How Many Gorilla Families Are In Uganda? Gorilla trekking in Uganda is one of the top most activities which attract many tourists to travel from all over the parts of the world to trek the endangered mountain gorilla species and this activity can be only conducted in two places in the country such as; Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Bwindi Impenetrable National park which is a home to over 400 mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking is a process where tourists hike through the dense and tropical rain forests while identifying the fresh gorilla droppings with an aim of seeing the mountain gorillas in their natural habitats in the park. more so, the best time  for tourists to travel to Uganda for gorilla trekking is best during the dry season which is between months of June to September and from mid- December to February when there is always less rains and short grass vegetation which enables the trekkers to get a clear view of the endangered mountain gorilla species.

To engage in gorilla trekking activities, you are encouraged to purchase a gorilla trekking permit, which costs a fee of 700 USD per person, which are always asked to represent at the park headquarters before entering the national park. In addition, to obtain this gorilla trekking permit in Uganda, one needs to go directly to the Uganda Wildlife Authority and have a copy of their national identity card or passport. More so, tourists who choose to engage themselves in gorilla trekking should carry along a good pair of hiking boots, a light raincoat just in case it rains, a cap/ hat which protects their face from direct sunshine, sunscreen, snacks or packed food to eat when hungry, bottled water in order to keep hydrated due to the fact it involves hiking and an insect repellant which protects you from insects biting you and prevent you from disease. And also, trekkers are encouraged to encouraged to follow some rules and guidelines during the trekking such as; not to eat or drink while in the presence of the mountain gorillas, limit unnecessary movements while within the park, trekkers are supposed to move in groups with a maximum number of 8 people and maintain a distance of 7 meters while in the presence of the mountain gorillas, trekkers are advised to lower their voices while near or within the national parks. Lastly, they are encouraged to disable the use of flashlights in their phones and cameras while taking pictures and recording videos of the species among others.

 Gorilla families/ Groups in Uganda.

In Uganda, there are many gorilla groups/ families which are always available for tourists to trek for example in Bwindi Impenetrable national park, there 19 habituated gorilla groups which are easily trekked with different sectors like; Nkuringo sector, Buhoma sector, Ruhija sector and the Rushaga sector among others. In addition, these mountain gorilla groups include;

Oruzogo Gorilla family.

The Oruzogo gorilla family is located within Bwindi Impenetrable national park in the Ruhija sector. The Oruzogo group was habituated in December 2009 and later the Uganda Wildlife Authority whose major role is to protect and conserve all the national parks in the country officially introduced it to the public in 2011. The Oruzogo gorilla group is considered as one of the most trekked gorilla groups in this national park and it also has other groups that live within this group such as; the Bitukura which are known best for research purposes and the Kyaguriro among others. This group is led by a dominant silverback named Bakwate and there other members like; Busungu, Mutesi, Kakobe, Nyakiina, Kaganga, Bwoba and Otaka among others. More so, there are also juvenile gorillas such as; Kahura, Kiromba and Karimi and the Oruzogo family also has infant babies like; Buchura, which means being the last-born, and Katooto, which means a little one among others.

Mishaya gorilla family.

Mishaya gorilla found is found in Rushanga sector within Bwindi Impenetrable national park and it is among the 19 habituated gorilla groups that are located within the national park. This gorilla group was formed in 2011 by a silverback named Mishaya after he won the dominate silver back of the Nshogi group. More so, Mishaya was known to be a good leader to many people whereby he was aggressive and took fully responsibility of protecting and defending his family members from the external threats from the unhabituated and the habituated groups. However, today, the Mishaya gorilla group is being led by a Mwiine and this gorilla family consists of four infants like; Rutaro, Mize, Bukunzi and Mwiza.

How Many Gorilla Families Are In Uganda?
Mishaya gorilla family

Mubare Gorilla family.

Mubare gorilla group/ family is located within the Buhoma sector in Bwindi Impenetrable national park and it was formed by a dominate silver back known as Ruhondendeza who passed away in 2012 and currently, it is led by a silver back named Kanyonyi who has contributed to great improvement of the group due to the fact that its members have increased to 13 members. The name name Mubare was derived from on Mubare hills where the mountain gorillas where first spotted and this word “Mubare” means plies of stones which are in Rukiga are referred to as Amabare.

Bweza Gorilla group.

The Nshogi group formed the Bweza gorilla group and it was officially published in the year of 2012. Bweza is leading more so the Bweza gorilla group consists around nine members and it.

More so, apart from the above the above mentioned, there are so many gorilla families that are in Uganda where tourists can visit to trek the endangered mountain gorilla species and they include; Rushegura gorilla family, Nkuringo gorilla group, Habinyanja gorilla group, Kahugye gorilla family, Busingye gorilla family, Nyakkagezi gorilla group, Nshogi gorilla family, Kyaguriro gorilla family among others.

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