How Strong Are Gorillas – World’s Primates?

How strong are gorillas –how powerful is a gorilla? Gorillas are unique species that live in rainforest, bamboo forest and Virunga mountains. Gorillas are the largest of the great apes with broad chests and shoulders, large, human like hands with small eyes set into hairless faces.

However, gorillas are grouped in families of 30 individuals led by silverback who take care of the territory. More fact about, silverback is stronger than numbery of humans combined as they can lift up 815 kilograms while a well-trained man can only lift up to 400 kilograms. The adult gorilla can lift up to 450 kilograms not with a body size that can go as high as 200kilograms.

The fact about gorillas are herbivorous species that feed on fruit, shoot, bulbs, leaves and tree barks. They live in groups ranging between 5 to 30 individuals and each group is led by a dominant male called the silverback because of the silver hair that runs down his back.

In Africa, there are two Gorilla sub-species that is; The western and Eastern lowland gorillas.

Western low land gorillas that live in Guinea, Central African Republic, Gabon, Cameroon and Democratic Republic of Congo in the vast tropical and subtropical forest of Central Africa.

How Strong Are Gorillas
How Strong Are Gorillas

Cross River Gorillas –They live most of the northern or western of Africa.

Eastern gorillas; Are divided into two subspecies, mountain gorillas and the Eastern lowland also known as the Grauer’s gorilla and only found in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of Congo which live in tropical rain forest,in mountainous and lowland areas of Eastern –Democratic of Republic of Congo and the largest number live in Kahuzi Biega National Park. Another population lives in Maiko National Park and some can be seen in forest and reserves such as Usala forest and Tayna Gorilla reserve.

Mountain gorillas also known as Grauer’s gorillas, can be found in the Volcanoes National park of Rwanda, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla national park both in Uganda and Virunga National park in Congo.

Despite the fact, Mountain gorillas are strong primates though they do not show much of their strength as they rather look peaceful and gentle creatures. They are kind of species that spend their time meandering around than being a trouble causer.

Regardless, mountain gorillas are very capable of harming or charging to those that are deserving of their wrath. For example, poachers and if tourists have direct eye contact to them, this may arouse their anger thinking to be threatened. But the gorilla families that available for tourism are habituated and cannot cause harm to visitors unless they are threatened such as use of flash photography and direct eye contact to them.

The only way to avoid being threatened or charged back is to follow the set up rules and guidelines for a successful Gorilla Trekking Safari in Africa.

How strong are gorillas? Given that gorillas can move on their four arms, since they are hard and therefore very strong with grips that can tear any hard plantation down.

To note, they do get their strength from their mortal body build and the amount of food consumed is equally important.

Similarity, Gorillas are close related to humans with whom they share 98% DNA. They also have over 25 different vocalizations and mountain gorillas have voicing for when in danger. When they feel threatened, they will just scream like humans does. They can also chuckle when they find something amusing. They have check thumping that shows of power.

However, you can now know how strong or powerful a gorilla and how much it can do. The only way is to make sure you follow the instructions given by you by the park ranger which is really important to avoid any danger from gorillas. Because if you are attacked by silverback the best way to do is bowing your head in a submissive way and your eyes must be downcast and always stay calm has highly recommended.

How Strong Are Gorillas
Cross river gorillas

Rules and instructions to follow with Gorillas

Do not use flash photography while with the gorillas

Do not surround the gorilla’s family when you have located them. Just stay in your group and the best way to stay at the other side of the forest to view them. This seems an attack to them.

Always maintain 7 meters a distance away from the mountain gorillas, getting close to them they feel threatened and can charge at you.

Do not touch gorillas are wild animals and through touching them, its scaring

Never make noise while in the jungle and in the presence of the gorillas. Your scaring them.

Gorillas are undoubtedly strong species but very unique creatures one wouldn’t have missed to see on any African Safari. Gorillas can be visited on a Gorilla Trekking Safari to Uganda –pearl of Africa, Rwanda or the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gorilla trekking is all year done activity, which involves in hiking into rain forest and one hour given to watch them feeding, grooming each other’s and play with one another, its truly a humbling and pleasing. You can visit mountain gorillas in their natural inhabitant, irrespective on budget on Uganda’s Gorilla Safari. All you need to do to get in touch with best tour operator on the ground to help you in arranging a reasonable plan of your tour package of Gorilla Trekking Safari.

Lastly, the number gorillas are increasing though they are being threatened through poaching, habitat loss and diseases. The only were to rescue our close cousins in their nature inhabitant, the government to provide rules and tight security to the parks and the WWF has come up to support the protected areas and other conservation programs to ensure that no population in neglected.

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