Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is located approximately 190 kilometers by road from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. The Rhino sanctuary is located near Nakitoma village, in Nakasongola district in the Kafu River Basin which is found off the Kampala–Gulu highway. Its located on your way to Murchison Falls National Park and therefore travelers can do rhino tracking and also visit Uganda’s Biggest national park and later head to Kidepo National Park

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary
Rhino Tracking in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary

Ziwa Rhino sanctuary is in collaboration between the Uganda Wildlife Authority & the Rhino Fund Uganda. The sanctuary was restored by an NGO and Ziwa Ranchers limited this is a private land management company.

Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary offers a secure area where a number of Rhinos which are expanded by breeding are protected from human and non-human predators and will later be introduced in other national parks.

There are over 80 park rangers and security guards who are available for  24 hours protecting the Rhinos from encroachers.

It is a 75 square kilometers area and the sanctuary is closed by 2 meters high electric fence to keep the Rhinos from intruders.

There are over 50 mammals and reptile species such as the Antelopes, Monkeys, Crocodiles, Hippopotamuses, bird species and many others.

There are accommodations in the area include Guest House, Safari lodges, Budget accommodations, and other campgrounds.

There are various activities offered including Rhino Tracking, nature walks, birding, canoe rides and many more. There Rhinos in the area including Northern White Rhinos and Black Rhinos which are very indigenous.

Factors including misconduct, poaching, mismanagement led to a loss of their natural habitats and in 1982 most of the species were wiped out in the country. Ziwa Rhino sanctuary was later on established in 2005 with the introduction of the southern white Rhinoceros to Uganda.

There are a number of bird species with over 400 bird species that offer the best sightings for birding tours including white-crested Turaco, Shoebill stork, white Crested Turaco, Speckled Breasted woodpecker, Giant Kingfisher and many more.

Primate species such as Mongoose, Black and white colobus monkeys, Vervet Monkeys, Waterbuck, Reedbucks, Grey Duiker, baboons can be sighted during the nature walk in the trails.


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