Essentials to pack for a typical Ugandan safari

Uganda is a spectacular tourist destination with numerous tourist destinations such as river Nile the longest river in the world, Lake Victoria, Rwenzori mountain the so called mountains of the moon, Murchison falls and many more. While on your safari in Uganda are sure of having the best safari experience by visiting national parks like Murchison falls national park, kidepo national park for amazing game drive safari, Bwindi impenetrable national park and mgahinga national park for the extra ordinary mountain gorilla trekking safari and many more other parks.

Though various destinations in Uganda offer the best safari experience, the essentials you carried with you on a safari in Uganda greatly determines the experience you are to get. This article is to help you know the rightful things to pack for your safari in Uganda and these include

Friendly clothing

Carrying the right clothing will not only make you feel comfortable but will also make your safari more adventurous and entertaining, to any destination you are to visit it is very important to choose the appropriate clothing according to the culture of the people living in that very destination and this also applies to Uganda a tourist destination. Another thing to put in mind when packing for a safari to Uganda is the weather and the vegetation cover in the area you are to tour, most of the destinations in Uganda are situated in areas which receive rainfall through the year with few dry periods which is very important to carry rain jackets, sweaters, water proof bag backs and hats, some destinations mostly those situated in north and north western Uganda receive a lot of sun shine meaning they are hot thus carrying items like light clothes, hats and sun glasses is very important. For the perspective of animals’ well-being, it is important to carry clothing of dull colors such as olive green, brown, khaki, black, grey. The essence of carrying dull colors is that bright colors like green, yellow, black tend to attract mosquitoes, tsetse flies and also they scare animals. Other clothing items to add on your packing list include long trousers, gloves, socks, long sleeved shirts, the purpose of these clothes is to prevent you from insect bites and scratches from plants.

Essentials to pack for a typical Uganda safari

Well fitted shoes

A pair of well-fitting shoes are very important on a safari, most of safari activities like hiking, mountain gorilla trekking, nature walks, chimpanzee tracking requires to walk on foot which calls for a need for a comfortable well-fitted pair of shoe. For hiking, mountain gorilla trekking and activity involving climbing hills and mountains you need strong light hiking boots which will help you navigate through slippery terrain of the parks, for evening community visits and relaxation at the end of the safari you can opt for more comfortable pair of shoes like slippers, open shoes,

Sun protector and insect repellents

Like most of other destinations, while on a safari in Uganda insect b9iyes and scotching sunlight is very much unavoidable. Uganda is a tropical country situated too close the equator meaning it receives a lot of sun shine which you are bound to encounter on activities like game drive, community visits that is why it is crucial to carry sun protector lotion. Sun protection lotion will save you from direct

Gadgets and equipment

Gadgets are every important on a safari as they are a form of communication, used to capture memories and make game viewing easy. Gadgets to carry on a safari include.


A camera is a top gadget to carry on a safari, as it is said memories are best kept in pictures and videos, a safari in Uganda offers many amazing moments which are worth to be kept in archives such as being in presence of mountain gorillas, the stunning sunset, Murchison falls and many more which requires a good camera to capture these best moments

Note: when taking pictures most especially in presence of animals like mountain gorillas, make sure your flash light is off as it scares and irritates the animals.


Binoculars are very important on a safari in Uganda, while on a safari like birding and game drive getting to close to wildlife and birds scares them away which makes binoculars important. They help you watch the animals and other attraction from a distance. With binoculars you do not need to get close to the animals to enjoy seeing them.

Extra batteries and large storage cards

A safari in Uganda is adventurous and entertaining and when it comes to capturing pictures you may find yourself taking more than enough pictures that is why you need extra batteries and enough storage card to last you through the safari.

Communication gadgets

Communication gadgets are important on the safari in Uganda as they facilitate your communication with your fellows and also help you in navigating Uganda using google map, communication gadgets include computers that is laptops, iPads, tablets and smart phones.


Cleanliness is a vital aspect while on a safari and toiletries are part of it, as a tourist we tend to be comfortable with the items provided by the lodge such as bathing soap, toilet papers, tooth pastes, shower caps which is not the same take to other tourists. Some tourists most especially luxury tourists prefer using particular brands of products partly because of their preference and some because they are allergic to certain products, that is why as a tourist to be on a safer side carrying your own toiletries is a best choice.

Bag pack

A bag pack is very important on a safari, having your items like clothes, body lotions, shoes and equipment is very important to prevent your things to get lost while on the safari that is why it is important to carry a spacious bag for your safari in Uganda. There is a variety of bag pack types on the markets, as a tourist it is vital to buy a waterproof bag since in Uganda rain is expected every minute of the day. Also you have to buy a bag with a reasonable space to help you pack your things with ease.

First aid medical kit

A first aid medical kit is very important while on your safari in Uganda, accidents are very common and hard to avoid while on a safari. Talking about accidents on a safari, minor scratches from thorny leaves and grasses, minor wounds from falls on slippery grounds and malaria is very common from mosquito bites, diarrhoea, stomach and headaches are very prone to tourists. In your first aid medical kit must include things like bandages, cotton, painkillers, prescribed tablets from your doctor and many more medication. The importance of the first aid kit is to assist you in case of an emergency.

Valid travel documents

 As a tourists traveling to Uganda for a safari it is important to be in possession of valid travel documents necessary for your safari such as yellow fever vaccination card, a safari itinerary detailing your safari, passport, a visa that is a tourist visa and credit cards if possible. Valid documents will allow you to safely be on the safari without facing the bad side of the law or fines in case your visa expires.

 A safari in Uganda is a very entertaining retreat you can offer yourself and in Uganda you get to participate in activities like game drives, mountain gorilla trekking, chimpanzee tracking, nature walks, boat cruises, hiking, mountain climbing, city tours, cultural tours and many more. Touring Uganda is a good experience but with achieve global safaris a safari company you are sure to get the best experience, send your safari enquiry to to book your safari.

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