Chobe safari lodge ” the hidden game of luxury”

Chobe safari lodge is a luxury five star accommodation facility/lodge situated in Murchison falls national park (north western Uganda) above the bank of river Nile, this safari lodge is situated in allocation which offers panoramic view of river Nile together with the melodic sound of waters as they flow to Lake Albert.

Chobe safari lodge is administered and operated by MARASA AFRICA.


Chobe safari lodge is a magnificent luxurious facility offering accommodation with a blend of exotic and African touch, these rooms consist of a private balcony, spacious bed rooms, TV set, reading table, chair and en-suite bathroom. Accommodation at Chobe safari lodge is offered in form of 36 elegant guest rooms, 21 tents, 4 suites and a presidential cottage.

Presidential cottage

Presidential cottage is the most luxurious accommodation in Chobe safari lodge perfect for guests interested in exclusivity and privacy, this cottage is situated on a private section only accessed by the guest and the lodge’s stuff. Presidential cottage has a twin bedroom, a double bedroom and a living room, it also features a balcony and terraces overlooking a private lagoon where you spot buffalos and hippopotamuses as they swim. In Presidential cottages you are offered a private butler who is always on duty 24 hours to address your interests and needs.

Chobe safari lodge
Chobe safari lodge

In-room amenities in presidential cottage include air conditioner, mini bar, complimentary fruit basket and water, ceiling fan, en-suite bathrooms and showers with dual sings. This cottage also has a spacious sitting area with sofa, television and loungers.

Super deluxe tents

Super deluxe tents at CHOBE SAFARI LODGE are 6 in number, these tents are meant for an occupancy of 2 people as they consist of 2 beds. Super deluxe tents are situated in close proximity to river Nile thus offering uninterrupted view of river Nile and also from the tents you get to enjoy the sounds of hippos. Super deluxe tents features wooden floor, carpets reading desk and a sitting area with chairs. It also has a private balcony overlooking river Nile and its vegetation cover.

In-room amenities in the tents include en-suite private bathroom with a shower and dual sinks, ceiling fans, complimentary fruit basket and water, air conditioner and mini bar.

Deluxe tents

Deluxe tents at Chobe safari lodge are 7 in number, these tents are situated just a walkable distance for the lodge’s main building and they are perfect for visitors in need of more exclusivity. Deluxe tents are more spacious and fully furnished giving a visitor a luxury Uganda safari experience, these tens features a private balcony from where you get views of River Nile waters and the beautiful sunset and a siting area filled with desk and chairs.

   In-room amenities include ceiling fan, en-suite private bathroom and shower, complimentary fruit basket and water.

Standard tents

Standard tents at Chobe safari lodge are 8 in number, these tents offer authentic safari vibe and more ideal for adventurous visitors. Standard tents are situated just a walkable distance for from the lodge’s main building, these tents are fully equipped with African blended furniture such a bed made for log trees, wooden floors with beautiful linen intended to offer a sense of intimacy to the visitors.

  In- room amenities offered in standard tents include en-suite private bathroom and shower, ceiling fan, floor carpets, wooden floor, sitting chair, complimentary fruit basket and water. Each tent has a private balcony with views of breathtaking river Nile.

Nile suite

  Nile suite is a fabulous fully furnished spacious accommodation facility situated on the top of the main building’s tall wall, Nile suite is a very special suite as it offers the visitors uninterrupted view of the swimming pool and the flowing river Nile from its balcony and glass door leading to the balcony.

  In room amenities offered in Nile suite include ceiling fan, -en-suite bathroom and shower, Jacuzzi whirlpool bath, air conditioner, complimentary fruit basket and water and Satellite (DSTV) connection. Nile suite features a private balcony with views of river Nile.


Suites  are 3 in number and they are situated on the main building block, these suites are more spacious and are the perfect accommodation for families and group tourists.

 In room amenities in suites include en-suite private bathroom with shower, air conditioner, living room with desk and sofas, ceiling fan, complimentary fruit basket and water and satellite (DSTV) connection. Suites features an interconnecting passage with another room and a private balcony overlooking the magnificent river Nile as it flows.

Standard rooms

 Standard rooms at Chobe safari lodge are 36 in numbers and are situated within the main building block, the rooms were decorated with an exquisite interior décor filled with a mixture of African and modernity touch.

   Amentias in standard rooms include en-suite private bathroom and shower, ceiling fan, hair driers and complimentary fruit basket and water, each standard room has a private balcony which overlooks the spectacular flowing water of river Nile.

Chobe safari lodge
Chobe safari lodge


Karuma bar and terrace 

A cold drink is always good for a soul most especially when you are on a safari and Chobe safari lodge is your best ally, the lodge has karuma bar and Terrance situated adjust to karuma restaurant. Karuma bar is very spacious, fully stocked and has a terrace overlooking river Nile, the bar serves a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic which fit your liking as a visitor.

Conference facilities

In Chobe safari lodge travelling will never disrupt your business calls, meeting and conferences, the lodge has your business needs sorted through a conference center. Conference is comfortable as it consists of a projector, speaker, seats and chairs. The Nile conference centre is a very spacious center catering for both large corporate and smaller board meeting.

Gift shop

Memories are the best part of nay safari and memories can be kept in souvenirs that is why Chobe safari lodge has a gift shop, the gift shop sells locally handmade crafts and East African stuff like guide books, clothing and safari items like walking stick, hat, crafted wildlife animals and many more.

Business centre

Chobe safari lodge is a perfect accommodation for tourists on both business and pleasure trips as it has a business available for business meetings, this centre is open daily 7 days a week from 8 am to 88 pm. The centre has 24 hour internet access and printing facilities like paper and printing machine.

Karuma restaurant and cuisine

Karuma restaurant is a treat of its own , this restaurant is situated next to karuma bar and it features modern interior décor with a blend of African safari. Karuma restaurant serves mouthwatering local and international dishes which are prepared by experienced chefs, the restaurant also features a terrace where you can eat from thus getting scenic panoramic views of river Nile. Dinning out door is an unforgettable experience in Chobe safari lodge as you are offered barbecues and traditional dances.

Swimming pool

Chobe safari lodge has a unique beautiful large swimming pool available for the relaxation of visitor, the pool consists of 3 separate tiers from which you get spectacular views of river Nile. The swimming pool also has a bar adjust to it which offer cocktails and soft drinks.

Gym and health spa

Chobe safari lodge caters for the health and physical fitness of its visitors that is why it has gym and spa available.

Activities offered by Chobe safari lodge

Chobe safari lodge offers safari activities to tourists such as Bush breakfast, Fishing, Safari drive, Nature walks and Visiting the falls.

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