Game Drives in Amboseli National Park; Game drive is the most astonishing experience on an African Safari and when it comes to do it in Amboseli National Park is truly off beaten activity which can be explored in an open savannah grass land, acacia trees on off road safari vehicle with open proof guided armed guide holding a caller radio for easy navigation of animal location within the park. However, Amboseli is Kenya’s second popular tourist destination, due to its diverse herds of elephants and gainful view of majestic Mount Kilimanjaro across Tanzania borders.

More so, the great observation of hills around the park one of the major tourist attractions in here, also offers clear panoramic view of the peak and park’s plains and swamps such as Enkongo Narok which lies underground from the mountain top and provides a beautiful emerald sash beneath. Along this mountain tops you get to enjoy nature beauty of the park through sight-seeing. More still, around the swamp you can see high concentration of animals during the dry season has they gather around the water banks to quench for thirsty and the experience is rewarding. These swamps are permanent enough to keep hippos in Amboseli National Park all year round.

More fact, Amboseli National Park is a home of wide population of herds of elephants, buffalos and bird life species which can be easily spotted along Lake Kioko and Lake Amboseli, lions are rare and cheetahs are easily seen on game drive in the woods a little further south, giraffes can easily be spotted in acacia tree. Along the game drive in Amboseli you can be able to spot the rapier horned fringe eared Oryx antelope and the gerenuk which like stretching their long necks up to forage in the tree. The park also offers an ideal zebra’s point of view where you can stand and have a great tracking of zebras, wildebeest species, the predators such as lions which usually ends up with the less fleet footed with solitary wildebeest animals.

Despite that, Game drive safari in Amboseli National which offers you high chance of exploring the Big four mammals out of the Big 5, they are inhabitant of open plains, acacia tree and such animals includes; lions, buffaloes, elephant, leopard, zebras, cheetahs, gerenuk, servals cats, aardwolf, spotted hyenas, duikers as well as variety of bird species which can be spotted within park’s forest trails. If time allows you while on game drive on Amboseli, you can drive to the western part of the park which is dominated by vast Lake Amboseli which gets dry outside rainy season.

More fact, Amboseli National Park is renown as the second famous safari destination on Kenya Safaris, located in the South Eastern part of Kenya in Kajiado district. The part sits on area covering around 392 square kilometers of its low land and was created in 1974 as a national park under the protection of Kenya Wildlife Service.

The park estimates 240 kilometer s by Road from Nairobi the main city of Kenya to main destination .More to that, tourists prefer visiting the Amboseli because of being home to African big  cat  such as elephants ,lions ,buffaloes ,leopards  ,water species like  hippos ,crocodiles and its also a birders paradise with over 400 bird species which can  be spotted around the peacock ,common redshank ,Vonder Dicken’s horn bills ,African swamp hen ,Pangani long claw ,Spike-heeled heron ,Long toed lap claw, Greater flamingo many more .

Game Drives in Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park

Amboseli National Park sound as one of the best top safari destinations that hosts a wide number of elephant species which can make your game drive safari more worth. Well, game drive in Amboseli can be much adventured in open plains, acacia woodland, marsh land and dry areas hence giving you a clear photography of species for your future remembrance.

Game drive is best enjoyed in morning hours when the sun hasn’t set out. Although morning hours is the best time to see the cats of the park like lions ,leopard while on hunt  as well as spotted hyenas and other animals.  Even in the late evening hours are great time to view a range of animals starts at 2pm to 6:30pm. If can choose to go for the night game drive which starts at 6pm to 8pm, which is also awesome experience of nocturnal animals within the park. Note; All the sessions provide wonderful animal viewing but tourists are recommended to always go with armed guide.

Visitors can enjoy animal viewing while seated along the observation hills that offers a rewardable viewing of animals and endless of the park.

What to carry with on Amboseli Game Safari?

They include; energy giving snacks, cameras, sun screen glasses, hats, Insect repents among others.

Where to stay on your Amboseli game drive safari?

Amboseli National Park a second sounding visited safari destination on Kenya Wildlife Safaris, stuns with range of perfect and comfortable of lodges and camps that ranges from Luxury, Mid-range and Budget and they all have excellent amenities that attracts visitor’s mind such as; Kibo Safari Camp, Amboseli Kimana camp, Amboseli Sopa lodge, Tortilis Camp, Tawi lodge among others.

What is the best to go for game drive in Amboseli National Park:

Game drive in Amboseli National Park is good all year around but the best time to enjoy it without destruction of heavy rains is dry season which starts from June to October and December to February.


From Nairobi – Kenya’s capital city, it takes 4 hours drive while using Namanga road.

Another option, you can decide to fly with a domestic flight which lasts 30minutes to land to Amboseli Airstrip.

Get started now and be part of one of Africa’s best done safari activities that will leave you with unforgettable experience of viewing wide range of elephants on African land.

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