Wildlife Safari Rules / Do’s and Don’ts to Follow; Going on safari is like going on any other private place of entertainment, they have got rules to be followed by a visitor or guests.  The most important part to a visitor is to keep in mind that you’re in foreign country and culture. To ensure that you have successful remarkable safari trip, it’s important to follow proper safari etiquette.

There are several written rules one should follow on safari to ensure you’re preserving safari etiquette.

Below are the safari rules all relate to human behaviors whilst in the vicinity of African wildlife, whether on a Uganda Wildlife Safaris, Walking safari, Gorilla trekking among others. For the places to ensure the safety of both humans and animals, please ensure you’re follow them.

General Safari Rules;

Never feed the animals while on safari.  This is because if animals learn to associate food with humans, they can become aggressive, food could be dangerous to them and disrupts their natural habits

Never try to chase any animal in your vehicle ‘’or on foot’’ and animals also have the right of way.

Never harass the animals. Make little noise, do not make sudden movements and torches and don’t try to attract their attention.

Don’t throw any litter at all or even biodegradable stuff. Besides from degrading the environment, some wild animals eat whatever they come across.

Take note that those wild animals are dangerous and unpredictable

Don’t take any risks

Do not pick any flowers or vegetation

Don’t pick any flowers or vegetation

Don’t attempt to disturb other park visitors – just know all have the same rights as you

Hold to the correct opening hours unless you have special dispensation – it’s an unusual thing for parks to enforce a dusk -to dawn ban.

Safari rules for game drives;

Our professional driver guide to drive you for your game, will be well aware of these Uganda safari rules though it’s good for you too to know them.

Don’t ask the driver to pull up in front of another vehicle, because will be hindering their view.  Wait for your turn to watch if it’s one car at a time.

Stay in your safari vehicle at all times when at a designated area. Vehicles act as hides. For that matter, animals don’t usually associate them with humans.

Keep on marked roads and tracks unless it’s explicitly stated that off driving is permitted. Off- road driving can cause soil erosion through exhaust fumes and destroying the grass.

Driving close the roads or park areas is not allowed

You need to use well a professional driver who can turn your engine off when pausing to view wildlife at close range.

Stick to the park speed limits – it goes between 30km/h and 50km/h. Don’t encourage your driver to try stopping it. Unfortunately, speed damages road surface increases noise and dust level and you have a greater chance of hitting an animal.

What makes Uganda Safaris famous; There are quite number of reasons that makes Uganda a famous safari destination including;

Mountain gorilla trekking – visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

Wildlife Safari Rules
Kibale National Park Chimps

Chimpanzee trekking visit Kibale Forest National Park

Visiting the Equator

Cultural and community experiences

Bird watching haven ‘’shoebill stork’’ -Murchison Falls National Park, Mabamba swamps, Queen Elizabeth National

Game drives and Boat cruises on Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Park

Snowcapped mountain of the moon -Mountain climbing on Rwenzori Mountain

Lastly, we emphasize guests /visitors to always follow these tips for safari etiquette in Uganda can help you ensure both you and other guests have a delightful and unforgettable experience. Well, it is important to recognize and honor the culture as well as wildlife you’re visiting is the protective national park in the country.

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