Reasons Why You Should Visit Uganda; Uganda was once called the Pearl of Africa because of its beautiful nature, scenic landscape, rich wildlife, and bird species that come along with its unique culture. However, it’s an African country situated in the eastern part of Africa thus holding such a unique beauty that makes it is named the Pearl of Africa by the early explorers back in the 1870s. Although Uganda is not well discovered by the world due to being among the third world, because of its beauty which attracts thousands of travelers and those who have had a chance to visit Uganda consider the experience worthwhile and tell the tales of their adventures for a lifetime.

How this is a commonly asked question to the most traveler who wishes to visit Uganda currently and in the future. Tend to ask themselves, what makes Uganda different and worth visiting?  Below are some of the reasons why you should visit Uganda;

Rich history and Culture

Overall, Uganda has got a wide range of stunning tribes of around 65 tribes which fall under 4 ethnic groups that are to say; The Bantu, Nilotic, Nilo Hamites, and the Hamites. And each of the tribes has a distinctive language, cultural norms, beliefs, and a beautifully unique cultural, political as well as historical background. More so, wherever you visit a culture in Uganda, you will experience a new set of customs, traditions, and heritage.

Well, visiting Uganda’s cultural and it’s historical sites like the Buganda Kabaka’s Palace, Uganda museum, Kasubi royal tombs, Tororo king’s palace, and Namugongo shrine, where you will experience a real true African culture and ways of life, the local people through cultural dances, folk songs, poems, and storytelling take you through this interesting cultural experience.

On a visit to Uganda, you should take part in the Kampala City Tour one of the ultimate and most exciting cultural and historical experiences of many other cultural tours for it not only offers you cultural history but also the political background of the country right from colonial rule to independence.

The hospitable and welcoming people

Uganda is renowned worldwide for having the most welcoming and friendly people. When you visit Uganda, you will be amazed by how warm and friendly the people of Uganda are. From the time of your arrival and throughout your stay, you will be welcomed with big smiles from the hospital people and waves from the happy little children who will make you feel at home.  Ugandans value and respect strangers and demonstrate true concern for travelers. More so, Uganda is politically stable and offers safety assurance to its visitors.

Unique Attractions and Experiences

Uganda is not only rich in wildlife species but also has a great history, rich cultural heritage, beautiful landscape, aquatic life, warm people, and a variety of other remarkable attractions. Uganda prides itself in having attractions that have been preserved and protected in their most natural state as well as offering authentic experiences to its visitors.

The country is blessed with over 10 protected National Parks and 12 wildlife reserves, all under the management of the Uganda Wildlife Authority ‘’UWA’’ and are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Each national park and reserve offers a unique encounter with the wild and many travelers come for safaris to enjoy exciting and adventurous activities such as; Mountain gorilla trekking, Birding, Game drives, Boat rides, Hiking, Mountain climbing, Nature walking, Chimpanzee tracking, Cultural encounter, Horseback riding among many others.

Reasons Why You Should Visit Uganda
Bwindi Gorillas

Amazing food and delicious cuisines

Uganda offers a variety of food and delicious cuisines to explore, right from the famous street food such as; Rolex, Muchomo, Samosa, Roasted maize, and Chapatti to the stable foods mostly prepared with local Ugandan recipes, the steamed matooke ‘’plantain’’ from the central, kalo ‘’millet. More so, Eshabwe from the west, Malakwang from the north, malewe from the east and so many other foods like posho, Irish many more.  These dishes are usually supplemented with sauces such as beans, chicken, pasted fish, beef many more.  All these are prepared with Ugandan recipes with fewer spices and seasoning but are mouth-tasting, Reasons Why You Should Visit Uganda

Uganda is also gifted with different several tasty tropical fruits such as; Papaya, pineapples, bananas mangoes, guavas many more to discover. Enjoying Uganda food is an experience on its own.

The Breathtaking Scenery and Landscapes

 Uganda offers a beautiful landscape and scenery, and a visit to Uganda’s destination will leave you in awe.

The country’s landscape varies, the west and southwest are hilly and offer the best spectacular views, while other parts of the country consist of mainly flat and low land. Despite the fact, Uganda’s scenery is composed of green vegetation, beautiful hills, famous mountains like Rwenzori and Elgon, thick ancient tropical rain forests of Bwindi Impenetrable and Mabira forests, large water bodies like Lake Victoria, rivers, Crater Lakes and waterfalls, many more.

Lastly, Uganda has got lots of attractions, and the tourism industry of Uganda over the years and become better than ever before. More to that, many beautifully designed Uganda safari packages ensure an incredible African experience for tourists who visit the country. Service providers such as hotels, lodges, car rentals, tour guides, and tour operators’’ you should get in touch with reliable tour operators’’ who are good to deliver the best services to their clients while on trips within the Pearl of Africa.

Get started now to plan and book your trip to Uganda to experience the most adventurous African Safari of your life experience.

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