Ssese Island Tours in Uganda : Ssese island one of the biggest and most famous islands in Uganda that is loved and usually visited by tourists. Rendering to investigators, the Ssese islands were molded over one million years previously. This was around the time of the establishment of the East African Rift Valley. The coincidence of mainland plates and development of the rift valley led to the advancement of some land-forms, the Foundation Mountains as others persisted level. Some extents got depressed and got filled with water thus generating rivers and lakes. Among the water physiques that got designed was Lake Victoria.

Some land stayed higher within the lake and became what we know as the Ssese Islands, and that is how this lovely island comes to existence. And when it comes to the side of accommodation at the island, a guest cannot fail to discover where to stay in most of the Ssese islands. There are many accommodation facilities proposing budget and mid-range services. Most are self-contained with bedding, showers, bathrooms, room service, food and beverage. The lodges are surrounded by beautiful scenery, sand beaches, fresh waters, green gardens and palm trees.

on to the other side there is a variety of fun activities that can be done at the water sides of the island that leave every one asking themselves how mother nature truly designed this lovely island so very many people would want to come and explore the beauty of this lovely place, with so very many doings that are known and some are yet to be discovered get to see the true beauty of ssese island. This island has numerous flora and some bit of fauna and a number of birds that most bird lovers would love to watch as they fly in the sky all day long.

Activities to do on a Ssese Island tour

Here in this article we bring to you some of the best activities that are done at Ssese Island that give one the best moment of their ssese island tour on a Uganda safari experience and these involve.

  • Bird Watching
  • Swimming:
  • Visit Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary
  • Sport Fishing
  • Game viewing
  • Community and Nature Walks
  • Canoeing and horse riding
  • Cycling and Beach games
  • Agricultural Tours
  • Quad Biking
  • Cultural Visit
  • Visit the John Speke House.
  • Visit the Nanziri waterfalls

What to pack while on a Ssese Islands Tour

In command to have an eccentric experience while at the Ssese Islands, one essentials to be arranged in advance all the central items mandatory when visiting a tropical island need to be available in advance. The sun originates out every day and the rains can come at every time. Average temperatures are 27°C.

Ssese Island Tours in Uganda
Ssese Island Tours

Therefore a proper packing list is the best way one can be well organized for a tour at Ssese Island and have the best time of their life as suggested to, here is a slant of things to consider in your packing list for a tour of the Ssese Islands.

Clothes and footwear: The clothes have to be two layer and not too skimpy especially if you also plan to tour areas with local settlements. Do not forget to park shorts, Caribbean skirts and dresses. Sun glasses, a cap and swimming attire should also be brought. You might need a sweater for the cold evenings and a rain jacket when it gets wet. Sandals must be carried if you are planning to spend a lot of time at the beach. Good hiking shoes will help you a lot during the nature walks in the tropical forests. In addition to what I have mentioned so far, a traveler has to come with an insect repellent, body jelly, sanitizers, body scrubber, bathing and laundry soap. Some of the items could be provided by the hotel,Ssese Island Tours in Uganda .

Trip accessories: The Ssese islands are for adventure, fun and merry-making. A visitor has to carry gadgets that will make the trip more exciting and memorable. These include a camera to capture every moment, binocular for bird watching and a music player to listen to your favorite tunes while relaxing by the beach. Board games and novels should also be carried for the evening camp retreats.

Basic medication and first aid kit: Since this is not your usual environment and you would be engaging in different activities, don’t be surprised if you get sick or injured. You need to carry some painkillers, malaria tablets, disinfectants, medical spray, a bandage and plaster. Do not forget to move with your Identification documents, bank/financial transaction card and a mobile phone with a local sim card, Ssese Island Tours in Uganda.

How to get there

The only way to reach Ssese islands is by water. The régime provides three ferries to Kalangala town; the ferries comprise MV Kalangala, Bukakata Ferry and MV Ssese. From Kalangala, MV Kalangala starts its journey at around 8:00am and reaches Nakiwogo by 11am. It gets back to Kalangala from Nakiwogo at 2:00pm. Each journey takes 3 hours and costs about 10,000 Shillings for the economy class and 14,000 shillings for the luxury class. There is a bar and restaurant on the ferry where one can buy drinks and snacks. Its carrying capacity is 100 people, their luggage and a maximum of 8 cars. MV Kalangala is the largest water vessel going to the Ssese Islands and is one of the few transport mediums that live on time. Given its strict timetable, it is very possible to miss out on MV Kalangala if you arrive even a minute late. In this case you could use locally made boats to Kalangala but these are not so safe and hiring them is it at your own risk. The second ferry begins its route from Bukakata in Masaka to Bugoma. This is not as punctual and pronounced as the MV Kalangala because fewer people use it. The other option for travelers to reach the Ssese islands is by sailing with exclusive boats which are costly but faster. They carry fewer people but with higher quality services compared to the public ferry. These private boats are owned by businessmen or resorts in Entebbe and Ssese islands. or else one can choose to go through Uganda safaris for a best experience.

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