Cultural tours in queen Elizabeth national park

Cultural tours in queen Elizabeth national park : Queen Elizabeth national park is a very loved tourist destination in Uganda and one of the top famous parks in Uganda and east Africa at large situated in western Uganda, Queen Elizabeth national park is ranked the most exciting destination because of its numerous attractions in the park such as kazinga channel, wildlife and ishasha sector which hosts the tree climbing Lions which are only found in place in Uganda other than ishasha sector.


Queen Elizabeth national park is more than lions and wildlife, the park also offers fascinating cultural experience to tourists. cultural tours in Queen Elizabeth national park is a wonderful experience which takes place in numerous section and tribal groups living on the borders of the park, exciting cultural tours in queen Elizabeth national park takes place in areas/ groups such as kikorongo equator cultural performers, visiting the traditional Banyaragura hut, visiting agricultural village and visiting lake katwe, all these tours are led by a very informed and professional tour Uganda, communities living around queen Elizabeth national park are very hospitable and welcoming to tourists  which makes the experience amazing and memorable as you get to interact with the local community members peacefully.

Cultural tours in Queen Elizabeth national park takes place in these communities and areas as explained below.

Nyanz’ibiri cave community

Nyanz’ibiri cave community is a famed home for a variety of bats, this cave is situated at beneath of maramangambo forest. While on your walk to Nyanz’ibiri cave community you get to enjoy scenic panoramic view of spectacular volcanic crater lake, at the crater lake you can participate in Canoe ride on the lake and encounter birds like crested crane, eagles and many more. In Nyanz’ibiri cave community you encounter many locals whom you get to interact with and learn more about the community, hike to Kamunzuku a transparent lake. The community’s most attractive cultural features you can visit is the historic cave and a cultural museum where numerous artifacts such as mortar, pestle, calabashes, dishes and many more household stuff which were used by the locals stored in Bunyaragura hut.

Nyanz’ibiri cave community also provides fully furnished private bandas and a camping sit to visitors for a comfortable stay, these accommodation facilities are managed and operated by a community-managed organisation.

Cultural tours in queen Elizabeth national park
Nyanz’ibiri cave community

Leopards village

Leopard village is a 3-acre village situated in Muhokya village which borders the northern sector of queen Elizabeth national park, leopard village is a village run on a social-economic development initiative intended to promote cultural and wildlife conservation. This village is run partnership between the local residents of Muhokya, Hamukungu and Kahendero with conjunction from Uganda carnivore program with assistance from zoos in united states and the Germanys. On your visit in this village you get to visit replicas of traditional huts of the ethnic local groups that is bakozo, banyabindi and Basongora.  You also get to buy local hand-made crafts made by community members and also be entertained by traditional songs, dances and drama performed by the locals, leopard village also offers tourists a chance for a longer stay for those willing and on this stay you get visit local schools, learn about the historical village life style of the village and the locals and also to interact with them.

Kikorongo women community

Kikorongo women community is a very prominent community for a wonderful cultural experience. This community derives its name kikorongo from a local Lukonzo language meaning “To much sunshine”, this community is dominated by kikorongo tribal people and on your tour visit in this community you are welcomed by traditional cultural dances, music and drama. In kikorongo women community you get to be taught how to locally make fire, weave baskets and bowls, you also get to learn about to recycle beautiful magazine papers and turn them into beads, necklaces, belts and many more. In this community you can also visit kikorongo African craft shops where you get to buy handmade crafts. These tours are led by a professional local translator who translates for tourists

Lake salt katwe/ katwe tourism information centre (KATIC)

Lake katwe is a salt water lake producing salt which is done by the locals, salt in lake katwe is produced using local materials and this process is witnessed upon your visit to the lake. Even before reach the land, the sandy rigged hills surrounding the trail to the lake provide a scenic view best for photography. Local salt mining process used to mine salt involves digging ditches around the lake with little streams to get water to the ditches where salt is collected after the scotching sun heats up the water until they evaporate leaving behind salt rocks, this method is local and unique which makes it fascinating to watch on a cultural tour. Visiting lake katwe also provides a great chance for bird watching where you get to see flamingos.

Gro-Tour walk

Gro-tour walk is a breath-taking cultural activity taking place in western rift valley from Kichwamba Escarpment to eastern wall of the rift valley, this 2-3 hours’ cultural tour takes you on a hike from kataara village to farms in the escarpment. Gro-tour walk is a very rewarding walk filled with cool breeze in the early morning and evening, view many colourful birds, medicinal plants and also engage in local farming activities. In this community you get to encounter and be taught various local farming activities such as crop planting and bee hive keeping, this community usually use bees to keep elephants away from invading the village and also destroy their crops.


Queen Elizabeth national park is found in western Uganda stretching in in districts of Kasese, Bundibugyo and Busenyi thus covering an area of 1978 square kilometres. From Kampala city the largest city of Uganda and the start of most safaris it is about 5-6 hours, drive to the park, many routes can be used to get to the park such as Kampala via Mbarara route of 420 kilometres and Kampala-Fort portal via kasese route of 410 square kilometres. Queen Elizabeth national park can also be reached from Bwindi forest impenetrable national park via ishasha southern sector of the park.


There are many accommodation facilities in and around Queen Elizabeth national park where accommodation can be got from, accommodation, serve and other facilities needed by tourists on a safari can be got from jacana safari lodge, Mweya safari lodge, mweya hotels, ishasha bandas, Simba safari lodge, kingfisher lodge kichwamba, hippo hill camp, ihamba safari lodge and many more.

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