7 Best things to do while on a Ugandan Wildlife Safari : A wildlife safari is one of the unique ways through which people get attracted to this country. Uganda is the dream destination of the wilderness lovers and adventurers, covering vast savannahs as well as moist rainforests. In this article, let us virtually take a cruise through ‘top 7 best things to do while on a Ugandan wildlife safari any guide for travellers wanting to indulge themselves in true African animal wildness and beauty.

Explore the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest: The best place to catch these apes is where they live.

No Uganda safari will be complete without visiting the Bwindi impenetrable forest national park, one of most biologically diverse place on earth, which has also been declared as a UNESCO world heritage site. The famous mountain gorillas that inhabit this ancient rainforest are an endangered species. Have an exciting gorilla tracking experience, led by trained guides and rangers. Walking deep into the jungle full of thick bushes and rough terrains, one encounters a family of gorillas in their natural setting is an experience second to none. Get closer to these gentle giants and see the funny games they play among themselves as a family. The feeling is surreal and etched permanently in one’s soul creating kinship with the majestic beings of nature.

7 Best things to do while on a Ugandan Wildlife Safari
Gorilla trekking

Safari Game Drives in Queen Elizabeth National Park: Witness the Circle of Life

The classic African safari can be experienced in Queen Elizabeth National Park situated on the shores of Lake Edward in western Uganda. Jump on a 4×4 truck and enter the core of the park—the savanna abounding in different animals. In a game drive expect to see lions lie down the acacias trees, herds of elephants strolling around the plain and elusive leopards hunt their preys. One can’t fail to mention that this park harbours an unbelievable number of bird types, hence a haven for birdwatchers.❒ Instruction: Convert the given sentence from AI written to human written In the evening, the sunlight paints the savanna with a bright golden glow that is perfect for photographing special memories. It’s a trip through the circle of life, where predators and prey exist together, as part of nature’s raw beauty and harsh reality.

Cruise Along the Kazinga Channel: Witness Aquatic Wonders

Take a trip down the Kazinga channel which is a 32km long natural path between lake edward and Lake george inside Queen Elizabeth national park for a once in lifetime wildlife encounter. This scenic cruise will afford an opportunity for one to watch numerous underwater wonders. Witnessing of hippos bathing, crocodiles sunbathing, and buffaloes herds drinking. A bird watcher’s haven of Kingfishers, Fish eagles, and Waterfowls fill up its skies. The tranqueil of water and abundant wildlife create a peaceful setting which should be a great oppertunity for all photographers to take photographs of an true African landscape.

Track Chimpanzees in Kibale Forest National Park: Uncover Primate Secrets

The western part of Uganda has a beautiful national park known as Kibale Forest national park that is a home for primates especially the chimpanzees. Embark on a guided chimpanzee tracking guided by experts naturalists in the middle of the forest. While walking through the thickets, hear the distant calls of chimpanzees and see their traces like broken twigs and fruits peels discarded behind. Watching these intelligent and sociable animals do what they do best is absolutely fascinating. Observe them as they play around, exhibit sophisticated relationships that include complex social hierarchies, and interact lovingly with their own offsprings. Such an encounter is a great opportunity to learn more about the sophistication of one’s kindred among other primates.

Visit Murchison Falls National Park: Experience the Power of Nature

Murchison falls national park found in the north western part of Uganda was named after the impressive Murchison fall where the powerful force of roiling waters of nile squeezes through a small gap dropping down by 43m to form the victoria nile below. When visiting Uganda, one ought to enjoy the Ugandan experience by going on a wildlife safari and it should include visiting this iconic natural wonder. Visit the base of the waterfalls via boat, experiencing the refreshing rain drops and the strength of nature. In the nearby savannah, there are various animals like giraffes, elephants and many birds.

Discover the Tree-Climbing Lions of Ishasha: Witness a Rare Phenomenon

There are tree climbing lions inhabiting Ishasha in the southern part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. The Ishasha lions differ from their fellow lions in other parts of Africa by way of behaviour. Seeing the imposing big cats lounge on strong tree branches is a wonderful thing to see. This is certainly not an everyday behavior seen in the wild. However, it makes your safari adventurous. Ishasha has those strange-looking lions. Taking a game drive here is your chance for seeing them since those animals are so weirdly different from any other. This is your unrivaled opportunity to experience something amazing as part of your wildlife expedition.

7 Best things to do while on a Ugandan Wildlife Safari
Tree Climbing Lions

Immerse in the Culture: Local Communities and Conservation Projects visit.

The Ugandan wildlife safari is not only about wildlife watching but also a chance to participate in rich culture of Uganda. In order do not to be only in the wild, consider visiting communities around the national parks. Interact with the friendly Ugandans who will share their culture, dances, and livelihood with you. Join or form community-based conservation programs and contribute towards the protection of Uganda’s natural treasure. Lodges and many tour operators work closely with local communities providing them with sustainable livelihood and encouraging them to practice environmental conservation. Through interacting with the locals and viewing things from their point of view, you get a complete picture of Uganda’s wildlife and culture which will allow bonding with the people and land even more.


The above are the top 7 Best things to do while on a Ugandan Wildlife Safari. Going into a Ugandan wildlife safari is not just a journey that will enrich your mind but it is also an experience where you connect with nature, the different types of animals in East Africa and their different tribes as well. Uganda’s diverse topography ranging from the dense forests of Bwindi to the sprawling savannahs of Queen Elizabeth NP has so much to offer in terms of adventurous memories. Your day in safari can be likened to treasure hunting as every second spent creates lifetime memories such as watching rare tree climbing lions or tracking gorillas and cruise through scenic channels. Also, involving with local populations and playing part in preservation activities improves your traveling into African jungles with an added understanding that it is not merely a holiday but a learning tourism where you get some insights about life in the wilds.

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