Getting a Gorilla Permit in Congo

Getting a gorilla permit in Congo is very simple and straight forward as one has to follow certain steps that will make their process smooth sailing.

Touring all the wildlife that the Democratic Republic of Congo has got is one of the most interesting activities that a tourist can engage in. One can spend time with the mountain gorillas of Congo that are found in the unique national park of Virunga national park. In so doing, one will be entitled to have a gorilla trekking permit in Virunga national park to be able to spend his or her unique time with nature.

For a person going for gorilla trekking in Congo, they are greatly advised to make the preparations of the booking their gorilla trekking permits earlier before kicking off for the gorilla safari in Congo. This is done in order to avoid delays for those that are planning to have their unforgettable moments with the gorillas of Congo.

To go for gorilla trekking in Virunga national park, a visitor is required to book a gorilla permit to visit the mountain gorillas, and the good news is that the Congo mountain gorilla permits are being sold by the Virunga national park and this has made it more simple and reliable for every visitor that is willing to go for gorilla trekking.

If you are out of the Democratic Republic of Congo and willing to get a gorilla permit, you will have to first contact the Virunga offices for help through their email and inquire them on the dates that you want to go for your wonderful activity of gorilla trekking, and it is only the Democratic Republic of Congo that can not run out of the gorilla permits irrespective of it being either a rainy season or a dry season.

For getting a gorilla permit in Congo, one will have to send an email on why you want to book a gorilla permit on the date you sent to them, and then after all that you will be provided with the banking details to make payments. In this, a gorilla permit will also help you get a Congo visa. After getting a gorilla permit in Congo will make you access all the good wildlife and nature of Congo without leaving any bit of it, Virunga keeps your best adventure.

Travelers that are planning to go for gorilla trekking in Congo can secure gorilla permits through safari companies and this is because some tourists find the above process complicated and hard to pass through and then they resorted to processing gorilla permits through Congo safari companies. The good thing is that also the Congo safari companies will not also charge you any amount of money in order for you to get a gorilla permit. Tour the beauty of Congo and find out the true core of Africa. The mountain gorillas of Congo will make your days wonderful.

Getting a gorilla permit in Congo
Getting a gorilla permit in Congo

How to get a gorilla permit in Congo, for one willing to use the tour operators, you have to contact the tour operators and let them know of the date you want to travel to the Democratic Republic of Congo and the days you want to go for gorilla trekking and spend some times with mountain gorillas. The tour operators will let you know about the days you have chosen available for gorilla trekking. They will send you the bank details of Virunga National Park for payments. Getting a gorilla permit in Congo is permission for seeing mountain gorillas without anyone stopping you.

The gorilla permit in Congo are so affordable for every tourist stepping in for this activity of gorilla trekking and the gorilla permits in Virunga national park may run up to USD $ 400 person and this deals for the non-nationals, USD $ 150 for Congolese, and USD $ 200 for the SADC nations. And this fee is exclusive of the park entry fee. This gorilla permit will give you all the permissions to the gorilla community of Congo without any limitations.

You are highly advised to book a porter at a cost of about $15 per trek as they may help you to carry your gorilla trekking equipment, and also help you gorilla trekking without any problems and limitations. This will make your adventure wonderful and memorable. Getting this document will make you be so close to the wonders of the world, Virunga national park with its gorillas will make you feel you great.

Considering tourism, one can not leave out the aspect of gorillas because gorillas have got a great meaning on the tourism industry, and when planning to go for gorilla trekking in any place around the world, one should first consider the Democratic Republic of Congo and in this country always you should endeavor to go to Virunga national park, with the cheapest Gorilla permit among all the countries that inhabit the mountain Gorillas such as Uganda and Rwanda.

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