Murchison falls national park animals

Murchison falls National Park is the largest and oldest national park in Uganda found in  North western region, the park lies at the northern end of the Albertine rift valley where the sweeping bunyoro escarpment tumbles into vast palm dotted savanna on the shores of Lake Albert.  Murchison falls National Park is one of the most exciting destinations in Uganda famous for the magnificent Murchison falls, the park created in 1926 as a way of conserving and protecting its ecological system from hunters and encroachers covering an area of 3,840 square kilometers.

Murchison falls national park animals
Animals in Murchison

Murchison falls national parks one of the great habitants for wild animals in Uganda and perfectly thrive in the various sections of the park which is dominated by a series of vegetation, Murchison falls national park is composed of woodland, savannah and riverine forest which are home of many animals where they peacefully and comfortably thrive and the park’s aquatic region that is Victoria Nile is a home to water animals thriving in the park.

Murchison falls National Park is a home to over 76 animal species including four of the big five that is buffaloes, elephant, lion and leopard, it is only the rhino which is not present in the park but it can be seen upon you visit in Ziwa rhino sanctuary (the only destination to see the rhinos in Uganda). Ziwa rhino sanctuary is situated not to afar from Murchison falls national park, it is in a distance of  125.2 kilometrers a drive of 2-3 hours meaning it can easily be added on to itinerary.  The big five in the park are in a large population and can be spotted in various sections of the park, the big cats of the park that is lions and leopards are easily spotted in the shrubs of the southern region of the park.

 Apart from the big five Murchison falls national park is also known for being a habitant to the endangered species of Rothschild giraffe, these species are only found in Murchison falls national park and kidepo national park. other animals found in Murchison falls national park include crocodiles, hippopotamus, buffaloes, giraffes, jackson’s heartbeats, waterbucks, warthogs, Oribis, grey dicker, bushbuck, Uganda kob, hyenas, kobs and many. Hippopotamus and crocodiles are both aquatic and land animals living in the Victoria Nile in the park and can be spotted while on a boat cruise on the Victoria Nile to the bottom pf the falls.

Murchison falls national park animals

Because of the big population of animals in Murchison falls national park, it has been ranked as one of the top tourist destination in Africa to offer the best game drive experience. For the purpose of offering breathtaking and memorable game drive experience, Murchison falls national park consists of game drive tracks and viewing points where you can clearly view the animals as they roam around the short vegetation cover of the park.


Murchison falls National Park is also a home to primates which thrive and are spotted in kaniyo pabidi and budongo forests, Kaniyo pabidi forest is a recognized eco-tourism site filled with mahogany forest and this forest is situated in a distance of 8 kilometers from kichumbanyobo gate of Murchison falls national park. Budongo forest is a moist, medium-altitude and semi-deciduous forest covering an area of 825 square kilometers, these forests are habitants to approximately 800 individuals of chimpanzees which are seen on chimpanzee tracking activity in these forests. Other primates found in these forests and Murchison falls national park at large include olive baboons, blue and red tailed monkeys, black and white colobus monkeys and nocturnal primates that is the savannah-dwelling patas monkeys. Savannah dwelling patas monkeys are only found in Murchison falls national park and kidepo valley national park.

The best time to viewing animals in Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls National Park is open to visitors and visited throughout the year, as a tourist visiting the park with the intentions of watching of the animals the best time to visit the park is in the dry season. Murchison falls national park experiences dry season in the period of December to February, in this season a big population of animals is seen in the park most especially around water areas such as the Albert nil which is filled with many animals as they come to drink water due to scotching sunlight’s heat.

Access to Murchison falls national park

Murchison falls national park is situated on the shores of Lake Albert in Amuru, Lolim in western Uganda and can be reached using both air and road means of transport. By air domestic flights are offered from either kajjansi airstrip or Entebbe international airport to one of the numerous airstrips in the park such as pakuba, Chobe and Bugundu airstrip. Prominent companies which offer chartered and domestic flights to the park include  Fly Uganda- operating flights from kajjansi airstrip to pakuba airfie Aerolink- operating flights from Entebbe international airport to pakuba, Chobe and Bugundu airfield, flights by Aerolink carry of 4 passengers.

By road Murchison falls national park is located 305 kilometers north of Kampala the capital and largest city of Uganda a drive of 4-5 hours to the park’s southern entrance gate via Kampala- Masindi route, road you can either use public means of transport and a private cars as long as it is 4X4 wheel car.

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