What to Pack for A Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda & Rwanda

What to Pack for A Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda & Rwanda : Gorilla trekking a popular done activity on safari Uganda as well as Rwanda destination, of which both destinations are East African countries bordered to each other. Above all, gorilla trekking is the most famous and done tourist activity   either in Uganda or Rwanda. And one of the mistakes tourists have made is to go for gorilla trekking with poor packing lists for a gorilla trekking not knowing the proper essentials to be packed while going for gorilla trekking safari in one of the above mentioned destinations. First of all, gorilla trekking a landmark activity which can be done in dense tropical rainfall where you need to be putting on warm clothes because rainfall is unpredictable here but to those who have never tried it before they come   dressed inappropriately some wearing sandals, shorts, vests which are not the right outfit for such an activity.

In Uganda, gorilla trekking can be done in two worlds’ popular safari destination that is Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national and Mgahinga Gorilla national park. However, the landscape of Bwindi impenetrable forest is slightly different from that of Mgahinga and Volcanoes National park in Rwanda   though they all lie at higher elevations thus making them rainy, humid and cold most especially in the nights. The truth about gorilla trekking is not hiking on comfortable treks even sometimes there are no trails at all, you can hike following every small trails.

Travelers planning for your Gorilla safaris either in Uganda and Rwanda, this draws you to pack the right clothing in order to protect you from coldness, thorn pricks, nettles or insect bites like solder ants and flies.

What to Pack for A Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda & Rwanda
What to Pack for A Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda & Rwanda

Below is the recommended packing list for a gorilla trekking Safaris in Uganda and Rwanda;

Long Trousers

You need to wear a long sleeved shirt and long trousers, in fact if you can get waterproof trousers wear those. Both long trousers and long sleeved shirts help to protect you from branches, nettles, thorns or you can choose something else that can prick you.

Cotton undergarments are recommended and to the ladies ensure to wear comfortable bras since the hike can be tough.

To some travelers ignore this advice and wear shorts and t-shirts and truth is that at the end of the day the exposed skin has scratches. For that case, ensure   you follow this advice.

Wear waterproof hiking sturdy boots

The hiking trails can be slippery when it rains, therefore a pair of waterproof hiking boots is required. The hiking shoe should be comfortable for you, in fact Rangers and Trekkers are recommended to wear comfortable rubber boots or gumboots.

Along this activity, you can’t see any one wearing white snickers, sandals or any inappropriate foot wear.

Hiking boots will support you for good stability, balance, traction and support to your ankles as well as   wearing comfortable thick socks. We advise you always tuck your trousers into your socks, may look funny but it will protect you against fire ants.

Sturdy Gardening Gloves

 This may seem to be useless not knowing also is a good essential for Gorilla trekking. These strong gardening gloves is also recommended for gorilla trekking safari. They will help you support yourselves on sharp branches or vines, the gloves also give you protection against nettles like that you don’t get scratched.

You can put them off when you’re allocate the Gorilla in order to take good photos.

A rain Jacket

Gorilla trekking is done in the rainforest and usually starts early in the morning hours. Therefore, rain might fall at any time whether it’s a dry season rain jacket must be packed, because in Bwindi rain might fall any time of the day.

A poncho can also be worn, trackers, rangers and porters. And always carry a light one which you easily fold and keep in your bag pack till you need it the next time.

Wear A hat

While trekking you need a good wide –brimmed hat on an expensive Tilley Hat, the hat protects your head and neck from rain or the much sun shine. You might choose to put on a baseball cap but it will not protect your neck form the scotching sun after the mist in the mountains has disappeared.

If you forget to carry one, you can buy one from any local craft shop in the country to do your gorilla trekking safaris.

Insect repellent

During the trek you must apply this on your body therefore to protect your exposed body parts.

For trackers who are on a Gorilla Habituation Experience, are advised to pack the insect repellent in their daypack.

A warm sweater

Since gorilla trekking destinations are cold, you to pack a warm sweater which you can worn in the early mornings and cool nights. During night the coldness is too much.

What to Pack for A Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda & Rwanda
What to Pack for A Gorilla Trekking Safari Uganda & Rwanda

The Mgahinga Gorilla and Volcanoes national park the temperature is at 10 degrees Celsius and in Bwindi impenetrable at 11 degrees Celsius and sometimes it’s lower than this.

Due to the coldness in gorilla trekking destination, luxury lodges have fireplaces in cottages or room and other lodges give visitors hot water bottles for warms throughout the cold night.

Other important essentials to pack for your gorilla trekking safaris;

Citronella soap; It is important to pack anti-bacterial to the body.

Sun blocker cream; this cream will help you protect your face and eyes from the hot sun of equatorial Uganda.

Hand wipes; These are handy items that help you to prevent germs in a moment when there is no water, can be bought here in Africa.

Sun glasses; They help you protect from the direct sunshine.

Malaria medicine; Before buying any tablets to carry with, you need to pack the best tablets such as malarone and Doxycycline are the most effective on malaria treatments. They should be kept safely in a medicine bag   which is containing all your medication to help you on your safari.

A pack of toiletries; These can contain many items depending on the sex of the visitors.

First Aid; It’s good to carry your first   air box in case you get injured from the jungle.

Important safari equipment’s;

Camera; On safari to gorilla trekking end ever to pack a camera that is well equipped with its items and a lens cleaner to keep the camera lens clean.

Enough batteries; Pack enough batteries along with a good charger and these should be your handy bag within the car.

Camera Memory card; On visit to any safari, visitors are advised to carry extra memory cards for the cameras if you are to take many photo in the jungle.

Journals; These can be brought along to write down some unique experiences within the visited destinations.

Flash light; They are not accepted here, scares way our creatures.

Electric items are recommended

Pair of binoculars; They are also recommended but depending which activity you are to carry out like birding or game driving.

What is the right color to pack for your safari clothes?

Bright colors are not recommended when carrying out a safari activity in the jungle but they can be worn on a dinner back at the lodge.

Get started now, for Gorilla trekking safari with right wear to enjoy activity in the midst of the jungle.

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