Famous monuments in Uganda

Famous monuments in Uganda: Uganda is a country which is full of both sad and happy past historical events, like fellow other nations the best way to celebrates historical moments and keeping the significance of such events is by establishing monuments to commemorate such events. As the saying goes like historical can only be told to the future generation through monuments, Monuments are very important as they are used for memorial purposes, educational and tourism purposes.

This article enlists important monuments which can be visited while on a safari in Uganda

Independence monument

The independence monument is the most significant monument in Uganda, this monument is located along Speke road in Kampala the capital city of Uganda just opposite standard chartered bank and near Sheraton hotel’s gardens. Independence monument is very significant to Uganda’s heritage and past events, it depicts the most memorable event in Uganda’s political world that when Uganda was granted independence by the British colonial administrators. Uganda received independence on 9th October 1962 and to commemorate as an important moment the independence monument was constructed, the constructed of the monument was done in the days leading to the independence and was funded by the British colonial government.

The structure of this monument depicts a man unwrapping his child and raising it (the kid) to touch the sky meaning a new born country which has just been let free from the bondage of colonial rule, the independence monument was built and put by Gregory Maloba.

Famous monuments in Uganda
Independence monument

Sir Edward Mutesa 1 monument

Sir Edward Mutesa 1 monument is another important monument to Uganda and Buganda kingdom, this monument erected by the Mutesa 1 foundation is among the expensive monument in Uganda. Edward Mutesa 1 monument was erected to commemorate sir Edward Mutesa Frederick William David Walugembe Mutebi Luwangula1 and also to appreciate him for his extreme efforts towards the independence struggle. Sir Edward Mutesa was the 35th king (kabaka) of Buganda and the first president of Uganda, Mutesa died in United Kingdom after being forced into exile by his prime minster Milton obote who took over his presidential seat after attacking the kabaka’s palace in 1966.

Sir Edward Mutesa 1 monument was modelled by international Chinese artistes a Chinese firm, this statue portrays sir Edward Mutesa 1 as a fighter in a military fatigue while holding a machete in his right hand. This monument is situated junction of Speke road and Nile Avenue overlooking the independence monument near grand imperial hotel, the monument was officially launched and unveiled by president yoweri kaguta Museveni the current president of Uganda.

Sir Edward Mutesa 1 monument is portrays him as a fighter as he was molded in a military fatigue holding a machete in his right hand.

Famous monuments in Uganda
Sir Edward Mutesa 1 monument

World War Memorial Monument

World war memorial monument is one the oldest monuments in Kampala, this statue was built under the funding of British colonial government in 1945. World war memorial monument is situated on Kampala road next to Kampala central police station, it was built purposely to commemorate Ugandan fighters who lost their lives in the Second World War while fighting on the behalf of the British government.

World war memorial monument is printed on the back of five thousand shillings note (5,000)


Famous monuments in Uganda
World War Memorial Monument

The centenary monument

The centenary monument is situated along Jinja road in Kampala in Centenary Park few meters from hotel Africana, this statue was designed by a Makerere university artist Sylvia katende. This monument stretching up to 6 feet was built in commemoration of Kampala city council’s centenary celebration mark as one of the Famous monuments in Uganda.

The Statue of Leadership

The statue of leadership is a 7 feet monument situated in front of Amber house on Kampala road, this statue was built to commemorate the introduction of electricity in Kampala city. This monument was built with funding from national water and electricity body and was officially uncovered in 2002 by honorable Saida Bbumba, the statue features Sir Apollo kaggwa the then prime minister of Buganda kingdom in the period of 1890-1926. Sir Apollo kaggwa is very celebrated in Buganda kingdom and Uganda at a large as he advocated for the extension of electricity and purifying of water in the areas of Buganda kingdom, though his work was greatly criticized by many Baganda tribal people and later they have come to appreciate his vision.

The stride monument

The stride monument is currently the most expensive monument in Kampala and Uganda costing 150 million Uganda shillings, this artistic statue is located amidst Kampala Serena hotel and the parliamentary gardens. The stride monument was erected to commemorate the 2007 CHOGM event, the statue bears a father, mother and a son aluminum assemblage moving forward depicting togetherness of common wealth states like one family developing together. The erecting of the monument was led by a team of 11 professional sculptors lead professor George Kyeyune.

 Education monuments

Prominent education institutions like universities, colleges have attractive monuments which depicts there vision, motto and also to mark important events in the history of the school. These monuments do not only serve educational and memorial purposes but they also attract tourists who are interested in learning more about the  numerous fascinating story and events behind the monuments.

Kyambogo University and Makerere University are the most prominent universities in Uganda and they hosts meaningful educations monuments.

Makerere University

Makerere University host a monument titled hatching a new generation, the monument is situated in front the college of natural science. The hatching a new generation monument portrays a new dawn in Uganda’s academic world with rising of numerous institutions under the example of Makerere University a fully established institution.

Kyambogo University

Education monument in Kyambogo University was sculpted in an image of three struggling to touch a book, this monument was built as commemoration of 100 years of education sector in Uganda and was unveiled by kintu Musoke in 1996.

The above mentioned monuments are very vital to Uganda as a national as they depict different meaningful occasions and tell many historical stories.

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