What Makes Uganda a Unique Destination? Uganda Safaris : What makes Uganda a Unique destination? Nothing less than, beautiful culture, savannah wild game, as well as abundance of primates in its pristine rainforest ‘’mostly it owns more than half of the world’s endangered mountain gorillas ‘’ come along its avian richness, mountain and the striking landscapes all packed in its tininess.

Uganda makes an unbeatable destination for viewing African forest creatures – from mountain gorillas and chimpanzees to beautiful array of butterflies and birds – in their natural habitats. More so, it’s a great Africa safari destination that simply have high proportion of closed – canopy forest. The dense growth embraces afro- montane forest like those found on Mount Elgon, which has strong similarities to similar habitats on Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Kenya and Semliki National Park – an easterly extension of the lowland rainforest covers the Congolese Basin and West Africa.

Below are about five things that make Uganda a unique safari destination as high lightened;

They include;

Unique Game Viewing Safaris

The Best Primate Viewing and Gorilla Trekking Adventures

Striking Landscapes

Easily Accessible Rich Birding Spots

Off – the –beaten – track Private Safari

  1. Unique Game Viewing Safaris

When it comes to perfect game viewing, Uganda is not an Africa safari destination to bear comparison with Tanzania or Kenya or better than the majority of countries in southern Africa.

Nevertheless, Uganda’s savanna reserves have gradually recovered from the heavy poaching during the 70s and 80s civil war and political unrest. Today, Uganda safari places – Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls National Park offers a great chance of exploring perennial Africa safari favorite like lion, elephant, buffalo, giraffe and leopard as many more celebrated game reserves- it also offers some of the best forest primate viewing in Africa.

  1. The Best Primate Viewing & Gorilla Trekking Adventures

Nine out of ten travelers that visit Uganda come to see primates.  So, what makes Uganda a unique destination is that you can easily include a primate excursion on any Uganda Safari package. Well, Uganda offers more profound primate viewing experience than any other destination in Africa.

Uganda’s list of primates includes thirteen diurnals and six nocturnal species, with the highest population of primates on the continent. Primate list includes; the mountain gorilla and chimpanzee are the biggest share of Uganda’s wildlife tourism sources.

Other primate species to see in Uganda include grey-checked mangabey, red colobus monkey, potto, golden monkey, de brazza’a monkey, black and white colobus monkey, L’hoest monkey, red- tailed monkey, vervet monkey, patas monkey, baboon and blue monkey.

The best place to go for primate safari in Uganda is Kibale Forest National Park. It boosts with over 13 primate species and the chimpanzee troops are the most spotted. They can’t be encountered without a permit – in Kibale forest, chimpanzee trekking starts from ‘’Kanyanchu’’ every morning and afternoon; Chimpanzee trekking permit cost USD250 for foreign nonresident, USD200 foreign resident per person.

What Makes Uganda a Unique Destination?

Another famous primate destination for tourist to visit in Uganda is Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, where visitors can see the habituated mountain gorillas in close proximity. The park offers four trailheads, more than any other gorilla destination where you can go for gorilla trekking execution in the world. Bwindi also offers a perfect gorilla habituation experience where travelers can spend more than the regular time with a gorilla family that is fully habituated.

c.Beautiful Landscapes

Uganda features with beautiful land scape, except for the semi –desert and dry acacia woodland of the far north, it has relatively moist climate. A high precipitation level makes the countryside greener and more fertile than elsewhere in East Africa. Also lakes, rivers and other wetland habitats marks almost 25% of the country’s surface area.

Uganda is topographically relatively undramatic –essentially a dilating plateau perched at altitudes of 1,000 – 1,200 meters between the eastern and western arms of the Rift Valley. However, they are bordered by some of the continent’s most beautiful mountains such as; Rwenzori Mountains which expends to the Congolese border and ranks as the third highest point in Africa, the ‘’5109meter Margherita peak on Mount Stanley.

Other major mountains include; Mount Elgon measures about ‘’4,321m’’ on the Kenyan border, Virunga on the Rwanda border ‘’with Muhabura at 4,127meter the highest of the Ugandan peaks’’ and Moroto ‘’3,084’’, Kadam ‘’3068m’’ and Morungole ‘’2,750 on the Kenyan border with of Elgon.

  1. Easily Accessible Rich Birding Spot

Uganda is truly birding paradise for birding enthusiast ‘’1100 species of bird’’, making it unique destination for keen bird watcher and wildlife enthusiasts.  It also offers easy access to various birds – rich bird habitat that are difficult to access elsewhere.

The best places to go for birding in terms of localized species is Semiliki, Budongo forest, Kibale forest and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. Botanical garden in Entebbe also a great birding site as well as Mabamba wetland, a rewarding site to see rare shoe bill stork.

  1. Uganda Is Great for Private Safari

Uganda is an excellent destination for the private safaris. It boosts a bundle of choices to customize a trip itinerary which can be organized by the reputable tour operators. They also offer unique type of safari planning, making it a unique safari destination.

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