Budget gorilla tours are many travelers’ go-to option if they could and know of them or how to get to them. Many travelers think that gorilla trekking is a luxury kind of tour activity but it isn’t the case. There are budget gorilla tours that travelers can take up and get to experience the thrilling much sought after gorilla trekking activity and encounter the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats. Trekking the endangered gorillas is possible in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park, Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and the Congo’s Virunga National Park. 

There are about 1063 mountain gorillas still left in the world, and very few of them are habituated that travelers can visit them on a gorilla trekking adventure. This has the demand for the gorilla trekking activity being high and thus have the respective countries putting up measures to regulate the flow of gorilla trekkers by putting up a high price for gorilla trekking, say the $1,500 in Rwanda. This has the total quote of the gorilla trekking safari going high thus making it very expensive for some travelers to purchase the package. 

In order to have all gorilla lovers have an opportunity to encounter these gentle and yet endangered mountain gorillas, budget tours are possible to execute and we have some of them put together that you can check out. Budget gorilla tours are possible to plan out if one considered the following;

Where to trek from

Where to trek from is an important aspect for travelers after budget gorilla safaris. Choosing a gorilla trekking destination that will not have you robbing a bank (literally meaning) is important if you want to have budget gorilla tours. A gorilla destination like Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda is not your go-to option if budget gorilla tours is what you have in mind for the fact that just a gorilla permit which is at $1,500 can have you enjoying a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda or the Congo. Travelers interested in budget gorilla tours would best choose to visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, Mgahinga Gorilla National Park in Uganda and Congo’s Virunga National Park. These have relatively subsidized gorilla permits, and the Congo particularly can further subsidize their permits in the low season.

When to go gorilla trekking

Travelers who would like to have budget gorilla safaris need to know the best time when to gorilla trekking. The peak season when almost everything is heightened in terms of price is not the best time recommended. It is during the off peak season that travelers who would like to maximize on budget gorilla tours should consider traveling in. during the off peak season, there are not so many people traveling and so they can get gorilla permits faster and also get to track their gorilla family of choice. Additionally, the low season has some countries reducing their gorilla permits for example the Congo where one can get a gorilla permit at $200 only. Other services offered say car hire, are also subsidized during the off peak or low season. Travelers after budget gorilla tours should, therefore, look at traveling during the low season for them to achieve subsidized gorilla packages. 

Budget accommodation facilities

Budget accommodation facilities are always available all year long, even during peak seasons. Travelers who would like budget gorilla tours can travel even in the high season but opt for budget accommodation so as to cut on their costs. In the low season, even the mid-range accommodation facilities cut costs that travelers who visit during this time can enjoy a much better lodging option and yet low priced. These accommodation facilities can be found both in and outside the parks. Make sure to book in time to secure your stay, and also book after confirming which sector you will be tracking from. Rwanda budget accommodation options are rather few.

Budget Gorilla Tours
Budget Gorilla Safaris

Number of people on a tour

The number of people on a single tour also plays a big role in cutting tour costs. Travelers doing a solo gorilla trekking safari are sure to spend much more. Travelers who are two or more on a single tour are definitely having low priced tours as they will be sharing some costs like car hire. It is therefore advised that travelers after budget gorilla tours also consider traveling in larger numbers instead of singularly. 

The above are the major factors to consider when planning on doing budget gorilla tours. Do not let the scary high-end prices you see all over the internet on gorilla trekking safaris make you not experience this amazing once in a lifetime adventure. Get in touch with a trusted tour operator to help you plan the best gorilla trekking tours that will not only satisfy your thirst to see the gorillas just feet away but also get the best value for your money. 

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