Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permits

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permits are issued by the Rwanda Development to tourists to allow them to have access to the Gorilla Site in Volcanoes National Park. are the endangered species that are facing extinction in the world, tourists travel for the safari in Rwanda in order to enjoy a glance on the Mountain Gorillas that are inhabited in Volcanoes National park in Rwanda.

A mountain Gorilla permit in Rwanda is a document or card issued by the Rwanda Development Board. The Gorilla Trekking permit in any country allows a traveler who is above 15 years of age to trek the Mountain Gorillas in three other habitats including Bwindi Impenetrable National park, Mgahinga National park in Uganda, Virunga National park in Democratic Republican of Congo.

Volcanoes National park covers an area of 170km2 of rainforest and encompasses over five Volcanoes out of eight in the Virunga Mountains, including Karismbi, Bisoke, Muhabura, Gahinga, and Sabyinyo.

The park is a home of the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and Golden Monkeys. It was a base for the primatologist Dian Fossey. Volcanoes National park was gazetted in the year of 1925 as a small area bounded by Karisimbi, Bisoke, and Mikeno, this was in order to protect the Mountain Gorillas from poachers. The park was the first one to be created in Africa, in the year of 1929, the borders of the park were extended further in Rwanda and Belgian Congo this was in order to form Albert National park a large area of 1000km2.

There are higher efforts to put in place in order to monitor and protect the Mountain Gorillas in the jungle forest of the Virunga regions, together with Virunga National park, Volcanoes National park, Mgahinga National park, and Bwindi Impenetrable National park. Volcanoes National park inhabits over 60% Gorilla number of the Virunga region the number of Gorillas is growing over years, volcanoes National park; the park has over 10 Gorilla habituated families.

In order to trek the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National park, you need to know the cost of the Rwanda Gorilla permits. Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permits cost 1500 USD per person spending one hour with the Mountain Gorillas as they continue with their day to day activities in Volcanoes National park during their safari. However, there is a discount of 30% discount for visitors who stay longer for 3 days or more trekking the Mountain Gorillas and other National parks in Rwanda including Akagera National park, Nyungwe National park. And a 15% discount is as well eligible for conference tourists who wish to trek the Mountain Gorillas.

Before Gorilla permit in Rwanda used to cost 750USD until when it was increased to 1500USD in 2017 the increment was to support Rwanda’s high-end tourism strategy. This was to strengthen conservation efforts and contribute to community development as well as improvement of the local communities around the National park. Money collected is for funding in communities including hospitals, buildings, business development, sanitation, clean water which are for improving conditions of living in the community.

The Rwanda gorilla trekking permits can be obtained from the Rwanda Development Board which is under the authorization of all national parks in Rwanda; this is to empower communities economically.

 Rwanda’s Volcanoes National park inhabits over 10 habituated Gorilla families that are available and each family is limited to 8 people per group, totaling 80 Gorilla permits in a single day. Since the number of trekkers keeps growing every year ,obtaining a Gorilla permit  requires to be done a bit earlier enough in order to secure a permit.

Trekking in the forest depends on the season the Dry seasons of December to March and June to September, during the dry seasons it’s very favorable to trek the Mountain Gorillas when it’s not slippery terrain, the months of April-May and November are considered as wet seasons.

With no permit you’re not allowed to trek the Mountain Gorillas, the trek takes 30minutes to 7 hours in the wilderness, during the trek you have a chance of spotting a number of trees, bird species, geckos, mammals and many more.

One has to spend one hour with the endangered Mountain Gorillas as they continue with their day to day activities including grooming each other, playing, feeding, and building their nests and many more. Within this one hour you’re given to spend with the Mountain Gorillas you will be able to take pictures, record videos, take photos, videos. 

To acquire Rwanda Gorilla Permits, tourists should book 3 months in advance ahead of time, Mountain Gorillas are endangered in their natural habitat in order to maintain their survival. 

During high season or in large groups, when you book on time, chances of getting better accommodations and where to stay are high? The high seasons run through June and October as well as new years.

Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permits
Rwanda Gorilla Trekking Permits

Volcanoes National park is located two hours from the Kigali International airport and Kigali city which is home to the Mountain Gorillas and Virunga Conservation region.

Late booking is also fine since the accommodation facilities have lower rates due to low demand of trekkers.

Each Gorilla family is visited for one hour per day as they continue with their day-to-day activities, there off-peak discount in April, May, and November.

How much does it cost to see Gorillas in Rwanda, the minimum age for acquiring the permit is 15 years of age Uganda and Rwanda?

In case of Gorilla permit booking, identify the dates of your travel and passport details to the tour operators.

Your nationality, passport number, identification at pre trekking briefing, wire transfer and inform the bank to reduce any transaction charges from the account.

Just in case you buy the permit from the Rwanda Development Board, you will have to send bank payment information via email.

Note that most tour operators in Rwanda do not accept credit cards, for that case you have to wire money online, before reservations are made at the Rwanda Development Board. After the company will send the scanned copy and of your receipt and permit.

The permit has a serial number and one has to show the passport and permit during the pre Gorilla trekking briefing.

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