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Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp; This is a luxurious tents that sits in the heart of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest  that brings out  a true life time  to visitors who come to encounter with Uganda’s great mountain gorillas as you are at your comfortable stay of Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp .Surprisingly , the area is ecologically respectful ,with contemporary –yet-classic in style and the camp blends in sensitively with the dramatic African mountain landscape and  sits in beautiful  area inside the park  ,where you only take few minutes to the start point of your gorilla trekking adventure.

Accommodation Amenities -Bwindi sanctuary gorillas

They offer free breakfast buffet to their client

They have well organized bed room with mosquito nets.

They have a well-organized restaurant with professional chefs

They have laundry services

Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp
Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

They also offer Airport transportation

They have a 24-hour security and a comfortable outdoor fireplace.

They have private balcony and safe

They have friendly and welcoming staffs

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest –Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp is the perfect place from which to trek the famous mountain gorillas of Bwindi. The camp’s main area features with a comfortable lounge and the main dining area while the mini spa offers a very selection of treatments. It’s a perfect place though often receives regular visits from the gorillas themselves. Guests in camp at that time, if they are lucky they may have a great opportunity for encountering gorillas without even leaving Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp. There eight tents at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp are spacious each featuring two queen sized beds.

In addition to that, the camp is stylish with comfortable warm bed and each tent has a clean huge bathtub that looks straight tired muscles after a day spent observing the unique gorillas. You can as well observe these rare forest species ‘’great mountain gorillas’’ while soaking in the tub, followed by a cocktail on the private viewing deck served by your personal attendant.

 Why you should choose to stay at Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

It’s because it easy to visit gorilla families due to its unique location.

 The camp boots with exclusive ten tents with comfortable nice stay.

Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp offers an excellent base for once in a lifetime trip to trek the endangered mountain gorillas.

Tourists staying at Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp, they get chances of interacting   with the locals in the community including Batwa Pygmies.

The camp offers customized sedan chair with support and harness that allows   less to the guest to be carried into the rainforest to trek the gorillas in their natural habitat.

 More about –Bwindi Sanctuary gorilla forest camp was designed on a flat ridge in the heart of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. It is a remote and atmosphere mountain sanctuary. This is the only accommodation seated within the park that boosts an unequalled location with a life adventuring wildlife and birding.    The eight tents feature Queen Sized beds and nice bath hub that overlooks the forest canopy.

Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp
Bwindi Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Guests on visit here can sample delicious fare and also enjoying the evening drinks   and the dinning cottages overlooks the rainforest. Then in the warm weather, delicious meals are served on beautiful raised natural platform that blends into the surroundings. The camp is also attach with a small gift shop that offers a selection of handmade materials ‘’handcrafts’’. Along your stay, you can choose to do a forest walk to Munyaga waterfall and visiting a community where you will be able to interact with the locals as well as enjoying their tradition dances and story tell and Batwa are good in this. Whereas Gorilla trekking experience, Gorilla habituation and Birding walks can be arranged at an additional cost. Gorilla trekking costs USD700 Per person per trek for foreign nonresident and USD600 for foreign resident for just an hour experience. Gorilla habituation experience is a full day activity where trackers are provided four hours to spend with gorilla in their nature habitats at fee USD1,500 per person per trek

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