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Igongo cultural center; Igongo cultural center  is found in Mbarara district  and one of the main tourists attraction  that attracts thousands of visitors on their safari to southwestern region to capture up the glimpse of the great mountain gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Queen Elizabeth national park a home of 95 mammals species and about 600 bird species with the main unique tree climbing lions which can  be adventured in Ishasha sector of Queen or a visit to Lake Mburo national park .Besides wildlife safari ,culture has become on doing activities on African Safaris.

In Uganda there several cultural sites to visits come along with Igongo Cultural Center that has promoted the local heritage such as the Eriijukiro museum and Eitaramiro cultural village.

The center can easily be accessed from Kampala its 15 kilometers before Mbarara town and approximately 3 to 4 hours’ drive from Kampala to main place. Upon arrival, you will spend 2 hours there’s as you enjoy Uganda’s heritage by learning about the culture and history of the Ankole people. The Igongo cultural center is also used for stopover for lunch while on your   Gorilla trekking Safari to Bwindi or Mgahinga Gorilla National park or birding safari in Queen Elizabeth national park.

 This cultural site is quite impressive traditional lifestyle, where tourists tend to visit on their Safari. Uganda called the pearl of Africa meaning not only for scenic landscape, wildlife but also our beautiful cultural heritage. More so, Igongo Cultural Museum is a place where you can experience the lifestyle of the Ankole heritage while on a Uganda Safari.

Igongo Cultural Center
Igongo Cultural Center

The Igongo culture center is a truly cultural experience where you can have chances of tasting local milk ‘’bongo’’, visit the museum and enjoy traditional performances. This cultural tour can be done by a guide who take you through the museum which will place you in the footprints of the forefathers such as their cattle keeping, cultivating and hunting ways.

You will learn different ways in which Ankole women expressed her beauty or how and where they wore their jewelry.

At Igongo cultural center, you will be able to visit the cultural villages –a traditional homestead with real milk guards, calabashes, skins and fireplace together with grinding stones, millet, farming tools and flour among other. The Centre features information about the ancient tribes and clans of Uganda, just know it’s a place worth a visit.

On visit to the center, you will be able to learn how ghee is being processed, their traditional milking and churning process in Ankole.

Igongo Cultural Center
Igongo Cultural Center

You will also have a taste of their traditional food. And since the center has their unique traditional houses in various forms and made of different materials such as wood, grass and mud long before skyscrapers shot through the ground. Handcraft lovers while at Igongo can visit a craft shop with literature book to occupy you for the rest of your Journey and souvenirs to serve as a gift.

After enjoying leisure walk down through certain parts of Uganda’s heritage that you could settle to local food buffet comprising of fresh ingredient grown by local farmers to support the community. However, the menu is not limited to the buffet.

Interestingly, you will be amazed with their traditional performances of the southwestern dances locally named as ekitaguriro and entogoro which act as fore well traditional package for the visitors.

Igongo culture and Museum can act as your source of relaxation after your incredible Gorilla trekking experience or draining hikes up Uganda’s mountains. You can also be a starter before you deliver into a full blown safari to western Uganda –Rwanda.

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