Entebbe city tour : Entebbe town located on Lake Victoria peninsular is the main entry point into Uganda the pearl of Africa, historically Entebbe is Uganda’s colonial town deriving its name from a Lugard word ENTEBBE meaning chair. Entebbe is culturally significant as where one of the clan heads used to seat and decide cases for his subjects, Entebbe town is 36 kilometers from Kampala the capital city of Uganda which is a 45 minutes’ drive.

Entebbe is a fun relaxed city and very secure which is why it is loved by many tourists who flood the city for city tours and also its proximity to the Entebbe international airport make it a more preferred destination. Touring Entebbe city can be done on foot as city walk, biking and in the vehicle

Places to visit


Uganda wildlife education Centre formerly known as the zoo is a home to many flora and fauna species, the Centre is situated along the shore of lake Victoria 15 minutes from Entebbe International Airport and 36 kilometers from Kampala city. The Centre is a home to many wildlife species ranging from mammals, birds, primates, reptiles which lived in either caged areas or glassed house. Animals such as lions, giraffes, rhinos, chimpanzees, elephants can be viewed in the zoo. Uganda wildlife education Centre also has a fauna museum which showcases the remains of some of the prominent wildlife species in Uganda, from animals the Centre is composed of various flora species including herbs. After a guided game viewing expedition in the park you can go for swimming in Lake Victoria, take kids for playing in kids park and play golf in the golf course.

Entebbe City tour
Entebbe City tour


                Botanical gardens situated on the northern shores of lake is one of the most visited areas in Entebbe and loved by tourists, these gardens rehabilitated in 1998 are a home to various beautiful species of flora.  In the gardens you find approximately 309 tropical, sub-tropical and temperate plant species with 199 species endemic to Uganda, 122 species are medicinal species and 110 exotic species. Entebbe botanical gardens are also home to fauna species such as colobus monkeys, birds like palm nut vulture, African grey parrot and whilst bat hawk which are seen upon your visit in the gardens.


Reptile village is an enclosed fenced place with three concrete structures which are used as homes for the reptiles located in Abaita Ababiri 4 kilometers off of Kampala- Entebbe highway, this one hectare village introduced in 2003 is a home to over 20 reptile species which are open for tourists’ view. Reptiles sheltered in the mesh enclosed premises include

  • Crocodiles
  • Snakes that is mambas, pythons, cobras, puff adders and baboon viper Africa’s most poisonous snake.
  • Four types of tortoises
  • Boom slags
  • Monitor lizard
  • skinks


                Mabamba bay is a wetland on the edge of Lake Victoria situated in the northwest of the Entebbe peninsula, this bay is an important bird area and listed as aramsar wetland of importance. If you are looking for a wonderful birding experience in Entebbe and Uganda, the bay is the ideal location as it is a home to the most loved shoe bill, blue swallow, goliath Herons, Spur-Winged and Pygmy Geese, Malachite Kingfisher, Papyrus Canary, Northern Brown-throated Weaver, Carruther’s Cisticola papyrus Gonolek and many more.   


                Mayor’s gardens in Entebbe is a leisure park in kitabi, the park is used as a relaxation spot  for people from all walks of life either from the airport or the airport, local people  and whoever wants to relax.


                 While ion a city tour in Entebbe visiting local road side markets is inevitable most especially kitoro markets where you get to witness many people selling and buying stuff like agricultural items such as cassava, yams, banana and many more. While visiting these markets you get to interact with the local people and also you can buy some of the items they are selling.


Entebbe craft village is situated 13 kilometers from Victoria mall in Manyago along Kampala Entebbe expy portal road, in this area you will get to fantastic handmade local African crafts selling shops where you can buy and coffee shops.

Entebbe City tour
Entebbe City tour


Ngamba Island is one of the numerous islands located in Lake Victoria just 1 hour boat ride from the shores, Ngamba Island has a chimpanzee sanctuary which shelters 49 orphaned chimpanzees. On this 95 acres sanctuary the chimpanzees are left to roam freely which give a tourist a better view of the animals upon their visit.


Since Entebbe town is located in the Lake Victoria peninsular, it is dotted with many beaches which include spennah beach, imperial resort, white sand beach, lido beach, Imperial Beach, Munyonyo beach, Munyonyo beach and many which are open to the public. While visiting these beaches at a fee you get to participate in many fun activity activities like swimming, beach volley ball, boat cruise and many more. While the beaches you also get to enjoy sights seeing as you enjoy scenic views of the rocks on the shores, the magnificent hilly landscape across the other side of the lake.


While on Entebbe city tour you get to engage in visiting shopping centers either for actual shopping or just widow shopping, you can visit malls like Victoria mall, imperial mall and many more which are built in exciting shapes with fascinating designs.


After day city tour, you can go to the bar for entertainment in the night, Entebbe has many night hangout which a tourist can visit for example street club, knight riders disotheque, entebbe sailing club and many more.

Participating in Entebbe city tour gives more than just fine and passing time, it is educative, entertaining and informative.

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