap’’ and the delicious Gorillini Cocktail and this must be done after a gorilla tracking in Bwindi. Note; The bar was set up by Volcanoes Safaris Partnership Trust to train disadvantaged local young people in hospitality.

The lodge has got 10 elegant hand-built guest bandas overlooking the dramatic Bwindi Forest. There are two deluxe and eight standard rooms.

Along your stay at the lodge for a gorilla trekking tour in Bwindi Forest National Park. You can go on walking safaris along the Munyanga River Trail and hike to a beautiful waterfall deep in the forest.

The lodge offers easy access to the starting point of gorilla trekking.

They provide personal butler service for all guests. Wi-Fi throughout the lodge and all-inclusive soft drinks menus.

Visitors at stay in Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge can enjoy complimentary spa treatments and massages including the famous Rungu massage at the Humula Forest Spa.

At the visit, the lodge expects to enjoy a traditional Uganda Rolex wrap and signature Gorillini cocktail.

The lodge offers laundry services to their guests

They also offer an excellent restaurant with skilled chefs who serves delicious food.

They offer free internet to the guests that keep them in touch with their family members left home.

Rooms are featured with mosquito nets and special diet menus served.

Rooms are also featured excellent bathrobes and laptops safe

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge is also designed with a family room attached with good amenities liked by the guests.

They are non–smoking rooms

They also offer airport transportation

Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge
Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

Fact, the lodge is the finest luxury lodge at Bwindi that boasts dramatic intense views of the forest canopy across a serene stream and ranks as one of Africa’s perfect properties. While at the lodge, guests are honored to see gorillas which frequently come to relax in the verdant bush around the lodge. More so, the lodge is well furnished with eight large bandas facing the forest and each of the guest’s bandas has a sitting area, a terrace as well as an en-suite luxury shower room.

The lodge’s main living area has a central fireplace which acts as a focal point for guests to relax and discuss their gorilla trekking experience. It also has a beautiful large terrace overlooking the forest and a rewarding place to see monkey species and birds hidden in the foliage.

Activities to do at Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge

They include; Waterfall walk, Gorilla trekking, a visit to Bwindi Community Hospital, Birding, Bwindi Bar and a sweat tasty of Rolex, a Tea demonstration and Tasting, and the Munyanga River Trail.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is located in the southwestern region of Uganda, a UNESCO World Heritage site home to endangered mountain gorillas and around 120 mammal species among others. Despite this, Bwindi is home to unique mountain gorillas and other primate species making it the best gorilla trekking site in the world.

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