Hot springs in Uganda

Hot springs are one of the fascinating and mind blowing features found in Uganda, it is always intriguing and leaves many individuals wondering how can underground with no fire to give out very hot water. According to local tales our elders used to tell us, the hot springs come into existence as a way gods manifested their power and because of that these hot springs are healing places for many chronical diseases as believed by the locals. Hot springs are very attractive features which are worth to look at, that feeling you get watching hot water sprout out of ground to form a pool of hot water will leave you amazed and this can only be done by visiting Uganda

Hot springs in Uganda
Hot springs in Uganda

Hot springs in Uganda are spread through various regions of Uganda mostly in protected areas/ destinations which you can visit and a sight of these magnificent features, these areas include semuliki national park, Bwindi impenetrable national park, fort portal region, Murchison falls national park and any more. Scientifically hot springs were formed as a result of the emergency of geothermal-heated groundwater from the floor of earth’s crust, when water in the underground rocks gets in contact with heated rocks it also get heated. In the process of being heated up the hot water get pressure and as it flows it is forced to flow to the surface of the earth through the cracks in the rocks thus a formation of hot springs.

The most notable hot springs in Uganda are 7 in number and they include Sempaya hot springs, Buranga hot springs, Rwagimba hot springs, Kitagata hot springs, Amoropii hot springs, Kibiro hot springs and Ihimba hot springs as detailed below.

Sempaya hot springs

Sempaya hot spring are one of the most famous and most visited hot springs in Uganda, Sempaya hot springs are found in western Uganda in semuliki national park. Semuliki national park is a fascinating tourist destination found in Bundibugyo district in the remote Bwamba County and one of the park’s major attraction is Sempaya hot springs which are situated near the south eastern corner of semuliki forest in a swamp lush.

Sempaya hot springs are two distinct hot springs that is the male hot spring and the female hot spring, the male hot spring is called Bintente with a diameter of 12 meters and the female hot spring is called Nyasimbi a local name meaning female ancestors. These two hot springs are situated at a distance from each other, the female Nyasimbi hot springs spurts hot boiling water of 103 degrees Celsius at a distance of 2 meters above the ground which is fantastic view to look at and take pictures as there is a vapor cloud created around the hot springs.

Hot springs in Uganda
Hot springs in Uganda

Waters of the hot springs are used by the locals to cure disease like ring worms, disability, malaria, cough as they believe the waters possess a natural remedy and have a spiritual and superstitious connection to their healing goods. The female hot spring is mostly visited by women in their quest to break and cue infertility curses by seeking blessings from Nyasimbi a female ancestor by bathing and drinking water from the hot spring, locals also use the hot spring’s hot water to cook simple food stuff like eggs, potatoes cassava while easily heat up from the hot water pools around the hot spring.

Buranga hot springs

Buranga hot springs are a spectacular feature to look at situated in Bundibugyo district at the base of Bwamba Escarpment near Rwenzori Mountain and can easily be visited while on your Uganda safari to mountain Rwenzori national part and the mountain and kibale national park. Buranga hot springs are a set of three hot springs which are situated in a workable distance of 700 meters from each other, these hot springs are

Hot springs in Uganda
Buranga hot springs

                Mumbuga hot springs: these are a group of female hot springs in area of 60X40 meters, these hot springs flow at a rate of 6.5 meters per second thus being the faster flowing hot spring than other hot springs. The notable hot spring in the group stands at a height of 1.5 meters and has travertine cone with terraces.

                Kagoro hot springs: this group of hot springs are found in the southern most side of the area covering an area of 50X50 meters surrounded by thick rain forest trees, Kagoro hot springs comprises of large travertine cones of 1.5 meters high with Sulphur deposits. Waters of this hot spring boil at a temperature of 60-91 degrees Celsius.

                Nyansimbe hot springs: these hot springs are also referred to as the male pool, the pool has a depth of 5 meter, a diameter of 30 meters flowing at a rate of 15 liters per second and temperature of 86 degrees Celsius. Nyansimbe hot springs’ pool has crystal clear water and carbonate cones.

Kitagata hot springs

Kitagata hot springs are found in western Uganda in Sheema district in Sheema County along Ishaka-Kagamba road, Kitagata hot springs are two in number situated opposite to each other. Each of these two springs has a significant roles with specific names, one hot spring called Ekyomugabe is a historical hot spring as it was usually visited by Omugabe “king of Ankole”, the second hot spring is called Mulago deriving its name from Uganda’s largest national referral hospital as it is believed to possess healing powers.

Kitagata hot springs are situated in area of 50 square kilometers with hot waters heating up to 80 degrees Celsius, Kitagata hot springs area is dotted with small both grass thatched and iron roofed houses which are purposely rented for patients and people who need to rest. Kitagata hot springs forms a pool of hot water which is flocked with semi-nude men and women who come for a hot bath purposely to cure various activities like stomach aches, skin diseases and many more.

Rwagimba hot springs

Rwagimba hot springs are found in western Uganda in kabarole district in kibiito Sub County, Rwagimba hot springs are found on river Rwimi which creates a boundary between kabarole and kasese district. This hot spring is more than a spectacular feature, it is importance to the tooro kingdom and people as it was used as a rejuvenating spot for the tooro omukama (king) who used to visit it occasionally. Today the hot springs’ pool water is sauna for many people who stay hours in its waters with intentions of healing sicknesses.

Amoropii hot springs

Amoropii hot springs is found in northern region of Uganda in Nebbi district near famous Panyimur fishing village, the hot springs derives its name from Alur language that is Amoro meaning hot and pii meaning water. Amoropii hot springs are traditionally significant to the Alur group of traditional people, the hot springs are believed to possess healing powers and miracles for example barren women get pregnant by taking a bath in the waters, also those who need to get a fairer and tender skin. Every after 6 months traditional practices are carried out at these hot springs including slaughtering a big sheep for the gods of Amoropii.

Amoropii hot springs forms a small pool of water measuring to 2 meters in diameter, these waters contain many minerals such as calcium sulphate, magnesium chloride, calcium phosphate, sodium chloride, lithium sulphate, potassium chloride and many more.

Note: to visit these hot springs you need to get a permission first because illegal visits leads to snake bits.

Kibiro hot springs

Kibiro hot springs are very magnificent and beautiful hot springs though least known and visited hot springs in Uganda which is blamed to its remote location, these hot springs are situated in Kibiro fishing village (kigorobya sub country) in Hoima district and 35 kilometers from Hoima town.

Kibiro hot springs form a beautiful pool of hot water boiling at the temperature of 100 degrees Celsius, in this pool of water many food stuff such as cassava, potatoes, and bananas are boiled in this hot water. Though Kibiro hot springs is a remote area it can easily be visited while on your safari from Murchison falls national park to kibale forest national park.

Ihimba hot springs

Ihimba hot springs are found in western Uganda in kabale south of kabiulil along kabiulil-katuna road, Ihimba hot springs are very significant to bahima people who share a long history with hot springs and the springs derive their name from these local people. Like other hot spring, Ihimba is believed to possess healing powers and many people most especially bahima come to the hot spring to get healing from their diseases like backache, rheumatism and many more.

Hot waters of Ihimba hot springs contain chemicals and minerals like potassium chloride, calcium phosphate, calcium chloride and many more.

Visiting these hot springs is a very memorable activity which can be done by sending your safari inquiry at to get your safari prepared by the best safari company in Uganda.

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