Uganda Chobe Safari Lodge lies in the Murchison Falls National Park, is a Five Star lodge which is undoubtedly the gem in Uganda’s crown of tourism destinations. The breathtaking spectacular views, coupled with the sounds of the River Nile’s beautiful rapids, sets the scene for an adventure that stuns even the most discerning of tourists.

Chobe Safari Lodge offers a great opportunity to sample the wildlife, birds, flora and fauna- they can be discovered while on safari in Murchison Falls National Park. The area of park is quite magical for fishing and will revive this newly renovated lodge to become one of the best fishing destinations in Africa.

Chobe Safari Lodge Amenities;

The lodge offers free parking and free breakfast

They offer breakfast buffet and special diet menus

The lodge is designed with beautiful meeting rooms

They offer outdoor pool

They offer concierge and breakfast in the room

They have a gift shop which displays handmade craft materials

They have a 24-hour front desk

The lodge is BBQ facilities

They have a shared lounge

They have spacious Restaurant that prepares delicious meals and juice

The lodge have baggage storage

The lodge was designed with business center with internet access

They offer spa, sauna and massage

Chobe Safari Lodge offers beautiful pool with view

They offer currency exchange room

They offer dry cleaning and ironing service

Room Features – Chobe Safari Lodge

They offer Housekeeping and room service

They offer VIP room facilities

The lodge was designed with private balcony that offers spectacular view of green pastures.

Room types; They consist of prefect bridal suite and suites.

Chobe Safari Lodge features 36 elegant guest rooms ,21 luxury tents ,4 suites and a presidential cottage.

More to that, Chobe Safari Lodge is also one of the most luxurious accommodations in the country and the lodge offers the best in luxury and comfort. Visitors enjoy spectacular views of the river Nile and the thunderous sound of its rapids while spending a night at the lodge. While you’re staying at Chobe, be sure to book a safari tour within the area.

 The lodge is located among the top visited destinations in Africa that is Murchison Falls National Park, North western Uganda overlooking the Victoria Nile. It is approximately 4 to 5 hours drive from Kampala or Entebbe to access the main visited destination. More so, the park is home to diversity of wildlife species of about 76 mammal like elephants, lions, buffalo, leopard, Jackson’s hartebeest, bush bucks, warthogs, crocodiles, hippos and 450 bird species such as rare shoe-billed stork, dwarf kingfisher, Goliath heron, white-thighed hornbill, great blue turaco among others. More fact, the park is managed by ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority, lies on an area of about 3,893 square kilometers and was established in 1952 as gazette national park.

Uganda Chobe Safari Lodge
Uganda Chobe Safari Lodge

Things to do /Activities to do while at stay in Chobe Safari Lodge -Murchison Falls National Park;

They include; Fishing, Safari drive, Nature walks, Visiting Murchison Falls, Bush Breakfast, Boat trip to the Nile Delta, Hike to the top of Murchison Falls, Launch trip on the Nile to the bottom of Murchison Falls, Chimpanzee tracking in Budongo forest among others.

Morning Game Drive/Safari Drive

This is a unique experience at Chobe Safari Lodge, done in an open savannah grassland through new game tracks which are recently developed for greater adventure. Morning game drive starts at 7am, or beforehand at 6:30 am or later at around 10am. Evening game drives starts at 4pm.   We recommend you to book a UWA ranger guide to accompany you and to help spot game.

Chobe Safari Lodge has numerous perfect safari vehicles – one is an open sided ,9-seater, modified vehicle specifically designed for game viewing. Other vehicle has an open top roof with 6 seats and available for hire. Pair of binoculars are available upon request and we have a qualified guide to drive you on your Uganda safari.


The lodge is based on the location being a paradise to the global angler. This part of the river once again offers a challenge to the sporting angler and indeed the lodge’s resident specialist angler has already often caught Nile perch that have been recorded at more than 220 pound/100 kilograms thus making the lodge one of the best locations for fishing in Africa. Other variety of fish caught around including tilapia, yellow fish and catfish among others.

Fishing, mostly done from the riverbank or from a boat at the base of the falls area, generally done over a few days and can be very memorable for the keen angler. However, they provide strict catch and fishing policy to protect and conserve fish populations.

What a comfortable stay in a midst of wilderness of the pristine Murchison Falls National Park, the largest in Uganda and the crown jewel of tourism in the country, ’Chobe Safari Lodge’’.  Well, Chobe Safari Lodge in Uganda provides a memorable blend of adventure, relaxation and comfort. Still, the lodge has stylish rooms feature all the essential amenities and provide guests with a private bathroom and shower.

You can choose to combine a visit to Chobe Safari Loge in Murchison Falls and be able to engage in different wildlife activities with a visit to Buhoma Lodge in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park -be able to engage in Gorilla Trekking Experience where you will be able to encounter these endangered mountain gorillas our closest relatives said to have 98% of human DNA.

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