Paraa safari lodge

Paraa safari lodge is situated in Murchison falls national park (North West region of Uganda), this lodge was established in 1954 overlooking one of the world’s greatest attraction that is river Nile the longest river in the world as it flows from lake Victoria its source into lake Albert from which in forms a magnificent Murchison falls.

Paraa safari lodge offers excellent unique stay to its visitors which is a blend of comfort, relaxation and adventure, paraa safari lodge is administered and operated by MARASA AFRICA.

Paraa safari lodge
Paraa safari lodge


Accommodation is offered in 50 rooms, each room features a private balcony overlooking the flowing river Nile and the blue watered swimming pool, rooms also consist of en-suite bathroom which consist of exotic décor and equipments like showers, sinks, wall mirror and romantic lighting. Bedrooms are spacious and consist of huge bed, floor carpets, reading table and chair, a fun and beautiful décor.

Rooms offered at paraa safari lodge varies that is Cottage, Suite, Double rooms, Twin room and Single room thus offering various number of occupancy by visitors and number of beds.

Facilities offered at paraa safari lodge

Swimming pool

                For visitors interested in relaxing while enjoying the tranquil view of the park, the swimming pool is available for you. At the pool you can be sipping on a professionally mixed cocktail while enjoying sights of the flowing river Nile

Paraa safari lodge
Paraa safari lodge

Restaurant and cuisine

                Paraa safari lodge’s captain table restaurant is situated on the upper floor on one of the main halls, it was established with a balcony offering views of the waters of river Nile. The restaurant serves delicious and mouthwatering local and international cuisines which are prepared by professional and experienced chef. At this restaurant it is about your choice of where to eat from that is either outside or inside, Saturday evening is very memorable as the lodge organizes special barbecues and traditional dances for the visitors.

Business centre

                Paraa safari lodge features a business centre which is available to all visitors on business trips, the centre is always open from 8 am to 8 pm 7 days a week and consists of 24-hour internet access and printing facilities that is printing machine and papers.

Gift shop

                Staying at the lodge is always memorable and for that cause the lodge has a gift shop which sells handmade craft from various regions of East Africa and souvenir, gifts for sale include guide books, clothing and many more.

Conference facilities

                Paraa safari lodge offers conference facilities available visitors on corporate occasions and business, this facility offers the best meaning of mixing business with pleasure. Paraa safari lodge’s conference center features a projector, speakers, tables and chairs all fit for conference and meeting.

Explorers’ bar

                The nothing better than ending a day with a sip of either cold or warm beer or even a soft drink and relax, there is an explorer’s bar situated on the upper floor of the lodge adjust to the restaurant. Explorer’s bar features comfortable and soft sofas and serves a variety of drinks including cocktails made and served by professional bar attendants.

Activities offered by paraa safari lodge

                Bush breakfast

The lodge offers bush breakfast to its visitors, bush breakfast is a unique classic adventure, bush breakfast is organized by the lodge’s banqueting team which sets the bush breakfast site with tables, necessary cutlery, rockery, chairs, umbrella canopy, a campfire, in time. As for guests you wake up early in the morning on a cup of coffee and drive to the site, while at the bush breakfast site you are served eggs of choice, sausages, bacon, tomatoes, cereals, fruit platters, butter, marmalade, jam, honey, milk, coffee and tea depending on your choice. All the served items are prepared by on site experienced chef.

Chimpanzee tracking

Paraa safari lodge offers chimpanzee tracking in kaniyo pabidi forest which is situated 56 kilometers from the lodge and rabongo forest, kaniyo pabidi forest hosts a variety of tree species such as giant mahogany and ironwood which dominate the forest. Rabongo forest is situated about 1-2 hours’ drive form the lodge and it dominated by tropical river forest which hosts many primates which are tracked such as Black-white Colobus, red tailed monkeys, baboons, chimpanzees and many more.

                Game drive

Paraa safari lodge offers games drives to Murchison falls national park, these game drives take place in in buligi stretch to the Nile delta where you get to spot many animals like giraffes, lion, leopard, buffalo, elephants and many more. All game drives are very breathing taking but the most rewarding game drive is the morning game drive which starts as early as 7 am and night game drives which starts at 6 pm.

                Birding watching

Paraa safari lodge offers birding watching safari to Murchison falls national park, the park hosts approximately 451 bird species which are spotted in various areas of the park such as at the delta, kaniyo pabidi forest and many more. Bird species in the park include shoebill stalk, Martial Eagle, the African Fish Eagle, Papyrus Gonolek, Lesser and Greater Flamingo, White-tailed Lark and Verreaux’s Eagle Owl and many more.

                Boat trips to the delta

Paraa safari lodge offers boat trips to the delta of River Nile, this 4-5 hours’ ride to the delta is very breathing as you reach the delta where river Nile flows into Lake Albert and at this spot you get to spot a shoebill.

                Hot air balloon safaris

The lodge offers hot air balloon safaris, hot air balloon safaris is the most exciting way of touring Murchison falls national park as you spot the park’s attractions from the top in an eagle bird’s view. This activity a collective effort of dream balloons and para safari lodge, the balloon carries a capacity of 8 people and sets off from 15 kilometers from the lodge.

Other activities offered by paraa safari lodge include nature walks and fishing


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