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Where to go Easter weekend/ Visit Uganda on Easter weekend; Uganda so welcoming country with loving people, conducive climate, largest population of wildlife species with the most sought after the great mountain gorillas which has impacted a lot on Uganda’s tourism hub as well as the government. So amazing that trekking mountain gorillas is the best done activity on Uganda safaris of which during Easter weekend you can decide to book your trip of 3 days Uganda Bwindi Gorillas and have a chance of getting close to our close related cousins said to be 98% which can be encountered in their nature inhabits of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest or Mgahinga Gorilla national park both positioned in southwestern Uganda  other activities to do nature walk to Batwa trails ,birding or even birth day parties , both Bwindi or Mgahinga are approximately 8 to 9 hours by car from Kampala to access the main destination and alternatively you can fly from Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airport with domestic charter or schedule flight to Kihihi Airstrip ‘’1:30hours then from there drive few minutes to access the park.

During this Easter Weekend you can choose to visit Queen Elizabeth national park for wildlife viewing adventure the unique tree climbing lions ,take part in nature walk ,lion tracking ,community visit among others .Or you can decide to do combined safari tour package on Easter holidays through visiting Queen Elizabeth and Bwindi since they are on same routing ,accessing to Bwindi you go through Ishasha sector of Queen where you can be rewarded with the tree climbing lions hanged up on the tree branches waiting to hung on the antelopes  Activities to do  while on Easter Holiday in Queen include Game drive ,bird watching ,nature walk ,boat cruise on the Kazinga channel among others.

Where to go Easter Weekend in Uganda / Easter Holidays

In Uganda Easter holiday in regard of impressive three days Good Friday ,Easter Sunday and Easter Monday and the most important one is Easter Sunday day of celebration  where big congregation of Christians are seen flocking in worshiping places to honor his resurrection day , then others are seen at the beaches to enjoy  life and others opt to take safaris to some of Uganda’s visited safari destination . Then Good Friday and Easter Monday are recognized as public holidays thus creates a four day Easter Weekend.

Facts about Easter holiday ,it usually appears in April each year where see some Christians like the catholic go on Lenten fast in order to resurrect with him ,red meat can be avoided on Friday ,little later ,Easter hymns start to be heard on local radio stations ,Easter greeting cards can be sold in shops , people buy them and give out to their beloved ones in the family and friends and also preparations for Easter parties begins to be ranged.

Before the Sunday of Easter week ,the week is known as holy week  ‘’Palm Sunday’’  and people buy branches  in the cities and also the villagers  to take to the church. When it comes to rural areas, children tend to pick them and take them to their home for use by the whole family. However, palm Sunday can be a special service to believers which can be held in churches.

Another special services are held on Good Friday remembering the sacrificial death of Jesus. Then Easter vigil take on late at night on Holy Saturday and Easter Sunday services declaring the power of the Resurrection. Easter plays and Easter concerts   can be seen attended both in and of church.

In Uganda, during Easter holiday since its Sub-Saharan Africa, the local dwellers love visiting their parents and relatives in the villages thus making the remarkable time to see Uganda’s on travel with a lot of luggage during this time of the year. The big towns stay full with people though some can be seen other travel holding big bags go check on others. Still time to enjoy new life of putting on bright, new clothes, giving out gifts, visiting the sick in the hospital with heart givers and gathering on traditional part of celebrations.

 What to do in Uganda for Easter Holidays;

Visit the local through traveling to the rural village   to check the remnants of the ‘’old ways’’ and eat traditional Uganda foods such as millet, sorghum, sweet potatoes and matooke. Time to see variety of matooke are cooked in local dishes. Go to town for Easter shopping.

Where to go Easter Weekend in Uganda / Easter Holidays
Boat Cruise on Murchison Falls Park

Go out to the beaches along the Lake Victoria   a popular place to see Ugandans gathering on Easter weekend to cool off their bodies, enjoy play a game of beach soccer or beach volley ball and go to view the lake and its diversity of wildlife. Take hike along the shoreline and enjoy bird watching where you can be able to spot some flamingos and other birds.

Take Uganda safari through joining other travelers on an Easter safari and enjoy rewardable adventure of Chimpanzees, Gorillas, Rhinos and various bird species. Note, Uganda’s national park are remote and hosting a beautiful nature. Visit Murchison Falls national park   for game drive, boat cruise, chimpanzee in Budongo forest in Murchison. Furthermore, take a visit to Ziwa Rhino sanctuary for Rhino tracking.

No one goes back disappointed on Easter Weekend in Uganda, because the experience during this season is worth it.

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