REPTILE VILLAGE ENTEBBE (perfect spot for reptile addicts)

Reptile Village entebbe:Reptile village is one of the fun and exciting places to visit while on a safari in Uganda or on Entebbe city tour making it to be ranked as one of Entebbe’s popular attractions, for tourists with snake phobia reptile village Entebbe will blow your mind and taking your fears away. Reptile village is located in the north of Entebbe in Bunono village just a short drive / a walkable distance from Entebbe town, this amazing reptile centre is situated straight off of Kampala-Entebbe highway.


From most of human sense no one wants to be around snakes or even take care of them, as it is in our human self these snakes are considered very harmful and of danger to your lives. We cannot be blame so much snake bites have claimed most of our loved one’s lives, though this was not the same case to Yasin Kazibwe who thought of a way of saving reptiles from being killed by humans and started reptile village Entebbe. Reptile village was established in 2002 primarily to safe guard reptiles and also act as an education centre for the community, establishment of this village reptile intended to help people overcome their natural fear of snakes and also to pick up interest in conserving them and the environment at large.

Yasin Kazibwe the brains behind reptile village Entebbe a protection establishment for endangered reptile is a reptile expert who has dedicated his life entire life to conserving reptiles and creating a comfortable environment inhabited by reptiles. So far Yasin Kazibwe has rescued about 40 various reptile species and given them a safe home at reptile village Entebbe, he is also a writer who has wrote a guide book and created a number of documentaries about reptiles.

Reptile village is a home to approximately 50 reptile species with 20 species on the display in the premises of this village, some of reptiles in the village were rescued and saved from harm’s way and given a safe home for their being. Reptiles which are encountered in reptile village Entebbe include Gaboon Viper, Forest Cobra, Nile Monitor, Leopard Tortoise, Jacksons Chameleon, Cobras, boom slangs, skinks, monitor lizards, tortoises, African rock python, mambas, pythons, puff adders, viper lizards and many more.

Reptile village Entebbe is famous for being a home to Gaboon Viper the most poisonous snake in Africa, many people visit the reptile village with an interest of getting a sight of this extremely dangerous snake. In the premises of reptile village, the reptiles like snakes are safely guarded in cages, crocodiles in an open huge pool and tortoise are safely displayed in open basin where you get to see them slowing walking around and eating their vegetables. The village is enclosed in a fence of three large concrete structures standing in the middle as homes of the reptiles, one of these structures has a glass house from which you get to see the snakes and an open basin which habits non climbing reptiles and a swamp area which is filled with reptiles.

Reptile village is an entertaining place to visit as it is only a home to the reptiles but also a unique location to feel at home, tame your fears and breathe fresh unpolluted air given out by a lush of green vegetation dotted around the village. Reptile village is more than a perfect spot for holiday makers, it is very much ideal for excursions, research and education centre for any individual interested in reptiles.  Reptile village is one of the few tourist destinations in Uganda which offers you a chance to get close to deadly reptiles like African rock python. Gaboon viper and many more. Fun and memorable moment at reptile village are never ending as you get a golden opportunity of lifting the African rock python snake, this is done in the presence of a well-trained supervisor. Sure it is a very frightening and fear filled experience but nothing in the world can ever beast how amusing it feel to hold such a huge snake.

 Reptile village is situated 2 kilometers off Kampala-Entebbe highway and very close to Entebbe inatioternnal airport the main gateway in to Uganda making it the best spot to either start your safari as end your safari, either way you will get the best experience of your life with the reptiles and in the company of very hospitable guides. The village is open to visitors 7days a week from 8am to 6pm including public holidays.

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