Lake Mburo National Park Fees : Top designated safari destination in the pearl of Africa is Lake mburo national park one of the most excellent areas to have a great Uganda safari from ands this is yet one of the most lovely areas to have a tour from and get to know that Uganda is just the top marvel area in the entire of Africa.

Lake Mburo national park is made up of thousands excellent flora and fauna to marvel at as you also learn about beauty hidden in Uganda and far deep in the national park is where you will get to know and understand about these mother nature given attractions.

Despite of the fact that the national park is least of the most thought of national park to visit while seeking for adventure in the pearl of Africa.

Lake Mburo National Park can also be a nice stopover point on the gorilla trip to Bwindi National Park, to break down the journey as you enjoy a nice short nice bush experience before taking on the gorilla jungle.

Below are the entry fees for Lake Mburo National Park and the pricing for the different activities you can do in the park.

Tourist entry fees (per person)

Entry fee USD UGX
International visitor (Foreign Non Resident) – Adults 40
International visitor Children 5 – 15 years 20
Foreign Resident 30
Foreign Residents children 5 – 15 years 10
East African citizens 20,000
East African citizens children 5 – 15 years 5,000

Kids below 5 years to do not pay entry fees

Park entry is valid for 24 hours from the time of entry into the park.

The park opens 7am and closes at 7pm

Car entry fees

Type of car Foreign Ugandan Registered
Saloon cars 40 20,000
Minibuse, Omni-buses 50 30,000
Pick-ups 50 30,000
Tour Company vehicles & 4-wheel drive 150 100,000
Buses & Lorries 200 30,000
School buses 50,000

Like tourist entry fees, car entry fees are also valid for 24 hours from the time of entry.

6 Days Uganda Bwindi and Jinja Safari
Lake Mburo National Park

Pricing for activities in Lake Mburo National Park

Activity FNR FR EAC
Day self-game drive per private car (with no park guide) 10 10 10,000
Day guided game drive per private car (with a park guide) 20 15 20,000
Night guided game drive per person (using park guides is mandatory for night drives) 30 20 50,000
Hiring the park game drive car for Day game drive – per person (Minimum 3 persons in car) 30 25 30,000
Hiring the park game drive car for Night game drive – per person (Minimum 3 persons in car) 40 35 40,000
Boat cruise on the Lake Mburo 30 25 30,000
Day nature walk – per person 15 10 10,000
Cycling 30 25 30,000
Birdwatching 30 25 20,000
Sport fishing permit 15 for 1 day,

25 for 4 days

Fees are per person

Activities exclude park entry fees

Cheap accommodation run by Lake Mburo National Park (Uganda Wildlife Authority)

Type UGX
Bandas – Rwonyo Single 35,000
Double 40,000
Family banda 60,000
Guesthouses – Rwonyo Per room (Double) 130,000 per room
Extra person in room 65,000 per person
Tents Single 35,000
Double 60,000
Dormitory Adults 25,000
Students (within a group) 5,000
Children 10,000

Fines and Penalties in Lake Mburo National Park

Offence Penalty
Off-tracking driving fine $150 (per person in the vehicle, to be incurred by the driver)
Over speeding (speed limit is 40km/hr) UGX 100,000 per incident
Animal accident fee (road kill) $500
Littering in the park UGX 100,000 per incident
Hooting in the park UGX 100,000 per incident
Sitting on top of the vehicle $100 per incident

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