How Do Gorillas Survive & Other Facts? How do gorillas survive in their inhabitant; Gorillas have got   different adoptions that help them to survive in their ecosystem–cold climates. You have to learn more of their facts in order to discover the physical adaptions of their hands and feet, their dietary adoptions and on how they defend against predators all is done by visiting their   stopping destinations. In the world mountain gorillas can be seen in three countries that is Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo, with a total of over 1064 individuals. In Uganda mountain gorillas survives in two fame national parks both located in southwestern region Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national park, Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda and Virunga National park in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Below are the   adaption that helps them to survive in their habitats, the fact as follows;.

Great mountain gorillas adopt to cold temperatures in the tropical rainforest they live in and due to their thick and long fur this helps them in regard of cold protecting them from diseases like cold, flu and pneumonia. Their thick hair also helps in protecting them from insect bites since they are forest dwellers.

Gorillas can also survive in their nature inhabit because they are featured with opposable thumbs that help them to gather plants to eat and their large arm muscles for climbing trees, knuckle walking and defense.

However, a gorilla group is led by the silverback who is the dominant male of the group. They have opposable thumbs and toes which adopts them in climbing trees with ease, How Do Gorillas Survive & Other Facts?.

Gorillas have feet which are touch at the bottom that makes it easy to walk on rocks and grass. They also have strong and large arm muscles that helps them in defending themselves against potential threats as well as gather food.

  The thick hair keeps them warm and those gorillas that dwell around the Virunga Mountain Ranges they often drop below freezing.

How Do Gorillas Survive & Other Facts?
Mountain Gorilla

Facts about Gorillas

 Gorillas are the largest living primates that live in central and Eastern Africa. They are unique species which develop social structure and often have emotion similar to the human experience which includes laughter and sadness. Their number is increasing   though they face threats, How Do Gorillas Survive & Other Facts?.

What do Gorillas Eat

Mountain gorillas are herbivorous   that forces them to migrate long distances in search of food.

Gorillas   are vegetarian diet that feed on stems, bamboo shoots and fruits however also feed on termites and ants.

Do Gorilla Live in the Savannah?

Gorillas exclusively live in the tropical rain forests of Africa.

What Habitat Does a Gorilla Live in?

Gorillas live or survive in the lowland tropical rainforest of central Africa although some subspecies like the mountain gorillas live in montane rainforest ‘’1,500 and 3,500 meters and in bamboo forest between 2500 to 3,000 meters.

Where Countries Can You Find Mountain Gorillas in Africa?

Gorillas can be found in Virunga mountains that spans different borders of Uganda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda.

Uganda – mountain gorillas can be explored in montane rainforest of Bwindi and Virunga mountain of Mgahinga Gorilla national park.

Democratic Republic of Congo; In Congo mountain gorillas can be spotted in Virunga National Park or you can visit Kahuzi Biega National park.

Congo Brazzaville’s and Central African Republic.

Which Country Has Most Gorilla?

Uganda has the largest population of mountain gorilla’s addition to that, hosts the half remaining gorillas in the world thus known as a world’s famous Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park. Followed by Rwanda’s Volcanoes national park.

Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park boosts with over 21 habituated gorilla families all already for tourism.

Rwanda’s Volcano National Park hosts 10 habituated gorilla families and each family ranges from 11 to 33 family members,  How Do Gorillas Survive & Other Facts?.

Facts about Mountain Gorillas /What is the Cost of Gorilla Permits;

First of all, the best way to access gorillas in their nature inhabits, trekker must have a valid gorilla trekking permits. Of which we advise our guests to always purchase their permits in advance like three to six months before your time of arrival. This is recommended to every Gorilla Safari Destinations. There are two main activities to do on Gorilla trekking destination; Gorilla trekking and Gorilla habituation experience. But with other activities to encounter in.

Note; Gorilla trekking starts in the morning after your breakfast with a briefing, then after head out in the forest to look for them, the activity may take 30 to 7 hours depending on the location of the assigned gorilla group. Once you allocate the group, one hour is given to spend with them and learn about their social lifestyle and enjoy memorable photography. Gorilla trekking experience is a half day activity done with the help of the park range guide.

How Do Gorillas Survive & Other Facts?
Bwindi Gorillas

Gorilla habituation experience; This is a full day activity where you spend your day in the jungle searching, learning from them and it is an activity that requires to go with your packed lunch boxes and other essential items like comfortable hiking shoes ,sweater insect repellent among others . Gorilla habituation is a process done for over 3 years training mountain gorillas in order to get used to human eye contact and it can be done with the researchers, doctors, park ranger and journalists. Time given once you found them is four hours to spend with them learn about the life facts. Note, Gorilla habituation experience can only be done in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest national park among the three national parks home to mountain gorillas.

What is the Cost of Gorilla Permits?

Gorilla Trekking permits; Uganda gorilla permit cost at USD700 per person per trek for foreign nonresidents, USD600 for foreign residents.

Rwanda Gorilla permits; Is more expensive than Uganda’s prices for the permits ‘’doubles’’. Gorilla permits in Rwanda costs USD1,500 per person per trek for all.

Congo Gorilla permits; Gorilla permits in Congo costs USD400 per person per trek.

Can human beat a gorilla?

Yes, it is very possible for human being to beat a mountain gorilla, but requires you to have strength combined into one person which is even impossible. However, they have been killed by humans through using weapons but there is no record of any human ever killing a mountain gorilla with their bare hands. They are said to be 12 times stronger than an average man.

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