Who are the friendliest; mountain gorillas and chimpanzees? Mountain gorillas the hugest apes in the forest and the chimpanzees, the second hugest apes in the forest are both known to be friendly to themselves and the people that visit them in their rights.

The gorillas stay in mountainous forests in high altitudes while the chimps stay in rain forests leveled at average ground.

Both primates’ species are visited daily by people who fancy seeing them. On mountain gorilla treks for the gorillas and chimpanzees’ treks for the chimpanzees.

Usually, you spend an hour with them interacting not literally but observing them as they go about their business. In which they are considered friendly and welcoming because they don’t harm you or fight, they just continue with their business.

However, if you disturb their peace or do anything that can cause a scare to them, they may turn on you.

So, on both the gorillas and chimpanzees which species is more friendly?

Well, we can tell, but in this article, we shall compare what you see in the presence of both species and you will decide.

Mountain gorillas

The gentle huge giants. You will always find them in troops led by a silverback, the rest being females and offspring. When in their presence you will notice the silverback is quite reserved and a bit fierce-looking because the leader of the group and the protector of them all. The female gorillas are the nurturers, so you will see them in their element nurturing the young ones trying to keep them in order, of course as mothers do. The infants or offspring depending on the age. They will always be young, playing and making a mess all around. It’s so beautiful to see.

And as stated, if you don’t disturb their peace or do anything to spite them, the gorillas won’t harm you or even do anything to scare you.

Sometimes they will come near you or even touch you. But this is in rare cases. It’s imperative that when this happens, you don’t react in a weird way that can set off the gorillas. Just stay normal.

Generally, you will have a warm and great experience.

Who are the friendliest; mountain gorillas and chimpanzees?
Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park


Like the gorillas, they live in groups, so you will find them in groups. Usually, these groups are quite big in numbers like up to 50 or 100 individuals.

They are more playful, so when you visit them, you will see them socializing through play, jumping on trees, running around Among other things.

They have special sounds they make amongst themselves to signal different information between them, which is very unique and beautiful to see. When in their presence you will see them do all of them and you will be amazed. The chimpanzees are more likely to come near you and touch you but as we advised above stay calm. If you do anything to trigger them. They may go wild and it wouldn’t be nice. The chimpanzees’ groups are also led by males. However, unlike the gorillas, in the chimpanzees’ groups, there can be a couple of other adult males. So, a group has a male leader, other males, females and offspring. And they are all warm and great.

Who are the friendliest; mountain gorillas and chimpanzees? Generally, when you visit both species, you will be amazed at their level of friendliness. One because they are similar to humans and two because they live in a specific environment unique to them that makes it easy for them to relate with each other.

So, it’s quite easy to choose which species is more friendly. We feel they are all friendly in their unique way.

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