Cycling in Bwindi National Park  : Bwindi impenetrable is a large primeval forest located in south western Uganda in the kanungu District. The Bwindi impenetrable forest is on the edge of the Albertine Rift. The western branch of the East African Rift at elevations ranging from 1,160 to 2607 meters.

The park is inhabited by about 456 individual mountain gorillas as per last 2019 census (Gorilla Beringer Beringeri) known as the Bwindi population, which makes up almost half of the mountain gorillas in the world. Bwindi Impenetrable is also inhabited by animals like elephants ,duikers Buffaloes ,golden cats , bush pigs etc.

Bwindi impenetrable was gazetted in 1991 mainly to conserve and protect the endangered mountain gorillas and in 1994 it was declared in UNESCO world Heritage site due to its  distributed nature and you I would wildlife species .

In addition Bwindi is one of the most ancient and very biological varied rainforests in Uganda that dates back to more than 25000 years compromising of about 400 varied plant species.

Cycling in Bwindi National Park
Cycling in Bwindi National Park


Cycling is a sport or activity of riding a bicycle. Cycling can also be called bicycling or biking. Cycling can also help protect you from serious diseases such as stroke ,heart attack, some cancers. diabetes etc. Mountain cycling or biking is cranes out in and a round Bwindi impenetrable forest and it’s offered by a women Organization  called Rude  for women organization. Therefore through your renting of a bike you will be supporting.  The local community and as well as women part of the organization .

In Buhoma area of Bwindi forest visitors have the chance to explore the park by mountain bike there is a 13km trail leading cyclists around the forest to the shores of the Lvi river .the trail takes around 6-7 hours including time to stop and soak in the incredible scenery and admire wildlife.

Cycling groups in Bwindi.

Ride For A woman.

Empowering the women of Bwindi, Uganda .Mwebesa House offers eight comfortable en-suite rooms in the heart of Buhoma and gorilla trekking in the forest.

Bwindi Women Bicycle Project.

This is a local women empowerment project based in Bwindi Uganda . They assemble, sell and organize cycling trips.

Despite the presence of other animals in the park, Bwindi is mainly famous for Mountain gorillas and gorilla trekking. Gorilla trekking is the hiking up of the mountains and navigating through the jungles in search of a band of gorillas and spending specific time with them. Since the park holds more than half of the entire population the probability of gaining access to a gorilla family is higher in Bwindi than in any other park that offers trekking services. Gorilla Trekking is carried out all year even when the dry season remains the most favorable for a maximum experience. Ahead of the trekking, one must obtain a trekking permit which is issued by the Uganda Wildlife Authority to only people above the age of 15.

Cycling in Bwindi National Park
Cycling in Bwindi National Park

Outside of The Bwindi Impenetrable National Park in Uganda, aspects of the project support entrepreneurial efforts for the Buhoma women. Getting yourself to bwindi forest national park is pretty easy, plus it’s open for travellers through out the can either take a bus from Kampala,kisoro to Kabale via kihihi which bridges you to bwindi impenetrable forest taking you something like 7 to 8 hours and then 1 hour from kihihi to bwindi impenetrable forest, a bit so exhausting but worth it in the end or you can simplify your journey by taking a flight right from Entebbe airport facilitated by Aero link domestic flight operators hosting daily flights to kisoro and kihihi 3 times a can either choose to book a scheduled or chartered flight depending on your interest and budget giving the shortest time saving flight compared to using the road transport.

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