Ishasha sector

Ishasha sector: Uganda the pearl of Africa is endowed by many mysteries and attractions making it one of the top tourist destinations in Africa and the world at large. Ishasha sector is a sector in the most loved and visited national park in Uganda Queen Elizabeth national park, the sector is situated in the fur most western rim of Queen Elizabeth national park in the southern region. Ishasha sector is famous for being a home to the tree climbing lions and best for lion safaris as they are spotted lying on the branches of figi trees and grazing the savannah filled plains.

Ishasha sector is situated in the remote area though visiting it is very rewarding as it is made up of scenic landscapes very different from other locations in queen Elizabeth national park, this sector lies south of the equator in the Albertine rift valley at the base of Eastern rift valley escarpment. Ishasha sector is separated by Ishasha River from Virunga national park of Democratic Republic of Congo who it shares an international boundary with.

Ishasha sector
Ishasha sector

Ishasha sector is a vast low lying savannah plain made up of acacia trees, cactus trees, figi trees and riverine trees. This kind of vegetation and undulating landscapes offers clear view of wildlife and the entire national park.

Ishasha sector is a very fascinating tourist destination majorly because of the climbing lions and other fascinating wildlife.

Tree climbing lions

Ishasha sector is a unique location famous for the climbing lions, it is the only section in Queen Elizabeth national park where you get to find these animals. Climbing lions are only found in two specific locations in the world that is the sector and Lake Manyara in Tanzania, these lions are the highlight of safari to ishasha sector and Queen Elizabeth national park at large. Climbing lions in ishasha sector are spotted hanging and residing up in the acacia and fig trees, the lions are said and believed to climb the trees as a way of running away from tsetse fly bites and bites from other ground insects. Lions are also said to climb as an easy way of spotting their preys mainly the antelopes and Uganda kobs.

 Ishasha sector
Tree Climbing Lions

While on a game drive in the sector you get to experience the fascinating dreamy life of the sector ass you see the animals hanging up on big trees looking down to the field in attempt of spotting their preys. Herds of lions are seen led by the jungle (male lion with a black mane, feasting on their already killed prey or lazily resting providing you perfect timing for photography for memorable experience.    

The sector is not only a home to the climbing lions, it is also a home to other wildlife species such as antelopes, large herds of cattle, herds of African elephants which are usually seen crossing the road (these are called African because of their map of Africa shaped ears). There is also hippopotamus and antelopes, Uganda kobs, impalas, waterbucks, warthogs and elands, these animals are usually spotted running away from the scotching sunlight. Ishasha sector is the only home to the Topi animals found in Queen Elizabeth national park, there is also bird species which can be spotted in this sector such as compact weaver, black coucal, and water birds like herons and storks spotted near the Lake Edward marshlands.

Ishasha sector is known and loved for its amazing game drive experiences which are carried out in the circuits of this sector that is north and south circuit.

The south circuit: The south circuit is a bit difficult to navigate through as it consists of many places to get bogged, on this circuit you are likely to get stuck in the mud.

The north circuit.  The north circuit is a much easier circuit to do a game drive as chances of get stuck are limited.

NOTE: it is very advisable not to go on a game drive in this sector without the help of a professional ranger, this sis to save you from getting lost and also to spot the climbing lions easily as they know where to find them.  

Best time to visit ishasha sector

The sector is always open to visitors on a safari but the best time to enjoy the wilderness of this sector is during the period of June to September, these months are basically dry and the grass in the open plains is short making it easy for you as a tourist to see the amazing wildlife in this sector.

 Accommodation in ishasha sector

There is a wide range of fancy accommodation (lodges) offering rooms and food to tourists while on their safari in ishasha sector and the entire queen Elizabeth national park, these accommodation range from luxury, mid-range and budget and they include ishasha wilderness camp, Mweya safari lodge, Marafiki safari lodge, queen Elizabeth bush lodge, kasenyi safari camp, Ihamba lakeside safari lodge and park view safari lodge among others.

 Ishasha sector
Accommodations in Queen

 Getting to ishasha sector

The sector can be accessed using road transport or air transport, by road ishasha sector is situated 123 kilometers from Mweya peninsula in Queen Elizabeth national park a 3 hours’ drive. From Katunguru town is 99 kilometers to the sector a 2 hours’ drive, from buhoma sector of Bwindi impenetrable national park, ishasha sector is 90 kilometers a 2 hour’s drive. From Kampala the capital city of Uganda, ishasha sector is 7-8 hours’ drive. By air you get a chartered flight offer by Aerolink from either Entebbe international airport or kajjansi airstrip to kihihi airstrip in Queen Elizabeth national park.

The sector is most visited section of the fascinating queen Elizabeth national park offering an exceptional experience of climbing lion which everyone should participate in at least once in a life time.

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