Mid-range accommodation at Murchison falls: Murchison falls National Park is the biggest national park in Uganda located in the north eastern region, the park gifted with a wide range of wildlife including 450 bird species and wildlife such as giraffes, elephant, crocodiles, hippopotamus, jackson’s heartbeats, warthogs and many more. Murchison falls national park offers amazing safari activities such as hiking to the top of the safari, launch boat cruise, game drive, nature walks and sightseeing at the magnificent Murchison falls which creates a permanent rainbow.


Fort Murchison safari lodge is a comfortable ultimate accommodation facility situated overlooking the eastern banks of Albert Nile amidst savannah landscapes in eastern Pakwach. The lodge establishment has a massive tower and rooms with walls adorned with Swahili touch, Swahili touch in the rooms is a testament to the influence and presence of Arab traders and explorers who once influenced trade and politics in east Africa. Fort Murchison safari lodge owned and operated by a Dutch company has a rooftop terrace where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Accommodation in fort Murchison safari lodge is offered in form of self-contained rooms and non-self-contained tents

  Self-contained rooms, there are 21rooms which are very spacious with comfortable beds, private balcony and a writing desk.

  Non-self-contained tents, these tents are grass thatched with comfortable furniture, 2 single beds, and mosquito nets on each bed, power sockets and a bedside table. These tents are non-self-contained that is why they have a communal ablution block with modern and clean flush toilets and bathrooms.

Facilities offered at fort Murchison safari lodge include

  • Restaurant serving four course dinner
  • Free Wi-Fi internet access
  • Well stocked bar
  • Swimming pool:
Mid range accommodation at Murchison falls
Mid range accommodation at Murchison falls


  Murchison River lodge is situated on southern banks of river Nile opposite launch jetty, Murchison River lodge as an establishment is a combination of both modernity and African style. The lodge was constructed using grass thatched as roof, wooden poles, fine wood furniture and beautiful modern lights.  

Accommodation is offered in form of cottages, camping sites and en—suite thatched safari tents, rooms are well decorated and spacious.


Murchison River lodge consists of 4 thatched cottage, these cottages are spacious and each cottage adorned with unique décor design featuring double beds in the upstairs rooms, two single beds and en-suite down stairs. Cottages are ideal for family tourists as each cottage can be occupied by 4 adults and 2 children, cottages contains air conditioning, solar lights , mosquito net on each bed, spacious bathroom and private balcony overlooking river Nile.

Thatched safari tents

Murchison River lodge has six thatched safari tents (4 of the twin and 2 triple rooms), these tents are perched to the ground in the wilderness overlooking river Nile. These tents features wooden doors instead of zips, bed linen, solar lights and beds with mosquito nets. Since these tents are close to river Nile they contain no flashing toilets but they have chemical toilets and offer bush shower, thatched safari tents also feature an outside area containing a safari table and chair for tourists to sit and enjoy nature.

Camping tent

Murchison River lodge offers 5 comfortable camping tents, these tents have linen, towel and solar lights. The camping site has a communal ablution block with car parking areas, 2 kitchen areas, fire pit and seating area. The tents are not self-contained but they have communal bathrooms.

Facilities offered at Murchison River lodge include

  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Camp fire

All accommodation options at Murchison River lodge come with full board meal plan

Mid range accommodation at  Murchison falls
Mid range accommodation at Murchison falls


Kabalega wilderness lodge is situated on the outskirts of Murchison fall national park, kabalega wilderness lodge offers accommodation in form of cabins which were established in the wilderness, and these cabins are well furnished and self-contained with en-suite bathrooms. While at this lodge you get to enjoy scenic views of river Nile and the beautiful landscape of the park

Services and facilities offered at kabalega wilderness lodge include

  • Parking
  • Well stocked bar
  • Evening camp fire
  • Restaurant serving continental dishes


Pakuba safari lodge is a tranquil accommodation facility situated on the western bank of the Albert Nile near tangi gate of Murchison falls national park in its extreme northern side, the lodge was established on the foothills of Albertine rift valley near the ruins of old safari lodge which was used by the former president of Uganda Idi Amin. Since Pakuba safari lodge is situated in the wilderness of Murchison falls national you get to enjoy views of wildlife lion, baboons, warthog and sometimes giraffes and views of Lake Albert. 

Accommodation at Pakuba safari lodge is offered through 46 spacious rooms, these rooms are spacious double rooms adorned with African art interior décor. These rooms have interconnecting doors leading you to other rooms and en-suite bathrooms with flashing toilets, beds in these rooms have a mosquito net to protect you from mosquito bites .

Facilities offered at Pakuba safari lodge include

  • Fully stocked bar
  • Spacious lounge
  • Restaurant with professional chefs
  • V set with DSTV connection
  • Free Wi-Fi access
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Business centre with a sitting capacity of 50 people.
  • Hiring service
  • Free parking
  • Non-smoking rooms


Sambiya river safari lodge is situated in the wilderness in the southern region of Murchison falls national park, the lodge is 20 min from Murchison falls. Accommodation at Sambiya river safari is offered in form of 26 thatched cottages, these cottages were constructed using local materials that is grass, wooden poles, banana fiber. Thatched cottages are self-contained designed with en-suite bathroom and a private balcony, they contain single and double room with beds equipped with mosquito net.

Facilities offered at Sambiya river safari lodge include

  • Swimming pool
  • Dining room
  • Well stocked bar
  • Restaurant serving both international and local foods
  • Wireless internet

While at Sambiya river safari lodge you get magnificent view of the park’s wilderness, Sambiya River and sweet melodies of birds singing.


 Amuka safari lodge is situated in nakasongola midst Ziwa rhino sanctuary, this accommodation facility is the best place to stay at while at Ziwa rhino sanctuary before connecting to Murchison falls. Accommodation at this safari lodge is offered in form of 10 family chalets, among these 10 chalets are self-contain with en-suite bathroom. 4 of them are family chalets with 3 beds and the rest 6 have one bed room and a sitting room. The chalets were constructed using hard wood, timber and stone, each of these chalets were named after rhinos in the sanctuary.

Services and facilities offered by Amuka safari lodge

  • Swimming pool
  • Restaurant offering local and foreign meals
  • Lounge



Bwana Tembo safari camp is located adjust the entrance gate of Murchison falls national park, while at this camp you get to enjoy breathtaking views of the park’s wilderness and various bird species.

Accommodation in this camp is offered in form of bandas and exclusive tents which are situated on a raised platform offering undisrupted view of the park’s wilderness, rooms in bandas are self-contained, spacious, well-furnished using Italian touch designs and with en-suite bathroom

Facilities and services offered at bwana Tembo safari camp include

  • Car hire service
  • Restaurant serving the most delicious Italian dishes
  • Well stocked bar
Mid range accommodation at  Murchison falls
Mid range accommodation at Murchison falls


Parkside safari lodge is situated on the outskirts of Murchison falls national park in Nwoya, Parkside safari lodge offers accommodation in form of spacious cottages which are designed in African style with an exotic touch. Cottages are very spacious with twin bed cottages, single cottages and family cottages. All of these cottages have an en-suite bathroom and bed with mosquito nets.

Services offered at Parkside safari lodge include

  • Parking
  • Laundry
  • Car hire services
  • Restaurant
  • Fully stocked bar
  • Massage

 While at Parkside safari lodge you get panoramic views of Albert Nile and the wilderness of the park.

Other mid-range accommodation options in Murchison fall national park include Masindi hotel, new court view hotel and many more which do open on a daily basis.

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