Uganda Gorilla Trekking | Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Uganda Gorilla Trekking is one of the top tourist activities that travelers engage in when they visit Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Gorilla trekking is an activity where tourists have an opportunity to hike in search for a given habituated Mountain Gorilla family in either Bwindi impenetrable National park or Mgahinga National park in Uganda. The 2 National parks are located in the south west part of Uganda at the closest border of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda. Mountain Gorillas as well inhabit the neighboring countries including the Democratic Republic of Congo in Virunga national park and Rwanda in Volcanoes National park.

Mountain Gorillas are close relatives of human with 98% DNA. Gorillas are endangered species on the IUCN Red List, and the population of the Mountain Gorillas is estimated to 1000 individuals.

Gorilla trekking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga National park in Uganda the trek takes 30 Minutes to 7 hours in the rain forest, this depends on the location of the Mountain Gorillas, where they last fed, built their nests and many more, the period of trekking will depend on how faster the trekkers are, and how far the group moved from where it was observed by the rangers before the trek.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking

Eight people in a group visit the Mountain Gorillas for one hour in the jungle as they continue with their day to day activities, people below the age of 15 years are not allowed to trek the Mountain Gorillas, and you will be accompanied by a range and Guide of the Uganda Wildlife Authority.

Mountain Gorilla trekking starts early Morning after a short briefing about Mountain Gorilla does and don’ts in the forest, at the park headquarters in the respective sector where you will trek the habituated Gorilla family.

After the briefing, you will be grouped in 8 people plus the rangers of  Forest, as you trek through the forest have a chance to see the bird species, primate species, Mountain sceneries, tree species, geckoes, and many more. 

However Gorilla trekking activity cannot be conducted without a Gorilla Trekking permit, a permit is issued document which allows one to trek the Mountain Gorillas in the forest.

A gorilla permit can be issued three months pro to departure, under the Uganda Wildlife Authority. 

Bwindi Impenetrable National park is located in the southwest part of Uganda in Kanungu district. The park is a dark rain forest located at the Albertine Rift in the west branch of the East African Rift, at an elevation which ranges from 1,170 to 2,608 metres.

The word Bwindi is derived from a local word in Runyakitara which means ‘Impenetrable’ the name is extensive bamboo interspersed in the larger forest hardwoods, the park is as well called the place of Darkness.

The park is home to the Mountain Gorillas, and its where the amazing Gorilla trekking activity takes place in the bamboo thick ground cover of ferns, vines, and it can only be accessed on foot. The forest is found at the edge of the west arm of the Great Rift Valley.

Bwindi Impenetrable National park has four sectors including Ruhija, Rushaga, Nkuringo and Buhoma. There over 12 Gorilla families in the sectors.

Mgahinga National park, the park is located in the south west part of Uganda; the park was gazetted in 1991 by the Uganda government through the Uganda Wildlife Authority to preserve wildlife in the park, especially the endangered Mountain Gorillas in the forest of Uganda.

Trekking through the Forest, one is guided by rangers and armed guides who are well informed about the gorilla trekking and where their located. Trek through the forest as you enjoy the sightings, bird species, tree species, primates swinging on trees and many more.

Uganda Gorilla Trekking
Uganda Gorilla Trekking

The best time to visit the place for trekking is during the dry season since the Mountain Gorillas are inhabited in the rain forest, during this time the forest is easy to penetrate through when it’s not muddy as during the rainy season.

Mountain Gorilla trekking, best safari for Gorilla trekking take place in the Mid-December, February, June to October, However Gorilla trekking takes place throughout the year.

Gorilla trekking in Uganda, to access the park use a car from Kampala City via Kabale to Kisoro, the journey takes about 8 hours, as well one can board a plane from Entebbe to Kisoro Airstrip, which can be booked well in advance with the Uganda Tour Operator.

Accommodation facilities enjoy the luxury facilities of various lodges which are suitable for relaxation and one can spend overnight. Some of the Accommodation facilities include Chameleon Hill Lodge, Mount Gahinga safari lodge, Amajambere Iwacu camp, Kisoro Travellers Rest Hotel, River  Mucha Hotel, Volcanoes Mount Gahinga safari lodge and many more.

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