Gorilla trekking for Disabled : In search for the peaceful Trips, most disabled first-rate to undertake less tireless jaunts like cruise holidays, game drives and simply soothing at private Islands. This is perhaps for the reason that such deeds aren’t physically difficult, in calculation to donation reducing as well as fun. It will astonish you that disabled ones can basically pleasure gorilla trekking escapades in Uganda.

As it is well known that gorilla trekking in most cases is one of the most difficult activities done in Uganda due to the fact that that these vanishing animals are mostly found in higher altitudes of thick tropical forests in Uganda, and this converts so hard for the disabled to engage in due to the infirmities they may have. But Uganda safaris have a explanation to this due to its great abilities of managing and well trained guides.

Being disabled occasionally seems as if there is a lot one cannot do due to the disability but no, Uganda safaris says that disability has never been an inner ability therefore one with a disability can as well do and carry out gorilla trekking with the help of Uganda safari and its well-trained guides through the following tactics.

Tactics used for gorilla trekking for disabled

Hiring a porter

One of the ways to make gorilla trekking for incapacitated more optimistic is by hiring porters, who will be obliging in resonant their backpack or donation of a hand while walking finished the jungles. Most of these porters are reformed poachers who are trying to find another source of income beyond hunting wildlife. Besides, they are born and raised within villages around the Scarce Areas from now accustomed with the Park’s topographies and making your rambling involvement easier as well as more unforgettable for the disabled.

Tracking nearer

As we know that mountain gorillas are some of the rarest animals and that they reside in faraway places of the jungles and most especially in the rainforests of Uganda, with think forests and high trekking trails therefore tracking near is one of the best things that can be done in position of making trekking easier and more fun for the disabled and in addition having the easiest family of gorillas to trek is more fun and more helpful for them to have a better trek.

Gorilla trekking for Disabled
Gorilla trekking for Disabled

Reducing drive time

gorilla trekking in most cases takes long period drives that are typically so tiring and so multifaceted for a person who cannot easily support themselves alone, It’s dense to picture a disabled sitting for that long time and to make his/her gorilla trekking tour more outstanding, Uganda safaris always indorses bush flights that take only one and a half hours in most suitcases to reach the terminuses. These interior journeys are luxurious but appreciated for the reason that they save incapacitated voyagers the tension of sitting virtually a full day trying to link to the Endangered Areas.

Booking convenient accommodation

As it is with driving period bordered by the Airport and National Parks, it is always sensible to book lodging facilities that aren’t exact far from the Park Headquarters. Gorilla trekking for the disabled is more memorable when they stay at Safari Lodges close to the Park Headquarters.

Tracking with sedan chairs

Even after protection an easier-to-track gorilla family, you might want to hire a sedan chair since it is not always an assurance that the gorillas won’t move deeper into the forest. A sedan chair could go for about $350 to $400 per person per trek and is lifted by four able-bodied porters. With this, you won’t be anxious about mountaineering steep slopes, walking through dense vegetation, and hopping over and done with watercourses on your own.

Packing list for gorilla trekking

a proper packing list matters for one who is planning to have a this kind of trek for you safety and well-being as you enjoy your trek in Uganda and Uganda safari has listed some of the things you may need for this trek.

Hiking boots/shoes

Closed, light and waterproof hiking shoes or boots should be number one on your gorilla trekking packing list. These shoes ease your movements in the muddy slippery and at times wet forest grounds of Bwindi Forest, Mgahinga, Volcanoes and Virunga National Parks.

Garden Gloves

Ensure to pack garden gloves to protect your hands. Gorilla trekking involves holding onto the tree branches for support, and at times touching the ground when it becomes too steep / slippery. You therefore need garden gloves to keep your hands

Safe from thorny, itching bushes, and dirty grounds with germs hence keeping you clean

Rain jackets/gears

A rain jacket is a not miss on your gorilla trekking packing list.  This helps you to deal with the unpredictable forest rains, which can fall anytime regardless of the season. Mountain gorillas live in forested areas, which receive rainfall all times of the year. However, your rain jacket should be light and easy to carry.  Fortunately, Africa has good climate where sunshine sets in immediately after rain. You can never miss your gorilla trek due to rainfall.

Long sleeved shirts/blouse

Long sleeved shirts/blouse protects your rams from scratches by thorny bushes and rough vegetation. Also, long sleeves keep your warm throughout the trek. Mountain gorillas live in deep forest, which are cold most times. Avoid armless blouses when going for a gorilla trek in Uganda.

Bottled drinking water

You need enough drinking water when going for a gorilla trekking safari. The experience involves use of energy associated with panting and sweating which makes you lose waters. Therefore ensure to carry enou8gh drinking water to keep you hydrated.

Energy giving snacks

Also, remember to carry energy-giving snacks to keep you strong throughput the gorilla trekking session. At times, gorilla trekking takes longer than expected which require more energy to keep moving.

Examples of energy giving snacks to pack for gorilla trekking include Bananas, apples and an egg. Your lodge must give you packed lunch when going for a gorilla trek.

Insect repellents

You need an insect repellants to protect yourself from insect bites, which can be poisonous. Apply the repellent at the start of the trek and you will be safe to go. Mountain gorillas live in forests, which shelter many insects such as mosquitoes that can transit diseases to you if you preventive measures are taken before the trek.

Hat and sunglasses

Endeavor to carry a hat to protect your head from direct sun and also protect your hair from falling tree leaves and droppings. Similarly sunglasses protect your eyes from direct sun and also moving insects, which can enter your eyes

Gorilla trekking for Disabled
Gorilla trekking


Carry toiletries for safety and comfort on your gorilla trekking safari. For ladies carry some sanitary pads for emergencies. Other examples of toiletries to pack for gorilla trekking include Toothpaste, Toothbrush, hairbrush, soap, Dental floss, conditioner, razor blades, and nail clippers among others.


If possible include binoculars in your list. Binoculars help you zoom animals and birds from a far distance.

Cameras and extra batteries

A camera is a must have for anyone goring for gorilla trekking tour. Yes, you need a camera to take as many pictures as possible to take home for remembrance. More so, remember to carry extra batteries in case your camera blacks out in the jungle.

Other things to include:

First aid kit

Long pants which you will tuck into the stockings

Hand sanitizers

Long stockings tucked


Warm jackets and sweaters

With Uganda safaris one is able to have the best trekking experience despite the kind of disability you may have you still enjoy this activity in Uganda.

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