Getting a Gorilla Permit in Rwanda

Getting a Gorilla Permit in Rwanda is a simple process that will require you to follow certain criteria before you are accepted to trek gorillas in Rwanda. Rwanda is one of those big countries that have got one of these amazing creatures of the wilderness. Volcanoes national park is well known for its gorillas that it has in its premises. Visiting and being part of these gorillas and knowing more about their lives is highly welcome. One willing to go in for the activity must follow some rules, but the most important issue that will show you that your gorilla safari in Rwanda is going be successful and interesting is by one getting a gorilla permit in Rwanda. This will be your number one big forward step on your Rwanda gorilla trekking safari.

As you are planning to go for gorilla trekking in Rwanda, in volcanoes national park, it is very necessary to book for your gorilla permit before you hit your safari and avoid all the delays on your  gorilla adventure, such that your fun is not interrupted and also make all your memories with the Rwanda gorillas in their natural habitat distorted. Getting your self a gorilla permit can be done through many and different options.

Contact Rwanda Development Board since this is the governing board of tourism in Rwanda and it is concerned with the smooth running of all tourism activities in Rwanda. One can get in touch with them and gives them his or her order by contacting the headquarter offices either through their email or through their telephone contact.  Your gorilla permit is more important for your gorilla safari in Rwanda.

The Rwandan gorilla permit costs $1500 for all people that are willing to go for the activity of gorilla trekking in Volcanoes National Park be it nonresidents, East Africa residents, East Africa citizens, Rwanda residents, and also Rwanda citizens.

But still, a thirty percent discount is being offered for the gorilla permits if one is going to also visit other national parks in Rwanda including visiting Akagera National Park and Nyungwe National park

The other way through which one can obtain him or her self a gorilla permit is by one sending a request through a travel agency who is under the Rwanda Association of tour operators who will book for your permit  

It is more advisable to book your gorilla permit earlier three months in advance since the permits are scarce and a few people are allowed to trek the mountain Gorillas. Volcanoes national park is a home of more than ten mountain gorilla families that are ready for a gorilla trekking adventure.

The Rwanda Development Board intends to fund back the fifty percent to the visitors that tend to show any sign of sickness, and the visitors that are sick are not allowed to go in for gorilla trekking for they make the gorillas sick, since gorillas share 98% DNA  with humans and all the visitors that are willing to go for gorilla trekking should know that trekking in Rwanda takes only one hour.

Getting a gorilla permit in Rwanda
Getting a gorilla permit in Rwanda

Getting a Gorilla permit in Rwanda will provide you with all the access that you need to see and discover all you can about your favorite wildlife one different creatures and these are the gorillas. Getting a gorilla permit in Rwanda will require you the passport details of the tracker which will be required to be sent to the Rwanda Development Board and this is done to enable the writing out of your gorilla permit. You’re required to send the correct names and the passport number, and it should also be noted that you should be above the age of 15 years to successfully obtain a gorilla permit in Rwanda.

Getting a gorilla permit in Rwanda will greatly bring you to the gorillas of the world, since mountain gorillas and tourism are linked together, and a good tourist must have heard an experience with the great gorillas of Rwanda. Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda has played its part in preserving the gorillas for you to come and have an encounter with them.

The Rwanda Development Board increased the cost of gorilla permits from its original price of $750 to $1500 for each individual for your one-hour observation of gorillas in the great and magnificent national park of Volcanoes national park. Getting a gorilla permit in Rwanda, you need to plan and book ahead of time.

Only 8 people will be allowed to trek the ten mountain Gorilla families, that’s a total of 80 permits for a single day.

Secure a gorilla permit on time, especially during the high seasons/dry seasons of December which run from March and June to September during these seasons. The park receives a high number of trekkers in the park and during this season the weather is favorable and not slippery as such. But in wet season and low season of the months of April-May and November.

Volcanoes National park is located in the northwestern part of Rwanda, covering an area of 160km2 of the rainforest, the park has 5 of eight Volcanoes in Virunga Mountains the volcanoes include Gahinga, Sabyinyo, Muhabura, Bisoke, and Karisimbi.

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