10 Most breathtaking national parks in Uganda

10 Most breathtaking national parks in Uganda  : For a record Uganda is one destination you cannot rank off when it comes be a beautiful tourist destination, Uganda is well known for being a dreamy mysterious destination gifted with all the attractions which any human individual would wish to see in a life time. Attractions in Uganda range from physical features like mountain Rwenzori, mountain Elgon, river Nile the longest river, ale Victoria, lake albert and many more. These fascinating features are found in different regions of the country and are protected and conserved in numerous protected areas which are managed by the Uganda wildlife authority.

Though there are many protected areas in Uganda, this article lists the top most breathtaking and fascinating national parks in Uganda which you should not miss while on a Uganda Safari, the reason for ranking these national parks the top 10 is because they are home to many unique features such as wildlife, vegetation which are not found in other national parks in Uganda. These national parks are as listed below

Queen Elizabeth national park

Queen Elizabeth national park is a remarkable tourist destination in Uganda full of many attractions to entertain you touring urge, queen Elizabeth national park is situated in western Uganda lieing at the altitude range of 900 meters to 1845 meters. This vast national park stretches through the districts of kasese, kamwenge, Rubirizi and rukungiri covering an area of 1978 square kilometers, Queen Elizabeth national park is a habitat to over 95 mammal species that is Cape buffalo, Uganda kob, waterbuck, warthog, lion, leopard, hyena, giant forest hog as well as elephant and many more. The park is also dotted with 5 levels of vegetation and approximately 612 bird species such as flamingos, African skimmer, Chapin’s flycatcher, Pink-backed pelicans, Papyrus canary, Shoebill stork, martial eagle, black-rumped buttonquail and many more.


10 Most breathtaking national parks in Uganda 
Tree Climbing Lions in Queen

Queen Elizabeth national park is filled with many attractions which are encountered on many breathtaking safari activities offered in the park, these attractions include

Kazinga channel: kazinga channel in Queen Elizabeth national park is a feature of 40 metres length connecting Lake Albert to Lake George, kazinga channel offers a perfect viewing sport for animals as many animals come to the channel to drink waters ad play in the water. Animals like hippopotamus, buffalo, herds of elephants, crocodiles and nay water birds can be seen, kazinga channel also offers an amazing boat cruise where you get to many herds of elephants and buffaloes.

Mweya peninsular: mweya peninsula is an attractive sector of Queen Elizabeth national park situated on the northern bank of kazinga channel, the peninsula offers a great sights viewing spot of Katwe bay, peaks of Rwenzori Mountains and scenic hilly surrounding.

Ishasha southern sector: Ishasha southern sector is a famous sector in the park because it is a habitant to the tree climbing lions, ishasha is located 100 kilometers south of mweya peninsula. Ishasha I covered with beautiful savannah vegetation and drained by Ishasha River, while in ishasha you get to see many animals such as the unique tree climbing lions, rare shoe bill, topi and many more.

Equator and the queen’s pavilion: the equator’s landmark in Queen Elizabeth national park offers an opportunity for memorable pictures, the queen’s pavilion is a provision shelter which can be accessed through the northern entrance. The pavilion was built to commemorate the visit of queen Elizabeth of England to the park in 1959.

Queen Elizabeth national park offers many breathtaking safari activities which include boat cruise, day and night game drive, bird watching, nature walk and lion tracking experience.

10 Most breathtaking national parks in Uganda 
Ishasha Sector

Lake Mburo national park

Lake Mburo national park is one of the smallest national parks in Uganda and the only one close to Kampala the capital city of Uganda, Lake Mburo national park is a fascinating national park situated along masaka-mbarara highway which makes it a perfect stopover destination while on your safari to Queen Elizabeth national park. Lake Mburo national park is known for consisting of numerous small lakes with many wetlands, the park is a habitant to many animals and bird species. Animal species in Lake Mburo national park include such as warthogs, common eland, jackal, leopards, zebras, hippos, impalas, African buffaloes and many more. Over 350 bird species can be encountered and they include bate Lear, coqui francolin, grey crowned crane and many more.

10 Most breathtaking national parks in Uganda 
lakes Mburo national park

Lake Mburo national park consist of many attractive tourist attractions which include

Rwonyo rest camp: Rwonyo rest camp is a center of safari activities in the park as it is the starting point for all activities such as game drives, nature walks, biking safaris. The camp has a small crafts shops where many souvenirs are sold.

Lake Mburo: Lake Mburo is a perfect spot for viewing many animal and bird species in the park, the shores of the lake are always filled with animals like hippopotamuses, buffaloes, crocodiles and many more. Also birds like malachite kingfishers, pied kingfishers, African fish eagles, rufous long tailed starlings, blue headed weavers, green necked doves and many more.

Rubanga forest: Rubanga forest is a small sized forest situated on the western side of Lake Mburo, this forest is a fascinating place to visit while in the park as it offers a tropical ambiance. The forest consists of many bird species such as green pigeon, grey backed Cameroptera, double toothed barbet and many more. The forest also has many viewing platforms where tourists get to view the park and its amazing scenic views.

As you visit Lake Mburo national park you get involved in safari activities like bird watching, horseback riding, nature walks, mountain biking, boat ride, scenic viewing and many more.

Rwenzori national park

Rwenzori national park is one of the amazing national parks in Uganda with spectacular scenic landscape, mountain Rwenzori national park is situated in southern western Uganda

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