Facts About Chimpanzees : Achieve global safari has it that in Uganda some of the most attractive wildlife are the great primate and these comprise of the mountain gorillas and the chimpanzee. Chimpanzees are some of the most sought for wildlife in Uganda and most of the visitors come to have more knowledge about these lovely primates and in this article Uganda safari brings to you some of the facts about these endangered wildlife.

True facts about chimpanzees are quit so very many and these primates have been read about and highly studied about and it was discovered that these species are equivalent to human.

Never the less there are facts one has to know about these primates before you consider to have a Uganda safari to sight or track them chimpanzee are well renowned primates.

Chimpanzees fall among the hominies family as well as gorillas, but chimpanzees are the only primates that are closest to the Homo sapiens, humans with a DNA sharing of about 98% as that of human.

Chimpanzees are simply adapted to the thick tropical forests in the entire world and some of these thick forests are found in Uganda and some other east African countries and these forests in Uganda include; Kibale national park forest and kyambura gorge which is located in Queen Elizabeth national park.

Chimpanzees used to be very many worldwide but now they are in less than 15 countries, and luckily Uganda is one of these countries that act as habitant to these endangered primates.

And to start off with the facts about chimpanzee the number one fact is that us and chimpanzee share 98 Percent of the Same DNA with Chimpanzees, Organically, we are much more closely related to chimpanzees.

And as of this fact chimpanzees have been able to pick up American Sign Language (ASL) to communicate with caretakers, and is evidenced by one of the most chimpanzees in the world named Washoe which was known to be the first non-human to learn to communicate via ASL and was able to do more than 350 signs.

Secondly, chimpanzees utilize self-made tools in order to feed and protect themselves, the use of small branches to dig up insects from mounds to smashing rocks to crack open nut all these show how intelligent these primates are.

They are happy to eat most foods but they tend to eat more fruit than any other food groups which simply tells us that these species are omnivore’s chimpanzee’s diet consists of lots of things from seeds, leaves, insects, honey and even roots. However sometimes chimpanzees are recorded to hunt other wildlife like monkeys or small antelope for meat.

Chimpanzee family structures are so amusing as well chimpanzee live in fission-fusion societies identifying the size and composition changes over time that breaks off in smaller, most times substitutable groups family groups can develop as large as 20-120 folks and can have strict pyramids, with just one leading alpha male at the head.

Chimpanzee mode of movement is no were common to that of the gorillas, chimpanzee  get around by climbing and swinging from tree to tree unlike gorillas, chimpanzees most times walk on all fours, otherwise known as knuckle-walking, but have been recorded to walk on two feet on the rare occasion.

Hearing our retirees laugh will instantly brighten the day this is one of the sounds these endangered species and it is so thrilling, a chimpanzee’s laugh is wheezy and can be subtle or loud depending on the singular. Not every chimpanzee laughs every time they play, which makes it all the more special to listen to.

Onto to the other leg chimpanzee warn Their Friends of Danger chimpanzees have each other’s backs all the time known for warning their friends based on the information they perceive that the other chimps have about the threat. Chimpanzee make alarming vocalizations and gaze at a threat then back at their group till all chimpanzees take notice

Well to sight the other side of the facts it’s well-known that chimpanzees are currently an Endangered Species therefore Uganda Conservation of Nature has declared the chimpanzee an endangered species as of the increasing human activities such as logging, mining, oil extraction and highway projects, the natural habitats of chimpanzees have significantly degraded and impacted. Hence making the tracking of chimpanzees so strict in Uganda so one to carry out the chimpanzee tracking activity they needs to have a legal document to carry out the safari activity.

the protection put over to the chimpanzees conservation takes use to the fact that chimpanzees can live up to their 80s the average life expectancy for captive chimpanzee is around 38 years old.

Chimpanzee lifespan in the wild is a bit more difficult to record but one research has found chimps living at Ngogo in Uganda’s Kibale National Park to have an average life expectancy of 33 years and this is due to the strict laws set up to have the endangered species safe.

Just as the life span stands in the reproductions of chimpanzees come in as Uganda safaris fact for you to consider most chimpanzee pregnancies typically carry only one child fact wise chimpanzees will cling on to its mother’s furs and ride on her back until the age of three to five, resulting in a close familial bond even after reaching maturity.

Lastly, Chimpanzees are purposeful pointers if you’ve ever pointed a finger to identify something you want, you are a purposeful pointer! Chimpanzees also lay into this classification. Chimpanzees are proficient of pointing to an object they want to let someone know that they want it.

And after getting to know all these then you are ready to have your Achieve global safari to Uganda and get to achieve your entire chimpanzee tracking safari activity in Uganda with no barriers in this activity.

Be in the position to enjoy your summer with Achieve global safaris as you make your chimpanzee tracking for this season through Uganda safari and avoid all the stress that come with the preparations.

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