Kabwoya wildlife reserve the hidden gem of Albertine rift valley is one of the most scenic reserves in Uganda, the reserve is found in the western region of Uganda. Kabwoya wildlife reserve covering an area of 87 square kilometers is one of the newest wildlife reserves to be gazetted in Uganda, it lies between the scenic plains of bunyoro escarpment, Blue Mountains of Congo and Lake Albert.

Though Kabwoya wildlife reserve is less known, it is one of the most rewarding attractive destinations to visit and can be added on your safari itinerary to queen Elizabeth national park and Murchison falls national park.

Attractions in Kabwoya wildlife reserve

Kabwoya wildlife reserve
Kabwoya wildlife reserve

Beautiful scenery

The reserve is considered to be one of the most scenic areas in Uganda and east Africa, the reserve is situated on the western side of Albertine rift valley between the scenic blue mountain of democratic republic of Congo and the tranquil Lake Albert. Upon your visit to this reserve you will be fascinated by the scenic views which are great for photograph.


The reserve is home to a reason population of wildlife species which can be spotted in the reserve, wildlife species in the reserve include Uganda kob, bush buck, duikers, buffalo and primates that is chimpanzees, baboons, black and white colobus monkeys which are found in the forests situated along river Hoywa and wambabya. There is also hippopotamuses along Lake Albert cliffs.

Kabwoya wildlife reserve
Animals in Kabwoya wildlife reserve


Kabwoya wildlife is an important birding site habiting in the reserve and around Lake Albert, in the reserve you get to encounter approximately 460 bird species include Albertine endemic bird species that is handsome francolin, Rwenzori turaco, Willard’s sooty boubou, stripe-breasted tit, Grauer’s broadbill, red-throated alethe, dwarf honeyguide, black-faced apalis, Rwenzori apalis, Grauer’s swamp warbler, Grauer’s warbler, Neumann’s warbler, red-faced woodland warbler, yellow-eyed black flycatcher, Rwenzori batis, purple-breasted sunbird, regal sunbird, stuhlmann’s sunbird, strange weaver, dusky crimson-wing, Shelley’s crimson-wing, archer’s robin-chat, blue-headed sunbird and many more.

History of Kabwoya wildlife reserve.

The reserve was first gazetted in 1980 covering an area of 87 square kilometers as a hunting ground and a human to wild animals, due to tremendous hunting animals in the reserve become extinct. In attempts of reviving the reserve it was declared a wildlife reserve in 2002, in the process of gazetting it cattle herders who used to rare their livestock in the lands of the reserve were driven out to safely conserve the animals.  As a way of enriching the reserve with animals the government of Uganda through Uganda wildlife authority translocated animals like antelopes to the reserve.

Tourist activities in Kabwoya wildlife reserve

Kabwoya wildlife reserve is one of the top scenic tourist destinations in Uganda which is worth a visit while on your safari in Uganda there pearl of Africa, this spectacular wildlife reserve offers the following safari activities to keep entertained throughout your visit.

Game drive

Kabwoya wildlife reserve is relatively a small reserve but it does not it from being a perfect reserve for game drives, while on a game drive in the reserve you get to enjoy the scenic sights of the park, the short vegetation cover with shrubs and a population of animals. Animals spotted in the reserve include buffaloes, duikers, bush bucks and primates such as chimpanzees, black and white colobus as they roam in the short grass of the reserve.

Fishing games

Fishing games are undoubtedly one of the top most loved tourist activities in Kabwoya wildlife reserve, fishing games/ trips in Kabwoya wildlife reserve takes place at Lake Albert. As you going for fishing games you go on a boat ride to the waters of the lake and many fish species are caught from Lake Albert such as Nile perch, tilapia, cat fish and many more.

Note: as you go for fishing games only three anglers are allowed on each boat, this is so purposely for safety reasons.

Mountain bike riding

Mountain bike is extensively done in the reserve, the reserve has many biking trails where this amazing experience takes place. Mountain bike riding while touring the reserve is same as hitting a jackpot as you not only enjoy the splendid nature of the reserve but also exercising, while biking through the savanna plains get to spot animals like buffaloes, duikers and bush bucks.

Fossil hunting

Fossil hunting is a unique tourist activity offered in Kabwoya wildlife reserve, though it’s unique and not so popular it is still an exciting safari activity to engage in. this activity involves searching for ancient items like spear head, piece of pottery and many more.

Quad bike rides

Quad riding in another fun way of touring the natural beauty of Kabwoya wildlife reserve, while quad biking you follow demarcated trails in the savannah plains and while doing so you get to enjoy the breathtaking scenery and also spot animals in the reserve

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is one the newly introduced eco-friendly way of touring in Uganda, originally horseback riding is considered an English and French thing but currently it is being carried out in top tourist destinations like Lake Mburo national park, the source of the Nile and now in the reserve. While on a horseback ride you get a chance to come close to the animals and also enjoy the spectacular scenic views of the reserve.


The reserve is a certified important birding area, the reserve is a home too approximately 460 bird species which are habitants to the reserve and the Albertine rift region, while on a nature walk, game drive, horseback ride you get to spot a number of beautiful bird species such as Black faced Apalis, Grauer’s Warbler, Francolin, The Rwenzori turaco, the Dusky Crimson – wing, Rwenzori Batis

Purple-breasted Sunbird, regal Sunbird, stuhlmann’s Sunbird, strange Weaver, dusky Crimson-wing, Shelley’s Crimson-wing, archer’s Robin- chat many more

Nature walks

Nature walks in Kabwoya wildlife reserve are headed by an experienced tour guide, nature walks take you through the beautiful savanna plains of reserve. As you walk through the short vegetation cover you encounter animals like Uganda kob, water buckers, duikers and many more.


While on a safari to the reserve accommodation is got from Lake Albert safari lodge, Lake Albert safari lodge situated in the reserve offering bed and all types of meal plans that is bed and breakfast. This lodge boosts 10 double thatched cottages which are open for visitors.


Kabwoya wildlife reserve is situated North West wards of Kampala the capital city of Uganda, from Kampala it is approximately 236 kilometers to the reserve which a drive  of 3-4 hours along Kampala-Hoima road. From Masindi town it is 2 hours’ drive to the reserve covering 102 kilometers, from Murchison falls national park it is it is a 4 hours’ drive to the reserve covering 175 kilometers. From Queen Elizabeth national park it is a 5 hours’ drive to get to the reserve covering a distance of 270 kilometers.

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